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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! Then, Uuh how much light! The weather is cloudy, the temperature is about 16-17 degrees and then it's hot.

This year the winter is completely blown, there was.

Because these are spring temperatures.

The last days of January had to be the "days of the blackbird" ie the coldest days of the year, but in reality it was not so.

It's two o'clock in the afternoon.

Now I have to go to the mall because I have to buy a memory card for the camera, because Angelina has eaten the one I had before.

Also a second step to the supermarket because I wanted to buy some candy.

Maybe I make a video about my favorite Italian candy, if you like the idea let me know in the comments below.

Say hello! So, we just parked, and there came to my mind that we also have lots of coffee capsules, this is a bag of coffee capsules those of Espresso.


they do not need my publicity! Look how much coffee we drink, not to mention that of the morning coffee.


a bit 'too much coffee, you see? There are so many waffles.

Then we bring it to the store and we throw it there so the shop recycles them to do other capsules or to make the bikes seem.

Aluminium for bicycles and coffee for compound fertilizers on agriculture.

Then, the mission is to find the Rossana candies, which are obviously the highest point where I did not arrive.

Here you can find! There are jellies, I found only Rossana.

These are delicious! I hope no one rebuke me because I'm filming in a supermarket.

Before the Nespresso I was told that you could not take pictures.

So I'm afraid I have to stop here, hello.

Then bye! A new supermarket.

Now I am in the sweets department, of course.

And I want too much Baci, now I want everything he does Perugina! Because yesterday and the day before yesterday on Rai 1 gave a TV series Luisa Spagnoli on life , The Italian fashion house, which apparently founded the Perugina! And I did not know that it was Luisa Spagnoli founded the Perugina! If you do not know Luisa Spagnoli, its history, go and read it on the internet because it is really beautiful.

It 'was a great woman! What else do we need? I hide! Croissants, pastries, croissants cakes, pies, cakes so many What a strange name for a bread, called "peasant" which means "rude.

" So, I came home and now I'll show you the expense that I did.

milk, cream, ricotta, nutmeg, a preparation to make the custard the nippon! Parmesan cheese the bread dried tomatoes and finally the rossana, the candy I mentioned at the supermarket.

If you want to see a video in which I tell you what my favorite Italian candy, leave a comment below this video and place I like it! Well, I think this vlog end here.

I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you have learned some new words.

(My mother: how many things you hope.

) LOL I'll see you! Until next time!.

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