We Made an Italian Chef Taste Test Supermarket Pasta Sauce

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– Hi I'm Steve Samson, chef/owner of Sotto Restaurant, southern Italian restaurantin southern California.

Today we're gonna gradesupermarket pasta sauces.

(soft music) Okay here we have Ragu.

Old world, trusted by badhome cooks since 1937.

Okay I'm really looking forward to this.

(grunts) Not chunky at all.

Perfectly smooth.

Personally I like to see bits of onions, maybe garlic.

This has none of that.

(soft music) Honestly not the worstthing I've ever tasted.

You do get chunks of onion that are a little undercooked so they are a little too crunchy.

After all I am American so it's sweet, kind of like an Italian ketchup.

If I had to grade this sauce, I'd probably give it a C to C minus.

I'm not gonna give away easy A's today.

Here we have Raos' quality marinara sauce.

Rao's of course the famouseast Harlem restaurant in New York that you need to pretty much be connected to get into so I don't know if I should say anything bad about this sauce but here we go.

It looks a little chunkierthan other sauces I've seen, a little lighter in the color so it's probably less cooked down.

Let's taste it and see what happens.

It's actually not a bad sauce.

Tastes much lighter thansome of the other sauce.

Taste a little bit of the onions but not overpowering in anything.

The most forward flavor is the tomato which is what it should be.

Not a bad sauce.

I would give this sauce a B, B plus.

Here we have Trader Gioto'sorganic marinara sauce.

I guess Trader Gioto isTrader Joe's Italian cousin.

Very prominently displayedthat it's organic.

It's obviously made for stronger people who like to eat organic food because I could barely open the jar.

Very watery sauce, a trick that a lot ofthe tomato packers use to kind of bulk the weight is to pack the sauce in water or tomato water.

That's not a good thing.

That's not good.

It tastes like canned tomatoes, lots of dried herbs thrown in there that mask the flavor of the tomato which actually might not bea bad thing in this case.

This is not a good sauce.

I'm gonna give it a D minus just because I don't like giving F's.

Okay here we have Prego, is Italian for you're welcome.

So I guess you're thankingthem for buying their sauce which is weird.

They should thank you forbuying their sauce right but who am I to judge? Again this has that very kindof canned tomatoey flavor, lots of herbs, just means it's trying to mask something in my opinion.

And super, super sweet.

Like unnaturally sweet.

That's really not good.

I'm gonna give it a D minus, a D minus 'cause I don't give F's.


Guy Fieri Spicy Tomato.

You know a lot of chefs hate on Guy Fieri.

I'm not gonna go that route.

He seems like a perfectly nice guy.

Again, Guy Fieri must have, he must work out.

(groans) I'm thinking pasta sauce.

I'm not thinking enchilada sauce but when I smell this, it smells like a really, really bad Mexican salsa.

In all fairness, the tomato part of it's not bad.

It's got a nice level ofacidity balanced with sweetness just what really getsme is this like kind of over-the-top bad spiciness.

I love spicy food.

It's not even that spicy but it's just like aground-up cayenne pepper kind of spice that I'm gonna have to give it a D.

It's not as bad as some ofthe other ones I've tried but I can't get past that spicy flavor.

So I really enjoyed tryingall these sauces today because it taught what I already knew.

It's just so much easierto make your own sauce, find some great tomatoes.

They're out there, they're easy to find and I guarantee you'llhave a much better product than any of the ones I tried today.

For playboy.

Com, I'm Steve Samson.

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