What’s all the PHO-ss about PHO?

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So not sure if anyone has seen this videofloating around the Internet these days, but there's been some interesting discussion aboutpho.

It's a very very traditional Vietnamese dishthat I personally love.

I could easily eat this everyday.

In fact, one of my trips to Vietnam, I thinkI had it just about everyday day of the week.

What's great about pho is that how you eatit is so completely on your own whim.

You can get very creative with your bowl.

And every shop and every Vietnamese restaurantdoes it a little differently.

It's the nuances in their broths that givethem their own character.

A plate of garnishes is always served alongwith the piping hot bowl.

Fresh herbs, lemons or limes, chilis and beansprouts are most often seen.

I always like to ask for some satay sauceon the side and I can add it to each bite, along with some hoisin.

I've also picked up a few techniques frommy friend Alex Le, who shares a mutual love for the soup.

Play around with the garnishes.

Try different combinations.

And if you love pho already, tell us whatyou think makes the perfect bowl.

We're always looking for different ways toeat better.

Source: Youtube