Vitamix 5200 vs 2200 Recipe Comparison: Raw Tahini Ginger Dressing

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Hi, I am Lena Mumma.

In this video I'm going to compare these two blenders.

Stainless steel 2200 model and Vitamix® 5200 model plastic.

I am going to make salad dressing.

I will use recipe from this book "Raw Food Revolution Diet" by Cherie Soria and I'm going to make "Tahini ginger dressing" I am going to modify this recipe a little bit I just made nut butter comparison recipeand I did not wash the blender because there is no reason to wash the blender and when I usually.

If i do several recipes a day I'm planning in a way that I don't have to wash the blender in between because its just nut butter and now i'm going to make salad dressing so there's no difference just a little bit of cashew so it doesn't effect the recipe.

This blender I washed because what happens that the top was falling apart since it's so old some black plastic pieces fell into my blender.

I am not going to use this anymore.

I feel uncomfortable to use that plastic junk.

So, I'm going to use for now just a cloth on top.

I hope it will work.

Let's see.

So we start with 1/2 water.

That's just good enough.

Recipe requires 1 cup of water, but I like it not so thin, I like it thicker.

Also recipe calls for 2 tablespoon Oh, no.

I am not reading the right way.

1/2 cup raw tahini, but there is no point to use blender if you going to use tahini, since you can mix it with a spoon.

The point to use the blender is to blend the seeds So I am going to use hulled sesame seeds.

Tahini is usually made out of hulled sesame seeds.

Once I made this dressing with unhulled sesame seeds and I did not like it.

It had too much fiber.

Than just a soy sauce.

This is tamari, you do not need any special tamari or Nama Shoyu.

Just any organic soy sauce.

And ginger Recipe calls for 2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger.

I do not peel ginger I just cut ginger approximately, because what is important for me – is to save time.

And same with garlic – 2 cloves of garlic.

Some times, I do not even peel.

This time they had thick skin, so I peeled the skin.

and It is called for agave syrup.

I do not use agave anymore.

I have dates, I pit them.

One date for each.


It asked for 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice.

I am going to use vinegar instead Apple cider vinegar and I am going to use just 1 Tablespoon we need to use less vinegar I think that is it.

I hope so! I am going to start with 2200 model Blending sound.

I think I need to mix it Oh, I can feel whole piece of ginger.

May be I should grate the ginger.

Blending sound.

OK let's see Towel will get dirty during blending.

Oh, I like the consistency, it is quite thick.

Oh, It worked! Lets see from vitamix 5200.

It looks pretty much the same to me.

I am not very particular/picky.

For me it is more important than my food is safe.

I do not see any clumps from 2200 vitamix blender (stainless steel).

Let me taste the texture.

Oh, it is strong! Very strong taste – ginger and garlic.

By it self – it is very strong! I think it is perfect – both blenders did the same job.

and I just got dirty towel 🙁 I think.

I have to ask my husband to make me wooden top now.

Thank you for watching! Goodbye.