What Chinese Food Will Never Be Popular in the West? | Fuchsia Dunlop | Conversations with Tyler

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MCARDLE: What is the last Western food thatwill become popular in China? What is the last Chinese food that will becomepopular in the West? [laughter]DUNLOP: The last Western food.

Maybe a really ripe, heady, stinky brie.

[laughter] DUNLOP: I have an experience of trying tofeed it to people in China.

MCARDLE: I read that.

DUNLOP: The other way around, it would haveto be something textural.

MILLER: [whispers] Sea cucumber? [laughter]MCARDLE: Sea cucumber is not allowed for this answer.

DUNLOP: I could mention one very extreme texturaldelicacy that I’ve only ever come across once in China.

Probably most people in China wouldn’t eatit, but Sichuanese love their rubbery, crunchy, offal.

That is the upper palates of pigs, which theycall tiantang, paradise.

I found it at a late night street store coveredin chili and Sichuan pepper oil.

I don’t think that will be a big hit inNew York or London anytime soon.