Visiting Indonesian Food Fair & Liquor Cellar (W/ The Squad)

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i hate when this happened I cannot moveat all good morning beautiful creatures hey guys going to galaxy more.

instantby this time and we're about to visit some markets like it's a fair abouttheir actually Scott people so two nobody says she really big morally Iguess all we're heading to the exhibition right now for the Gipper morealright that you go so i guess that basket is market is mr.

bean theme usesit a lot of mr.

features over year problems like this one ok mr.

B well so this market of its complicateddifferent team so all we can see like songs here like a closed section right now you guys knowanybody what it meant ok so you guys know black or white kit so I like to get thatkind of fun our traditional animation the state here we go I just you know food section right now actually I spreading more people hereyou go usually it's tweets obviously is on the line just sitting here right now I eat around to get some lunch going to be happening yeah not even more through shuttle market always havereally really possibly two so and yeah alright so already done where we going max it was good it waspretty good tonight but I spend much more people becauseit's usually Nardis choir but maybe because of this he's really like a fancy summer here soyou can have a drink is right there so it's actually a fancy party because youguys can sit around here and chill i saluted that upon friends but today I'mgetting a beer on me oh he does like labor hey there at laser that label and likelabels cardi absolutely love it future general it is the more ok but i am going to getanything here then you getting all this is this Way's information beer that'sever tried it it's called Ben Thomas but peopleusually just call it Black Forest following it looks so pretty oh my god mom this so yeah yeah yeah.

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