What I Eat in a Day as a Raw Food Vegan with Recipes

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Alright! This is John Kohler with okraw.

Com,today we have another exciting episode for you, what we’re going to do in today’sepisode is something I rarely do actually, it’s what I eat in a day.

So I’m goingto share with you guys what exactly I eat in a day on a plant-based raw foods diet.

This is my 20th year, I’m celebrating my 20th year now, I’ve been doing this strongfor the last 20 years, there’s very few YouTubers online teaching about raw foodson a continual basis that have been doing it as long as I, so you know not all “whatI eat in a day” in raw foods videos are the same, you may see other people eatingstuff, and I don’t know that I’d necessarily want to do that.

I do things for very specificreasons, and in this video I’m going to try to explain some of the reasons why I eatsome of the things I do, so that hopefully some of this knowledge will wear off on you,and you will strive to eat higher quality better foods so that you can be truly successfulon a raw foods diet for 20 years and beyond like I have been up to this point.

I guess the first thing I’d like to say is that one of the biggest what shouldn’tbe issues in raw foods is how many calories to eat, right? Whether you’re eating a rawvegan diet, whether you’re eating a vegan diet, whether you’re eating an omnivorousdiet or carnivorous diet, I don’t care what kind of diet, we all have caloric needs.

Nowcalories is one unit of measure to measure food, it’s basically like, when they burnthe food how much energy does it release? And we all require calories, right? And somepeople might say you need 3,000 calories a day, eat that no matter what.

If you’reon raw foods, I do not believe in that at all, I believe that can be actually quiteharmful and not helpful.

I believe each person needs to eat the appropriate amount of caloriesfor them, and every person is a little bit different.

There are mathematical formulasand all this kind of stuff you can just search for calorie calculator online, you can putin your age, your gender, your weight, your height and your activity level, and it willpop out a number on how many calories you should eat.

So for example, for me dependingon the information put in it says I need 2,000 to 2,200 calories a day.

And my life, I don’tlive my life by calories, I don’t figure out how many calories everything is in thatI’m eating, because what I like to do instead after I’ve done this for so many years,I’ve become intuned to listening to my body, which is more important than calorie calculatorand all this kind of stuff.

I eat literally when I feel hungry.

That’s super-important.

And if you don’t remember anything else from today I want you guys only to eat whenyou’re hungry.

Don’t eat for emotional reasons, because you’re bored.

“Oh I’mbored, what am I going to do? Oh let’s eat!” You know suppress your emotions.

No! If you’rebored go out for a jog, play with your dog, watch some more YouTube videos.

But don’teat if you’re not hungry right? Number one thing, don’t eat when you’re not hungry.

So that being said I just woke up a little while ago, and the first thing I like to do,because when I wake up, I’m not necessarily hungry, but what I am is thirsty.

So whatI like to do most mornings is drink some water, so I’ll drink either some purified wateror some coconut water, and in general I drink about 32 ounces of water.

Sometimes I’lldrink 16, sometimes I’ll drink 32, but once again this is like, I wake up and I’m thirsty.

Depending on where you live it may be an arid climate, it may be a humid climate, and you’llneed to adjust.

I live in an arid climate, so I’m literally losing water as I’m sleeping,and that’s why you get thirsty, and if you feel thirsty in your tongue, that means youshould have already drank water.

So I try to drink water right before I go to bed, andthen when I wake up in the morning to quench my thirst with minimal calories.

If I’mdrinking coconut water it’s zero calories.

If I’m drinking the water sometimes I’llflavor my water with some lemon juice or some lime juice just for some flavor and make ita little bit interesting.

I think this is very important upon wakening is to get hydrated.

I mean after all if you think about it, when we wake up we’re supposed to eat breakfast.

And if we break that down it’s into “break fast,” so you’re breaking your fast.

Andnormally standard Americans would eat heavy Egg McMuffin meals or bacon and eggs and allthe crazy stuff that people eat which I don’t necessarily recommend.

I recommend breakingyour fast with water, it’s the most natural thing, and we don’t need a ton of energy,we don’t need to put a tax or burden on our body to digest food right upon wakening,right? “Oh I need to eat breakfast and get out the door.

” Well if you’re not hungryman, maybe drink some water on your way to work and pack a lunch or pack a breakfastwith you, pack some fresh fruits to take with you when you finally get hungry.

So I’mgoing to go ahead and drink my water, and we’re going to be active working onlineand gardening and stuff and then I’ll come back at you when I’m really ready to eatmy breakfast.

All right so now I’m actually hungry.

Andthis is the first meal of the day, it’s after noon now, and I pretty much wasn’thungry for the first half of the day, I did some gardening outside, cleaning inside, andnow I’m ready to eat.

And I’m quite actually kind of thirsty, and I’m super-hungry.

Andone of the things I’ve learned over all these years of being into raw foods is a fewthings: number one, you want to eat a diversity of foods, right? Don’t just eat 30 bananastoday, 30 bananas tomorrow.

You want to eat as many different varieties of foods withdifferent colors or pigments as possible, because besides just the calories that everybodyseems to focus on which I think is ridiculous, what I try to focus on is the phytonutrientsand phytochemicals, the vitamins and minerals that are super-critical, super-important inthis day and age.

Even standard American food products, processed foods and animal productsare high in calories and low in phytonutrients, and if you’re eating a starch-based diet,a lot of starch-based foods, while they have a lot more nutrition than burgers and otherthings, no food can compare to fresh fruits and fresh vegetables for phytonutrients.

Sothat’s what I’m going for, and I have a whole spectrum of phytonutrients that I’llbe including.

So let me go ahead and go over each of them for you guys, and also sharewith you guys how I’m going to make my lunch today because more importantly for me besidesjust sharing with you guys what I eat, I’m going to share with you guys the specificrecipes for those of you guys that want to know.

So let’s go ahead and do some close-ups of the different foods that I’ll be includingin my superfood berry smoothie today that I’m having for my first meal of the day.

All right, so for many meals I like to either blend or juice, here’s some of my favoriteappliances, I’ve got an Amco Olympus Citrus Press for making my citrus juices, I’vegot an Omega VSJ 843 for making my vegetable juices, and of course I’ve got the VitamixTurboblend VS for making my smoothies.

I’ve got the 48 ounce carafe, so I like this sizea lot it fits underneath the cabinets, and you want to check out discountjuicers.

Comif you need an appliance.

The appliances really help you maximize the amount of nutrientsyou can get in you.

For my first meal of the day I’m going to have a smoothie, and ofcourse, in any smoothie you need liquids, so first we need to have the coconut water.

I like to use real living water instead of just water out of the tap or filtered waterlike that.

So we have one young coconut, I’m going to use the water and the meat, and thena more mature coconut that I’m probably going to just use the water.

I always tryand encourage you guys to your foods that you’re eating fresh.

Freshest is bestestis what I like to say, and I was not an English major for you guys who are correcting my English.

Freshest is always bestest, we’re going to eat fresh foods whenever possible, so oneof the things that motivated this meal today was the bananas that are ripe, so I need touse those, so we’re going to use a couple of bananas in there.

And then of course Ihave some fresh organic berries.

So we got some organic raspberries that I got a dealon man, 1.

49 for some raspberries.

Got some organic blackberries, those are each six ounces,and then we got 4.

4 ounces of organic blueberries.

So the fresh berries make up over a pound.

In addition I will be adding some frozen organic strawberries that I had previously frozenwhen I got a really good deal on them at the wholesale produce terminal, and a few frozenbananas for the texture and consistency.

Now, besides using these fresh and frozen ingredients,I’m going to add some dried ingredients, so of course I’ve got to use my vanillabeans, so I’ve got some gourmet Papua New Guinea vanilla beans, these are the best beansyou can get by far.

And this is from tahitianvanilla.


Next I have a little jar that says acai berriesbut that’s actually incorrect, [inaudible] the jar, and inside there you guys can seethese are the maqui berries, really powerful antioxidant rich fruit.

I’ll use a few ofthose, and then next we’ve got the primadophilus reuteri superior probiotic, and this is amulti-strain, it’s a little white powder I’ll be putting into my smoothie as well.

And the reuteri powder, very important in my opinion for the probiotics, it also makesit taste a little bit better, and a little bit more sweet and creamy, kind of like anOrange Julius milkshake, and finally we’ve got the freeze-dried acai berries, basicallyan antioxidant superfood in itself.

So that’s what’s going to happen to make my smoothietoday.

All right so first adding to the blender thecoconut water, I always recommend adding the liquids first to the blender.

And we’regoing to go ahead and also now scoop out the coconut meat.

So now we’re going to addthe coconut meat into the blender.

All right so we’ve got the liquids in there, nextof course what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and add in the strawberries,so I’m just going to have a nice handful of these frozen strawberries right in.

Now,those are very hard so they’re going to take longer to blend up, if you could addall your fresh berries in there, it would take a long time to blend up the frozen stuff,but a short time to blend up the fresh stuff.

So now we’ve got one banana, we’re goingto pre-cut that, going right in there.

And those are the frozen ingredients going in,and finally we’re going to go ahead and add one vanilla bean, I like to just add itwhole.

And that’s going to take some blending to grind it all up, so we’re blending allthis stuff first to make this into mush and a nice blended consistency, then we’re goingto go ahead and add the berries and the dried powders that are going to blend much easierso we don’t have to have the berries in here running the whole time and losing nutrients.

So let’s go ahead and turn this baby on.

All right so now that we’ve got that blendedto a nice consistency we’re going to go ahead and add our powder, so first we’regoing to go ahead and add some maqui berries, I just like to shake a bunch in there.

We’regoing to ahead and add our freeze-dried acai berry.

Now some people may have a problemwith superfoods and all this kind of stuff, I like any kind of food whether it’s classifiedas a superfood or not, fresh berries and greens out of my garden I consider a superfood, andI think superfoods is just a marketing term.

But I do also think that every different foodon the planet has different nutrients, phytochemicals, phytonutrients that are beneficial for usthat may help us out in many different ways.

Some phytochemicals in some foods may helpprevent cancer, some can prevent inflammation, some can help with your blood sugar, all differentkinds of things, so I don’t like to discriminate and say “These superfoods are better thanthose ones,” I just like to include a little bit of all the foods in my diet.

And of course,the freshest is the bestest, so I’m focusing on fresh foods, and I have a few superfoodsin to balance it out and make sure I get the nutrients from something like the acai berriesfreeze-dried until I can go to South America and get them fresh.

All right next I’m goingto go ahead and add in the reuteri powder, I’ll just shake a bunch in there, some ofthat white powder.

The probiotics very important in my opinion, if you’re eating a fruitand vegetable based diet, these are pre-biotics and we should have probiotics inside of usalready, but if you have taken any course of antibiotics and all this stuff, it wipesout all your probiotics, and the probiotics do a lot of things.

They help you digest yourfood and they also are part of your immune system.

So I take these probiotics as wellas other ones to ensure I have a constant flow of probiotics in my system for optimalhealth.

All right next we’re going to go head and put in one fresh banana, we’regoing to go ahead and peel this guy, and even though it’s jacked up and looks super-ripeon the outside, on the inside looks nice and good, so we’re going to just go ahead anddrop it in there.

All right last thing to add are the fresh berries, so we got the raspberriesfirst, we’re going to go ahead and drop those in there, make sure we don’t got anybad ones, because this was a marked down package.

Yep they all look all right.

Drop those guysright in there.

Next we got the organic blackberries.

Once again we’re going to just go aheadand drop those babies right in there too.

Finally we got of course a little containerof the organic blueberries.

And I like all the different berries for different reasons.

All right now we’re going to go ahead and put the top on, and we’re going to blendthis baby up.

Now, very important when you’re blending your smoothies, after you’ve madeyour initial mixture is you want to try to do a technique I call “pulse blend.

” Soyou want to just put it on high speed and you’re going to flick the switch on andoff just to blend it a little bit just to get everything broken up until it’s allready.

All right so let’s see what we got, all right check out that nice rich deep colorright there.

This is my first meal of the day – berry smoothie.

Mmmm, amazingly delicious.

Going to sit down, watch a couple of YouTube videos and enjoy my berry smoothie.

So now it’s time for my next meal since I’m getting hungry, and one of the thingsI used to do when I was a kid, maybe you guys did it too is when you’re hungry you openthe fridge up and kind of see what you got, see what you want to eat, so let’s go aheadand do that.

So this is one of my fridges here, just stocked up with all kinds of freshproduce.

Because I have so much fruit right, something will call out my name when I’mopening the fridge up, like today so I got all these organic apples – Braeburns, GrannySmiths and some Galas, I’ve got a whole bunch of different pomegranates, I’ve gotsome more blueberries, raspberies and strawberries, of course I’ve got my favorite, my cactusfruit, I like to make cactus fruit juice.

I’ve got coconuts on the bottom, I’vegot [inaudible] or Chinese dates.

I’ve got just a few organic water melons left here,probably juice those up.

But I think today what I feel like the most are some pomegranates.

I have lots of pomegranates, and I have some of the more tart pomegranates but I have plentyof the sweet ones.

So I think what I’m going to eat next, maybe about four or five sweetpomegranates that I’m going to actually de-seed and just eat all the aerials and enjoy,so I’m going to go ahead and pick those out, we’ll come back at you, show you guyshow I’m going to de-seed them fast and easy to enjoy some pomegranates.

All right so now I’m going to de-seed my pomegranate aerials [inaudible] little beater,this is a pusher from a juicer, and then we’ve got the standard apple corer, and then we’vegot a Pyrex two-cup measuring cup.

These two will be variable because basically you’regoing to get an apple corer that fits over the top of the measuring cup, and that’svery important.

So actually let me go ahead and get into de-seeding my pomegranate andwe’ll give you guys a close-up on it.

All right so the first thing you’re going todo, you’re going to take the pom and I like to just cut off this little end right there,and then we’re just going to take a knife and cut the pomegranate right in half, andcheck it out.

“John man that’s an un-ripe pomegranate!” No this is a sweet pomegranateactually, they’re not dark they’re lighter in color, and these are actually quite good.

So what we’re going to do is we’re just going to go ahead and take the knife and slicedown just a little bit, like maybe four slices, one, two, three, four.

I’m going to go aheadand take this half, put it on a little apple corer here, we’re going to take our littlebeater, and beat.

If you guys look closely, I’m literally beating all the seeds outof the pomegranate, they’re dropping in the container below, [inaudible] you’regetting beat up man! Check it out, virtually all the seeds have come out of the pomegranate,and now we’ve just got them in the little cup.

I’m going to go ahead and transferthat cup to a big bowl so I can have a nice bowl full of pomegranates.

So yeah I’m goingto go ahead and do the rest and come back at you when I’m done.

All right just about done deseeding all these poms it’s working quite well, and let’sgo head and throw the rest of these guys in there and we’ll pick out some of the randompieces of piff part that’s contaminating my aerials, this will make it taste not quiteas sweet.

Put those babies in there, and check it out, shake these guys up, nice mixtureof different colors in there.

All right so now we’re going to go a head and get totry some of these guys, nice mixed colors in there.

Mmmm, delicious.

So now I’m ready for my last meal of the day and for my last meal of the day I generallylike to have either a soup or a salad.

Now my soup is a vegetable based soup, so forexample light I juiced whole head of celery, a few carrots, as well as some leafy greensfrom my garden for my soup base, and then I blend other things into it.

Tonight I’mdeciding upon a nice delicious salad since I have an abundance of leafy greens.

I alwaystry to incorporate as many home-grown foods that I grow myself into my diet instead ofhaving to buy produce at the store, and this is for a few reasons.

Number one, the stuffthat I’m growing, pretty much all this stuff is free.

I could eat kale greens or collardgreens every day of the year, and I don’t have to pay a penny for them because I grewthem and I just have trees literally growing full of leaves to eat, that’s reason numberone.

Reason number two is because they are better for you if you grew them yourself thanthe stuff you can buy at the store for several reasons.

Number one, when you buy stuff atthe store, it’s basically harvested a couple of days, to a week, to a month to longer before.

And after produce is cut and harvested, in the sense of the leafy greens especially,the nutrition goes down over time.

In addition the flavor is just not as good anymore.

Thenext reason that’s probably the most important reason for me to grow my own food and notlet standard conventional and even organic agribusiness do it for me is because I’madding things to the soil that they are simply not adding.

Most industrial agriculture isconcerned with adding three minerals to the soil, MPK, and may add up to 16 other mineralsif they’re really in the know, but they don’t nearly add 70 to 90 different traceminerals that I have in my soil which the plants absorb and now I get my trace mineralsfrom my vegetables, which is where we should be getting our minerals from, from our foodsand not having to take a little supplement.

You know one of my goals in the last 20 yearsof being into a raw foods diet is trying to eat things as natural as found in nature,and natural is picking things out of your garden and eating it to get some of the beneficialprobiotics that are in the soil to get your own B12 that are produced by bacteria in thesoil.

That being said, I still take a B12 supplement, but things are not being grownin accordance with nature, you know B12 is cobalamin, a kind of cobalamin, and if youdon’t have the cobalt in soil, there won’t be the B12.

And the other thing that’s importantbesides having the cobalt in the soil is the bacteria that basically digests the cobaltto make the B12.

So, that’s a whole nother topic that I’m not going to get into, butthat’s just one of the many nutrients you may be missing in your diet because you’renot growing your own food.

That being said I still wouldn’t rely on my own home-grownfood to get my B12, that’s why I supplement, but there’s other minerals and other phytochemicalsthat can be produced when you grow your own plants with the trace minerals that simplyare not in the food of today.

This is critically of importance if you want to succeed for anylength of time really well in a raw foods diet, I do recommend you guys grow your ownfood, and if you’re thinking “John, I never grew anything before man, I don’tknow how to do it,” don’t worry, I’m here to help you guys out, I have a wholeYouTube channel dedicated to teaching you guys how to grow your own food, whether youwant to grow your own sprouts and microgreens inside your apartment inside your condo.

Ifyou don’t have a back yard you can do that, whether you want to grow an orchard of fruittrees or whether you want to grow a backyard garden like I do, you can definitely do that,be sure to check out my other YouTube channel, growingyourgreens.

Com, or simply growing yourgreens on YouTube.

But yeah so yep, going to harvest some of the best stuff on the planet,some of this tender Romaine lettuce, I’ve got some butter lettuce here, some bok choy,I’ve got Brussel sprout greens, kale greens, cauliflower greens, broccoli greens, and letme tell you the cauliflower greens which you can actually rarely even find for sale, they’reamazing.

And the other reason to grow your own garden is to have more diversity.

If youthink about it, if you go into the grocery store you’re thinking, man we have sucha wide variety of things we can buy at the grocery store, there’s a couple hundredproduce items, I mean that’s just a drop in the bucket of how many plants are edible.

And if you’re not aware of all the different edible plants you want to visit a websitepfaf.

Org, that’s Plants for a Future database which lists all the different edible plants,most of which I haven’t even tasted.

I’ve tasted a small percentage and I try to findand forage and get new plants and bring them into my garden so that I can have access tothese nutrients, plus also new and different taste sensations, because one of the thingsI want to share with you guys is that raw foods is not boring when you can grow alldifferent kinds of greens, things that they can’t even sell, so that you can be healthier.

Anyways, I think I’m going to go ahead and start picking some greens, maybe we’ll startout with some of this little baby delicious Romaine lettuce.


Man so sweet, so delicious,it just makes me smile.

All right, got to pick my salad now.

All right so now, ready for dinner got done picking all my fresh greens as you guys cansee got a big bowl of my greens all picked fresh out of my garden.

This is over one poundof leafy greens.

Now I almost have all my salad ready as you guys can see.

I’ve gota bowl there, and just got the last handful of greens and what I like to do with my greensis basically just bundle them up and use a nice ceramic[?] knife and just do a techniquecalled the [inaudible].

So I’m basically just cutting them up and going all the waydown to make little pieces, which will make eating it a lot easier, so it’s alreadystarting to be broken down.

And this is very fast and efficient for me so I don’t havenice large pieces that’ll easily fit into my mouth.

All right, very good that’s allmy greens, so we have things like lettuce in here, bok choy, some collard greens, somecauliflower greens, some broccoli greens, some lettuce in there too, some dandelions,all kinds of mixed greens all mixed up, and you know your salad should be about this big,if your salad’s not this big, you’re a loser, go home.

No just kidding.

I want toencourage you guys to really make the salad the main meal or a nice vegetable meal themain meal, I mean this looks like the serving size for a whole family, but this is justmy dinner.

All right next let’s go ahead and move on to make the dressing.

So now I’m going to go ahead and make the dressing, and very simply what we’re goingto basically do is we’re going to go ahead and juice some of the oranges, and we’regoing to blend up the orange juice with the macadamia nuts for a little bit of fat whichwill help increase the absorption of the phytochemicals in there, plus it will make it taste good.

And we’re also going to combine some of my own home-grown sun-dried tomatoes to makethe dressing a bit thicker, and then finally we’re going to go ahead and add some ofthe cordito, and this is basically like a sauerkraut, so it’s fermented vegetablesand has some once again probiotics in there.

You want to try to focus on probiotics, usuallyevery day I try to get some in me.

And then finally of course besides the mac nuts, I’mgoing to add two Brazil nuts to make sure and ensure I get my selenium requirementsmet today.

And we also have some peppers here that I’ll probably also blend up into thedressing, or maybe just cut up and put on top of the salad.

All right, I think we’re all done blending, and check this out baby, nice and thick dressinggoing on over my delicious salad.


All right, there’s my salad, we’re goingto go ahead and mix this baby up a little bit, and we’re going to have our first biteon camera for you.

Now, I want to let you guys know that I have never made this saladdressing before “John what, you’re trying a new salad dressing out on us?” Well, thefact of the matter is that I don’t make the same salad dressing ever, because everynight I have different ingredients, I kind of put in different ratios, I usually nevermeasure anything, and I just put a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and itcomes out great.

So let me go ahead and try this guy here for you.

Mmmm, wow.

You cantaste the sweetness of the oranges, but the peppers in there.

That’s a nice spicy kick.

And the tomatoes actually kind of make this taste like tomato sauce.

It’s a very interestingdressing.

I think I like it, and I like that it’s actually rich in the phytochemicalslike the lycopene in the tomatoes and the nice rich colorings in those peppers.

I thinkthat’s going to do it, and this is probably my last meal of the day, but maybe I’llcome back and have a dessert too, we’ll see.

So that was my third and final meal of the day, and now it’s time for bed, gettingready for bed as is my little man, he’s kind of getting tired after a long day, basicallyhe’s got such an easy life, he’ll go out, we’ll get some exercise together, maybego for a walk, he’ll get to run around, play in the garden with me, but then mostlyhe sleeps all day, and then he sleeps again at night.

Oh little man.

All right, so anywaysI have a last thing I like to do right before bed is to get hydrated.

You know some peopleusually wake up and have to go pee in the middle of the night, then it might not bethe best idea to drink some water.

In general I don’t usually wake up in the middle ofthe night as long as I don’t drink too much water.

So before I go to bed I like to kickdown 16 to 32 ounces of filtered or purified water.

So I hope this video enlightened you guys as to what a health 20 year raw foodist eatsin a day, and once again I want to encourage you guys always to search for the highestquality food, buy organic if you can afford it, and all of you guys out there could alwaysgrow your own food whether that means sprouts or microgreens inside your house, or whetherthat means like me an outside garden, and one day I’m going to have an outside orchardwith growing 99 percent of all the food I need to consume.

And you can learn more aboutgrowing your own food at growingyourgreens.


Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, if youwant me to do another what I eat in a day, because I find it okay and I’d rather justset the camera up and make a quick video for your guys, give me a thumbs up, that’llmotivate me to make another what I eat in a day when I’m traveling or in random placesto share with you guys what I’m eating in my crazy life as a raw foodist now for thelast 20 years.

So also be sure to subscribe if you’re not already, I have a lot of coolupcoming episodes in the works, and also be sure to check my past episodes, now I haveover 350 episodes on all aspects of how to lead the healthiest raw food lifestyle thatI’ve learned over the last 20 years.

In any case, once again my name is Joh Kohlerwith okraw.

Com, and little Oakley, we’ll see you next time, and until then remember,keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables, they’re always the best.