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AdamAdam What?啥米 Let's go.

我们走吧 No.

我不要 We have to film this week.

我们得去拍这周的节目了 No I don't want to film this week.

It's going to be disgusting.

不!宝宝不想去,宝宝好讨厌那些吃的 We have to do it for Bingo.

但是我们必须得去完成宾果游戏啊 No, we're just going to.

Let's just skip this week.

I don't want to do it.

不不我们直接跳过这周的食物吧 No no, come on, no no please no I don't want to do it.


不不宝宝不想去!救命啊 No guys come on.

I don't want to film this week.

求你了宝宝不想去呜呜 No no no.

You can't make me!你们不能强迫宝宝呀 (Awesome intro music starts playing) This is my car, you like it?这是我的新车,你喜欢不? Nah, we're actually at a 70s theme restaurant.

哈哈开玩笑,我们在70后餐厅门口 We actually found this place on Spoonhunt, and they have stink tofu burgers我从Spoonhunt上发现了这个餐厅 Which is a little bit different than the typical stinky tofu.

和普通的臭豆腐有一点不同 I've actually never had Stinky Tofu before.

There are tons of different kinds:其实本宝宝从来没有吃过臭豆腐,据说有很多种不同的臭豆腐 There's black.

这是黑色臭豆腐 Hairy.

毛豆腐 Steamed.

蒸的 and Fried.

炸的 This place has a little bit more mild stinky tofu.

这里有比较小清新的臭豆腐 I'm really not looking forward to this one, but we'll just go inside and see what happens.

宝宝真心不是很期待,不过我们就进去看看吧 We used Spoonhunt to find Stinky Tofu by searching for it in the search bar.

我用Spoonhunt搜索了臭豆腐 And we found this 70s restaurant that has a special stinky tofu, which is stink tofu burger.

然后我发现这里有臭豆腐汉堡 The stinky tofu comes with a special condensed milk dipping sauce然后需要搭配上炼乳 But in case I didn't like that, I also ordered another Bingo square which is Sweet and Sour Pork我又点了一个糖醋里脊以防我实在无法接受臭豆腐 Hopefully I like the stinky tofu, but if not I have a backup dish and another Bingo square.

希望我能接受,不过宝宝已经准备好备胎了 So we're going for two in one!所以我们这集会吃2个宾果项目 Here are the weird little stinky tofu burgers with the condensed milk dipping sauce这个就是奇怪的臭豆腐汉堡配炼乳 And then here's the backup Bingo square: Sweet and Sour Pork然后这个是我的备胎糖醋里脊 Stinky Tofu gets its odd smell from the lengthy fermentation production process臭豆腐闻起来好奇怪啊 involving vegetables and milk.

搭配了蔬菜和炼乳 Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Scary music)故意吓人的音乐 Alright here we go.

我来试试 Luckily the condensed milk is sweet and overpowers the taste of the tofu恩搭配了炼乳和馒头没有想象的那么臭 But the after taste, it kind of leaks the smell out of your mouth.

但是还是怪怪的 Ugh, it's weird.

好怪哦 I can only imagine how horrible my breath is going to smell after this, but gotta do it for the Bingo square.

宝宝也算是为了宾果游戏献身了 I got through as much of the Stinky Tofu as I could我尽我所能多吃点 But now it's time to eat something that I know I like, which is Sweet and Sour Pork.

终于可以吃点我爱的糖醋里脊了 The pork is first fried and then a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and ginger is added before serving.

首先把猪里脊下锅油炸,然后调一个糖醋汁包裹住里脊 The Cantonese people like to put pineapple in it.

广东的菠萝古老肉和这个差不多 Deep fried pork with sweet and sour sauce on it.

Who wouldn't love this?酸酸甜甜的好赞,谁会不爱呢? Sweet and Sour Pork just cleans the palette right from the stinky tofu.

糖醋里脊盖过了臭豆腐的味道!哦耶! And it's another Bingo square.

That's two in one!又完成一个宾果项目 Today we're going to get a Bingo square that I'm a little bit nervous about going for今天我们要去做一个让我有点紧张的宾果项目 Because of what I've heard about it.

We're getting Dan Dan Noodles因为我有听过它,担担面 Which is from Sichuan.

We're standing in front of a restaurant that has Chengdu snacks.

四川特色美食,我们现在就站在一家成都小吃店外面 Let's go inside and see if we can get it.

我们进去看看吧 You can tell their signature dish is Dan Dan Mian because it's right on the front.

可以看出来他们特色菜就是担担面 But I'm a little bit afraid to try it because I know that Chengdu food, especially Dan Dan Noodles但是它是四川的我好怕它 are very, very spicy.

And I'm not that good with spicy food yet.

好辣,我不是很会吃辣 So, let's see how it goes.

尝看看 The story behind Dan Dan Mian is that there was a man in Chengdu a long time ago担担面的来源是因为很久以前 who would carry around this wooden basket on his shoulder, which is called a "Dan"商贩会挑着一个担子 And he would sell the noodles out of it.

去街上叫卖 It's very special because the noodles are very, very thin, the pork is stewed separately哦好特别哦,面条好细,肉沫有卤过的感觉 and then at the bottom there is chili sauce.

上面是辣椒酱 The strategy behind mixing the noodles thoroughly is有个小诀窍 You pull the noodles straight up and try to swoop them underneath into the sauce with the pork那就是要把酱料和肉沫拌匀 so that you can get everything combined into one.

这样才最美味 The noodles, when they're mixed very well, are very oily and you can tell there is meat sauce and spices拌均匀后面条都裹附着酱汁和辣椒 Two separate tastes in there.

层次很丰富 It's really good, but you have to make sure you mix it properly, otherwise it will be really dry.

看起来很不错 Ok.

I'm going to try these big, bad Dan Dan Noodles and see how spicy they really are.

好了我要试试看到底有多辣 (Scary music again)吓人的音乐 Man, my initial impression of Dan Dan Mian was so wrong.

哇!我还以为不辣呢 I thought it wasn't going to be that spicy, at first,因为我第一口吃感觉也还好,不是那么辣 but, as you keep eating it, it sneaks up on you and sits there and just builds and builds.

没想到越吃越辣 And then at the end, your mouth is on fire from the sauce.

我嘴巴要喷火了 Totally worth it for the Bingo square.

A little bit hot, but I'll survive.

为了宾果游戏也是拼了,挺辣的但是我还活着 So today we're going to get the Bamboo Bingo square.

今天我们要去完成竹笋的宾果游戏 I've had bamboo tons of times before in different dishes.

Different cuisines have it.

我吃过很多不同菜系的竹笋 And so far, it's always been delicious.

目前为止都是超好吃的 But my lovely coworkers have recommended this special place called我的可爱的(咬牙切齿)同事推荐了这个特别餐厅 "Jiā Wèi" or "Taste from Home," that's a Guangxi restaurant.

一个广西螺蛳粉店 And has a very special Bamboo Dish.

听说有很特别的酸笋 Snail soup with stinky pickled bamboo and meat inside of it.

在螺蛳粉里面 I've been told a lot of Chinese people don't even like this dish, so I'm a little nervous about trying it据说很多中国人也吃不惯螺蛳粉,所以我现在好紧张 But I'm doing it for you guys.

And so let's go in and see how stinky and maybe awesome it is.

但是为了你们我拼了!所以进去看看吧,说不定很好吃 As soon as you walk in this place, you can smell the sourness from pickling bamboo你一走进来,就可以闻到很浓的酸笋味 Guangxi is in the South of China next to Vietnam and Guangdong.

广西在中国的西边,靠近越南和广东 And there it's very hot and humid, so food spoils quickly.

那边很热很潮湿,所以食物很快变质 Or a lot of things they make end up getting pickled like the bamboo here, which is why it's kind of stinky所以广西人腌制了酸笋,这也是臭味的来源 (The scary music is back!!!! AHHHHHHH!)吓人的音乐 Because Guangxi has tons of rice paddies, there's also a lot of广西有很多梯田 Snails that live in the rice paddies.

里面有很多螺蛳 So, it's very readily accessible and it's a good source of protein, which is why it's added to a lot of the soups.

很容易捕到并且含高蛋白,所以用作汤底 Ok, let's try it.

我要吃吃看了 Oh wow.


哇 The bamboo is.


Really sour好酸 because it's been pickled.

因为腌过 The soup is a little bit spicy and salty, but with the sourness of the bamboo烫头有点辣辣咸咸的,配上酸笋 It makes for a very interesting meal.

好有趣的食物 I have to say, probably wasn't my favorite Bingo entry.

我不得不说,宝宝不喜欢! If you're trying to get the bamboo Bingo square, there are definitely other dishes out there如果你要去完成竹笋这一项,你可以试试别的(吃瘪脸) that have bamboo that aren't like this.

别试螺蛳粉 But, I'll take it.

好了完成 So I didn't really finish my entire meal, the bamboo.

I ate all of the bamboo and some of the noodles我把酸笋吃完了 but I wasn't really excited about that, and I'm still really hungry.

但是宝宝完全没吃饱 So I'm going to reward myself with another Bingo square on the way back to work which is "Chuan'r.

"我现在要奖励自己去吃点烤串 Basically barbecued meat on a stick.

And here it is!其实就是把肉串在一根棍子上烧烤 All you have to do is look for this character right here你只需要找到这种汉字 Which looks exactly like two pieces of meat being stuck through a stick.

就是一根棍子串住了2块肉 "Two beef skewers and one lamb skewer.

"2串牛肉1串羊肉 "Ok.

That comes to 15 RMB.

"15元 Chuan'r comes from the Uyghur people out in Xinjiang in West China.

烤串在新疆很流行 The meat is cooked on a charcoal grill, very close to the fire so the outside can get charred.

肉块在炭火上烤制 Chili sauce, cumin and white sesame is added after.

撒上辣椒面孜然和白芝麻 So this is my Chuan'r.

I got two lamb and two beef Chuan'r.

我的烤串好了,2串牛肉2串羊肉 The meat is dried out by the barbecue.

It kind of tastes like that charcoal flavor from a barbecue grill.

肉汁被炭火高温锁住,外焦里嫩 And then on top of it is some chili sauce, and then cumin and white sesame on it.

肉上面裹着辣椒孜然白芝麻 So let's give it a try and see how it tastes.

尝尝看 It's not too spicy, but the seasoning definitely makes the meat taste so much better.

不太辣,冬天吃烤串好爽 And this is a great recovery Bingo square.

很棒的宾果项目 Tonight we're at this really small, local, hole in the wall Chinese place今晚我们吃一家很小很当地的中国小吃店 They don't even have a door, they just have the wind flaps to keep the cold out.

他们甚至没有门,只有这个卷帘 And we're here to get probably my least favorite square on the Bingo board, which is Congee.

我们来吃我最讨厌的粥 Congee is like this soupy, watery rice oatmeal.

我感觉粥就是很稀的米饭 And I know, I've had it before, I know that I'm not a big fan of it.

我以前吃过,我不是很喜欢 So I got probably one of the most basic ones on the menu, which is Chicken and Corn.

我点了一个很基本的款,玉米鸡肉粥 I'm not really looking forward to it, but we'll see what happens when it comes out.

我不是很期待,不过还是要吃吃看 (Scary music! Make it stop!)吓人的音乐 So this is.


A lot of people all over China like to eat it.


这就是粥,很多中国人超爱吃它 because it's very, very easy to digest.

It's just rice and whatever ingredients you put in it.

这个很容易消化,就是水和大米还有随便加一些食物 And a lot of people eat this when they're sick because it's warm and doesn't upset your stomach at all.

很多人会在生病的时候吃粥,因为不会给胃带来负担 And it gives you a little bit of nutrition.

也给你营养 I've been told the strategy to eat this is you kind of scoop from the top close to the sides有个小诀窍就是先从上面的吃 because that's where the perfect temperature Congee is.

Everything else is a little bit hot, so you let it cool down.

因为这样不会太烫 We'll give it a shot now and.

我要吃咯 (nervous laughter)尴尬的笑 We'll see.

We'll see what happens.

看看味道如何 It's not as bad as I remember it being.

还不错诶,没我想象的那么糟 It's kind of like a weird rice pudding.

好像米布丁的感觉 Hot rice pudding.

热的米布丁 There's not a whole lot of flavor to it.

If you get the right ingredients, I bet it's probably pretty good.

有很多口味,要是选对了你想吃的配料,应该是不错的食物 But this is pretty plain.

我这个就是蛮原味的 Not my favorite, but I'll take it.

虽然不是我最喜欢的,但是我完成啦 I did it guys! I got a whole Bingo!我做到了童鞋们!我连成了一条宾果! I conquered my fears of eating the foods I really didn't want to on the Bingo board我克服了我的恐惧去吃我真的不太想吃的食物 And I got the Bingo line straight down the middle.

我的宾果板连出一条线了 Well, I didn't really finish yet.

我还没有做完全部 Just like the "Kung Fu Panda" master here, I'm going to master the whole board and get all 25.

就像功夫熊猫一样,我要完成25个宾果变成大师! Tune in next week to see if I get any closer, and I'll see you then.