Visiting China’s Kitchen God + How To Make Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐 Recipe For Chinese Food Lovers

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So check it out It’s Trevor James I am today at the one and only Sichuan food museum Right outside of Chengdu here And I’m coming here for a full on experience to learn Sichuan food To learn how it’s made And learn the history Let’s go inside and check it out When I learned that there is a huge Chinese food museum about an hour outside of Chengdu in Pixian The birthplace of Sichuan fermented bean paste I knew it was going to be worth the trip So I made the journey out And met up with the local tour guide Jen To have a full Sichuan food tour and cooking experience at the museum Let’s see what it’s all about Trevor, you’re going to see the soul of Sichuan cuisine The soul of Sichuan The most important ingredient in Sichuan food Yeah, you said it Oh look at this It’s really amazing right? All these big vats of Sichuan chili paste Before we go in You’re going to have to wear the hat What is this? It’s a hat Is that good Look at Changle He’s so funny Does this look good? You’re so funny Does this look good? Yeah We’re going in for Sichuan broad bean paste So how many years do these ferment for From one year to eight years Look at that! Oh it’s potent! Yeah The materials This is broad bean in local areas And the chili The chili is erjintiao chili from Muma mountain in Chengdu Every year before Autumn we have to go to the Muma mountain To pick some Chili And wash and dry the chilies And put them with well salt and in the sunshine for 3 months Oh you dry the chili? Yeah, to remove the strong chili smell What’s the longest you can ferment them for? Here, we have 8 year chili paste Is that more fragrant? Yeah with a stronger bean fragrance But less spicy flavor So this is the most common ingredient in Sichuan food right here How do you do this? You hit it from one side, and move it to the middle and pour it And how often do you have to do this? Good question Every day we flip all the paste twice We do it first in the morning and the second time after sunset Every single vat here Every single one And after the bean paste tour Jen brought me to visit one of the most respected deities in Sichuan folk culture The kitchen god If you get a blessing from the Kitchen God You become a good chef So this is the We have some rules about the Kitchen God What are the rules We are going to go inside with the left foot first And then the right foot So left foot first OK You know who he is? I don’t The ancestor of all Chinese chefs The Kitchen God It’s said that the Kitchen God is a royal chef who cooked for the emperors in the old times Cause I know you are a foodie I love food, yeah So I really hope you can travel everywhere and try every amazing food in the world So later I’m going to show you how to worship the Kitchen God OK, how do we do it? How do we worship the Kitchen God OK Thank you Your incense The Kitchen God OK, this is great What do we do here? Two hands hold three incense please You can have the left hand cover the right hand OK Which means that the good can overcome the evil OK we’re worshipping the Kitchen God here So does that make us better cooks? You can make a wish Stand and make a wish OK So now he will listen to us The sound will make the Kitchen God know our wish And we hope the Kitchen God will bless Jen and foodie Changle To try every amazing food in the world Try it all Cool After the Kitchen God Jen brought me to the Kitchen to teach me some classic Sichuan dishes And we will see if the Kitchen God favored me So the first thing we are cooking is panda Yeah, Panda steamed dumpling But it’s not actual panda Jen taught me to make 3 things A baozi stuffed with brown sugar and crushed walnut Kung Pao Chicken And Mapo Tofu Most of the ingredients were already prepped, marinated, chopped, and portioned So this course would be best for people who would want an inside view But it’s not ideal for serious cooks I myself was hoping to get my hands a little dirtier The baozi filling was pre-made for me and so was the dough We made the walnut and sugar filling with the wheat flour, sticky rice flour, and lard wrapper And put some little beans on top to make it look like a panda Steamed for 20 minutes while we started to make the Mapo Tofu These are the ingredients for Mapo Tofu right? This is fermented soybean And the fried ground beef Chili powder Ginger Garlic Starch Starch over here Garlic bolts And the main one, tofu Let’s make some mapo tofu Use the salty water to remove the tofu smell 8 ladle spoons please 8 spoons of this Now we’re rollin Boil the tofu for about 20 seconds Set it aside And heat up the wok with some oil And get ready Smells good Like heaven 2 big spoons 2 big spoons into the oil Awesome Oh that smells great Soybean and then chili powder All of it? Yeah, all of it After the chili powder, put the garlic and ginger in Yeah, and then 3 scoops of water Yeah Then dry the tofu and put it in And try to push it gently To make all the tofu absorb the flavor of the sauce Be gentle with the tofu Yeah, put the starch 3 times The first time we’re going to put once in Put the starch in a second time Second time, one spoon of starch And all the beef and Chinese chives That looks really really good Does it look alright? Yeah, it’s ok It smells good Is it done? Mapo tofu! That actually looks not bad Add a little bit of Sichuan peppercorn powder on top Oh sichuan peppercorn, that’s going to numb your mouth off Next up, Kung Pao Chicken Let’s do this! For the full recipe, you can check the description below Or click the link to the last video about how to make Kung Pao Chicken Lighter, lighter, lighter Oh, there we go Kung Pao Chicken, gongbao jiding So everyone has gone out now for a break And I’m just going to finish the meal here That was a lot of fun I feel like it’s much easier cooking on those stainless steel woks It’s hard to screw up Let’s try that And the flavors are just It’s easier to make food That’s actually really good mapo tofu One thing I wish is that there was a bit more prep involved Because it was all too easy All of the ingredients were measured out And I felt like I was just throwing stuff into a wok I wish I could have done a little more prep work But other than that this has been a really nice and fun experience OK, welcome Master Chef Changle Wow, look at this Rookie master chef Is it OK for you to take pictures with our colleagues Alright so thank you so much Jen for showing me how to cook today That was a lot of fun At the Sichuan food museum I had a great time with you Really cool I was not expecting to get this It’s a really fun experience Honestly I was really delighted to be your cooking teacher Thank you so much I hope to see you soon Hopefully see you soon Thanks for watching the food and travel videos Leave a comment down below And subscribe if you haven’t already Bye bye Thanks.