What A Nutritionist Eats: Mexican Fast Food

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– These are not necessarilyplaces I'm going to recommend, but if you find yourself there, you gotta eat.

(mariachi music) Today we've taken a look at five Mexican fast food restaurants, and we're trying to find thehealthiest options for you if these are the placesthat you find yourself at.

First up we're looking at Taco Bell.

One of the things I likedabout Taco Bell is that they're up front with their ingredients, and I saw they had like a healthy menu.

When they have those, go for them.

So I did the Cantina Power Bowl, I don't care for cheese, so I take off the cheese,(electronic buzz) but I'm gonna add in their salsa, but not their regular salsa,(electronic buzz) the salsa that has the pico de gallo, because it has less sodium in it.

I did not do the guacamole.

It wasn't worth it, I'd ratherjust eat an avocado later.

So next up we had Del Taco.

I, uh, don't really haveanything I would get at Del Taco.

(electronic buzz) So if you're gonna go to DelTaco this is what I would say: get, get what you want.

It's not gonna be that good for you.

(sigh) Chipotle.

I always think you're so healthy.

I was shocked at the amount of fat.

We're talking two days worth of fat.

Don't even go into the tacos, or the burritos, just don't even.

I would get the burrito bowl.

Black beans or rice.

I would get the chicken, and I would get pico de gallo with it, and I would get the fajita veggies.

No cheese.

(electronic buzz) No guacamole.

(electronic buzz) Sorry.

I have to say, I was surprised.

It actually had some really good options.

The one that I would get is the classical salad.

You can get it with or without chicken, it doesn't change it toomuch in terms of fat.

I wouldn't get it with the cheese– (electronic buzz) but know if you do get it with the cheese it brings up the fat, the saturated fat in particular.

And then I would actuallyget the dressing on the side, an avocado salsa.

I've eaten at Baja Fresh.

I like the sound of the name, it's fresh, I think they're gonna havefresh ingredients there.

I was surprised at howmany calories are in some of the salads.

So the one that I picked was the Baja Barbecue Chicken Salad.

I put the dressing on it.

And even with the dressing it's not too bad in terms of calories.

If they offer fresh avocado I would put that on there.

But I wouldn't do the guacamole.

The biggest surprise for me with Baja was that all their tostada salads are over 1000 calories.

If I'm gonna eat 1000calories for a salad, I'm going all out for a burrito that has the works with all kinds of sourcream and guacamole, and I'm just gonna forget.

So here are my top three ways that you can eat healthier.

First, number one, don't order off the menu.

So have an idea of whatyou want before you go in, and then try to add somehealthy things to it.

So number two is, have yoursauces and your dressings on the side.

Get it on the side, put a littlebit on or dip your fork in, or dip your food in, and just eat a little bit of it.

That will save calories.

And number three is, whenever you can add vegetables, go for it.

That's going to bulk things up, it's gonna give you more fiber,more vitamins and minerals, and you won't have toeat as many of the tacos or the burritos or the other options, because you'll be more full on roughage.

(piano melody).

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