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It smells like someone ate guacamole and bacon.

And then barfed.

Yo, I'm not going to lie I like the idea But.

Something tells me they managed to fuck up both bacon and guacamole.

Ughhh Yo, this is really good! People in the U.


love bacon It needs to end I hate everything, literally I hate everything And this.

I'm like, I don't hate you It's an abomination You know how birds chew their food and spit it out? This is what baby bird ceviche looks like.

This ceviche looks like they just.

squeezed ketchup all over it.

It does! Not even Heinz ketchup though like.

The 99¢ ketchup Eww, it's straight up ketchup! Yeah, this shit sucks.

It's not good.

Thumbs down I don't know about mango salsa It looks like really expensive.


That shit looks weird It's definitely not going to be hot at all Yeah, because if it's hot, like.

By the time you sniff it you're like coughing I feel like I definitely taste the mango.

I'm still waiting for the salsa part to kick in.

It's just fruit man.

I think if I brought this to a carne asada We would put Tajin on it.

Ooohh That's what's up! Tajin is magic My advice for Whole Foods is to provide the elements to produce latin food.

And let us do the rest.

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