Wendy’s Chili Recipe (TTOD #7 3.1.13) American – The Take Out Diet

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Hey everybody, welcome to the take out diet.

Do you all remember back in 2005 when somebody found a finger in their Wendy's chili? I do.

Did you all know that that was hoax.

Like they made they whole thing up.

It was this elaborate scam to get money and I am so happy, because we will be making Wendy Chili today and I don't have nay extra fingers to put in it.


Here we go.

We are going to start by placing a large pot over high heat.

Empty out 2 16 ounce cans of Chili beans or just plain pinto beans.

Next we are going to add one 24 ounce jar of pasta sauce.

Mine is like this roasted garlic plain pasta sauce and you can just pour that in.

I rinse my jar out with a little bit of water, just to get every little tid bit out.

But you may not do that.

You may not do that, you may.

It is up to you.

Next we are going to add two cups of vegetable broth and a diced bell pepper.

You can use any color you want but they all taste a little different.

I just went with the classic green one, because it was the cheapest at the store.

This is an optional step, but Wendy's Chili does have ground beef in it.

So I have this ground beef mix that I made the other day on my Taco video.

So you can follow the annotation to the taco video or you can just get the recipe from the description below.

Next we are going to add the Southwest Chipotle seasoning that I have been using from Mrs.

Dash It is salt free but you can use any chili mix, any mexican mix that you want and it will give it that chili flavor.

Stir it all together really well.

Once it has come to a boil, you want to lower it to a simmer, put a top on it, and let it sit and marry and be happy for about an hour.

And then you are done.

Lets taste it.

Our first step to tasting the chili is to blow on it.

Because it is really hot and I don't want to burn my taste buds.

I need those to taste beautiful, wonderful things.

But once I did put it inside of my mouth, It was delicious.

This was the best chili I have had in a very long time.

Its meaty, its thick, its saucy, its spicy.

I really really loved it.

It is like a warm winters day in front of the fire place, inside of my mouth.

It was just that good.

You know how you are cold in the Winter time and you eat a soup or a stew and it just warms your heart and soul as it goes down through your body.

That is it for today.

This soup was really good.

If you want to try it, try it and live a video response.

Or just a comment.

If you have a suggestion for anything you would like to see me make from a fast food restaurant leave that in the comments below as well and I will see you guys tomorrow.