What’s Behind the Red Door?

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Hi guys! So, I have a question for you.

IfI asked you to name the most famous Vietnamese dish, what would you say? Would you say pho?Well if you would, that's normal.

It's delicious, and it's really famous.

Butguess what? There's so much more to Vietnamese cuisine, and today I'm excitedto have the chance to share with you about the evolution of Vietnamese food.

I'm Lauren and this is Country Crush I'm here at Red Door, one of Ho Chi Minh City's coolest restaurants, with the owner Ngo Duc Hien, who today is going to teach us how to make asalmon claypot dish.

Thanks so much for having us (Hien: my pleasure).

So before we get started, I would love for you to introduce the viewers to yourrestaurant, what you're creating here and what this space is all about.

(Hien: The space is meant to be a meeting spot among friends, family and friends you know where people can come, talk, have conversations, relax so the next thing, you know, in betweenhaving conversations I feel is food and drink).

Lauren: Now can youtalk a little bit about the evolution of Vietnamese cuisine? Hien: I think when I call it evolved Vietnamese food or modern Vietnamese food, which.

I don't want to be judged as traditional.

Of course I value traditions.

Of course I have to understand the traditional food in orderto make it different.

In terms of and you know just taking something that you like.

Traditional Vietnamese food.

You added a little twist here and there to make it more fun, moreinteresting.

Lauren: Now that we've talked a lot about food I'm starving, so I am ready tomake this salmon clay pot dish.

It sounds absolutely delicious.

If you all are also interested inpreparing the dish, I will put the recipe in the description box below.

Now let's go get started! yeah yeah mmm Lauren: Just drop it? (Hien: Drop it right on top.

A little bit more, a little bit more is good).

Lauren: Okay.

Like that? Alright.

And there we go.

Alright, so a little bit of everything, right?Do you want some? Alright, let's see if I can get this.

Deliciousness! Okay, a little bit of everything.

Mmm, that's good.

Thanks so much for sharing this recipeand for introducing me to your restaurant.

And if you guys are in town,you should definitely check out Red Door.

It is an amazing restaurant.

Thank you guys for watching, and I hopeyou stay tuned for more videos.

See you soon.

Blooper: Hi guys.

So, I have a question for you.

And I forgot the question! (*laughing) yeah.

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