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Welcome back! This is the final week of our dessert series.

欢迎回来,这是我们甜品系列的最后一周 We're here at Qibao, which is a very cool water town in Shanghai.

我们现在在七宝,上海非常酷的一个水乡古镇 There are water towns almost every where in China.

中国有非常多这样类似的水乡 They're cute little places that have lots of stalls with trinkets and stuff to buy.

他们有很多小小的店铺里面有卖一些杂货 But most importantly, they have street food!更重要的是,他们有卖路边小吃 Let's go in and see what kind of dessert we can get.

我们快进去看看我们能吃到些什么吧 This is Hâi Táng Gāo, which is basically like a cake with caramelized sugar on the top.

这是海棠糕,基本上就是蛋糕上去加了糖 Inside there's red bean paste里面是红豆 and on the top they stuck these little sunflower seeds on the inside.

上面还有一些葵花籽 It's really hot, we got the fresh ones right off the grill.

好烫啊,我拿到了一个刚出炉的 It's kind of like flan.

感觉有点像果酱馅饼 The top you can see is kind of hardened and crispy from the sugar.

上面因为有糖的缘故变的脆脆的 It's really warm on the bottom.

下面摸起来好温暖 I might burn my mouth, but let's just bite into it and see how it is.

我可能会烫到我的嘴,不过还是趁热尝尝看吧 Ow! Ah, it's really hot!啊啊啊好烫 It's really good though.

The top, this makes it really sugary.

很不错呢,上面吃起来很甜蜜 It's almost like candy.

像糖果一样 The rest of it is like a big pastry.

旁边的部分吃起来好像烘焙的派一样 On the inside there's really warm red bean paste.

Oh man.

然后里面是热热的红豆馅料 It's like a candy moon cake.

It's good!感觉像一个糖果月饼!很好吃 Adam: What is that?这是什么 Hellen: On the outside it's glutinous rice something外面是糯米的 and inside is whipped cream and I hope a little bit of Durian.

里面应该是奶油和榴莲 *Gags*吐.

Adam: Is it bad?不好吃吗? Hellen: Mmhmmm, it's bad!好难吃 Adam: Hahahaha.

哈哈哈哈 Lady yelling: "Fragrant Rice Cakes"泰国的香米糕 Dessert #2 is these nice little Chinese muffins that are called第二个甜品是这个小小的中国松饼叫 Xiāng Mî Gāo香米糕 They're really spongey.

They're made of rice.

它们看起来像海绵一样,是用米做的 This one is osmanthus, this one is red date, black sesame, and everyone's favorite dessert:这个是桂花的,这个是红枣的,黑芝麻的,还有大家都爱的 PORK FLOSS!肉松的 So why don't we crack these open, give them a try and show you what they're like?所以我们剥开一个吃看看是什么味道 So the osmanthus one is filled with red bean actually.

桂花的这个里面应该有红豆 So, let's break it open.

Oops maybe from the top.

我们掰开看看,从上面吧 Oh the re.


This one's not filled with anything.

喔它里面什么都没有呢 Hellen: That liar! I wanted red bean in it.


I'm so sad now.

骗子,说好的红豆呢,我桑心了 This is the osmanthus muffin.

这个是桂花香米糕 Let's do the dates.

The top is a bit little sticky and wetter.

我们来吃这个红枣的,上面有点粘粘湿湿的 But, inside.

Some nice little dates.

里面有包一些红枣 Here is the purple date Xiang Mi Gao这个是紫色的 Third one.

The yellow black sesame muffin.

第三个我们来吃黄色芝麻的 I don't really want to eat anymore.

我其实不想再吃了 Final one.

The weirdest dessert flavoring ever: Pork Floss.

最后一个好奇怪的肉松甜点 So I expect this to be a little bit like salty meat flavored bouncy rice.

我想象应该是里面会有一点咸咸肉松 I don't know.

We'll see what happens.

我不知道,感觉不好吃 It's not as terrible as I imagined it being.

其实没有我想象的那么槽糕 It definitely helps the taste of the rice muffin.

它有帮助松饼吃起来不那么淡 Yeah overall, these aren't too good.

好吧,总体来说,不太好吃 They're pretty.


难吃 So this is a yogurt drink.

I have seen Chinese people everywhere drinking this.

这个是酸奶,我经常看到好多中国人在吃这个 I have no idea why.

It's in a glass bottle.

It's really thick,不知道为什么要装在玻璃瓶子里,感觉很稠 but I figured this is the perfect thing to top off the entire dessert series.

但是我觉得吃了这么多甜品以后来个酸奶应该很不错 This very popular yogurt drink.

这是非常流行的酸奶饮料 It's warm.

It's a little sweet摸起来温温的,有一点甜味 But it's not vanilla.

It's not really a particular flavor, it's just sweetened yogurt.

不是香草味,不是一个很独特的味道,就是一个有甜味的酸奶 Why is it so popular?为什么这么多人吃呢 But uh, yeah.

Thanks for watching the dessert series.

谢谢观看甜点系列 Hope you learned something! See you next week!希望你有看出点什么,下周再见.