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hi everyone today in this video I willshare with you how to make Vietnamese sandwich also called bánh mì thịt nguội inVietnam this is a perfect combination of patê,Vietnamese ham, cooked pork, pickle some different kinds of vege just in onebread you can have it for breakfast lunch or dinner ok so let's begin to make the pork.

Inthis recipe and using one packet of Ross grip or position in mix for this one youcan easily invited and any asian grocery store and then add quite a teaspoon ofsalt half the spoon of sugar about quite at this one of crap paper one this one of garlic powder this is just an optional and finally pour in 1 cup chicken breastor you can answer use water instead and then stir well until soft now we place the POC into the mixtureand using about two powers of pork belly with skin on if you want your POC hasred color on the skin like in some stars you can see plate brush up your graphsare red food coloring on it that's up to you my pop I didn't do itsince I don't like to use much of food coloring now we cover the top and let'smarinate the pop for at least four hours or overnight in the fridge for the bestflavor and then remove the pot from the sauce and place it on a poil now we've drawn up the park tae lee and then wrap the park with foil and 2Cobra yeah yeah yeah once again we place the park on aplastic wrap and continue to wrap it with plastic wrap this will help thepopulace and expend too much during the steaming process now we place it intothe steamer cover the top and same party finest on medium-low heat or until youinsert that chap stick into the park in it easily get through it means perfectlycooked remove the pot from the steamer and wait until cool now completely andthen place it into the fridge and it will be ready in the next day now we will make in the South 20 spoonof oil in a saucepan on medium low heat and then add half teaspoon of mincedgarlic and then start until fragrant and then add marinated sauce and cook for yeah yeah and then remove from heat and pour thesauce into a bowl and set aside in the next day remove the outer layers of the park andthen cut it into really pins like this it smells pretty good beautiful we should try to cut it as thin aspossible typically enemies ham is added in thesandwich so we should cut it into thin slices it's an optional is ok if you don't haveit we also cut cucumber into thin strips and chili into thin slices all right now we have everything we needfor the sandwich the park enemies ham central Kilberg chilis the sauce parteand care up and I can be close ok so let's make the sandwich cut thebreath in half horizontally but not cut through flaps hey on one side afterbread and then pull in the sauce on the other side now we label them is ham andcooked pop along with the bread and then we arrange chili slices cucumber taken care of big goals that I've already made in myprevious video and finally select row yeah it's really good to have you interningrecipe if you have any questions just leavethem in that come in below and also subscribe to my channel to get our newvideo every week thanks for watching my back yeah yeah yeah.

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