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yeah so we're getting ready we're almost donethis is the face what am i wearing what I'm wearingnothing a little bit of bronzer with SPF i showed you guys that in my blog modelof stick with some chap stick em up my hair in my brain because the activity my daughter has the same look i copiedher look yes today we're doing activity that we haveto have her hair kind of old I'm packing some snapple because i wantto take some drinks with us coldwater a diet and then a Snapple andI brought these other snack and white bring my bring these i was eating thoselast night their coconut chips ready you'll see what kind of adventure yeah yeah we're totally like adventure part we'regoing to the east the zip line where you're laying down going hot woman and we get all the way upthere because the lady no refund we're not doing the biggest one which is the world world record holder for being the longas if line when I doing that one that's called the monster we're doing next one down we're outside it's reallywindy i hope that you guys can hear me I'm enjoying and pizza empanada isenjoying a snack we just paid 220 dollars to be throwndown up god I can't believe I'm doing check itout because this place out there and then you see I don't you guys like myear that's the beach and it's all the way upthere you saw it when i first came in we werecoming down this thing all they have somebody here let's see if i can get somebody becauseif they go by pretty quickly now i'm going to enjoy mine funaga takes30 minutes for them to come pick us up and then we'll be on our way something must be coming it's still going he's still going thatmy God he's still going forward we were down there we got a better shot of thetower for and most people that was a little kid you guys just saw go by thelittle one yeah yeah yeah yeah we're here I wasn't that bad I'm fine I'm okay here really excited I'm actually excited toshow you guys a little bit more than seen it is it will be but excited yeah yeah yeah tell me yeah was it hurry yeah yeah yeah ventilate the wrong back in a minute other side same thing like it's toughbecause she's so tiny yeah it all right now we gotta walk down to thecar and it's gonna take us views guys I took my camera and itstopped recording but we have it on the go ok yeah yeah yeah yeah I can't believe I did report I was fine thank you you know one of my hair thing that perfect fit t-shirts have helmet hair buy photo and then it was amazing you guys have to come check this placeout is there were act in the middle of theisland right there you got more orange spot over after allwe are indeed i'll go now that all the public beach on the way home so we decided to pull over and grab foodfrom a little kiosk you guys hear me we found a little restaurant right bythe beach and we're going to order food or we actually did order it now we'rejust waiting already have ordered more Congo but sweet plantains right and Band fried chicken and my husband got octopus and right mean my daughter go breakingmy cup rice and being all the way around rice beans chicken maintain often food from drawing I guys if you're ever in Toronto drivingby going on on the island of Puerto Rico and wantgood food you have to come here we can't say enough about thisrestaurant who was a dream mind blowing I may we don't want to leave the over 8 and the prices are excellent so yeah strange countrynot a restaurant in Colorado I'll show you guys the sign up like it'sriding across at the beach right there is literally across the street it is excellent you got what I'm sorry Ikeep looking at the screen and you guys have to come check this place out ofyour info Rico ever here's the place you guys i'm going toshow you this you see the beach is right there yes here's the place it is so fuckinggood look for it there's a name right there hello guys so we're back I am I have my headset onbecause I'm about to edit this video it was such a long day today we did somuch but of course the highlight with zip line like it went so fast i actuallyhad his blogging camera when I was going down somehow i stopped recording and i'm sopissed off at myself because I got to the point just where you guys all were actuallyjust like lay down to get pushed off the cliff or off the mountain but somehow myTim camera stopped recording so we have a little bit of the dope the Golfo seeI'm tired the GoPro footage but god i reallywanted the footage from my canon blogging camera anyway I hope you guysenjoyed the video if you have not watched the last video with the giveawaygo watch that i also have up the apartment tour that went up yesterday ihope that you guys have enjoyed that if you haven't watched that go watch thatas well we have a couple of more days thingsthat we're going to do so watch out for those blog what else did Iwant to tell you guys I forgot and this time I'm sorry that you'refocusing on me they're my daughters like they'reworking on her anyway so that is it for today give the video athumbs up if you're new to the channel subscribe leave me a comment down belowlet me know if you've been to Puerto Rico what cool things that you guys get to domaybe i will go through some of the comments and maybe I'll do some of thoseactivities while I'm here thank you so much to everybody who'sbeen commenting and sharing the video and like in the video i appreciate youguys so much see you tomorrow bye.

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