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The traditional spring rolls have lots of flavor and fragrance.

You can serve them as a starter or as a light meal.

You can provide two rolls per person as astarter or 6 per person as meal.

Here are the ingredients for 18 spring rolls.

You can find this list on my websire: To prepare my spring rolls, I dip the rind of dried pork in cold water for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I toast the Thai fragrant rice in a pan over low heat.

I stir occasionally.

When the rice is toasted like this, I cut the fire and I let the rice cool.

I cut the pork into two or four pieces I put them in a pan, I add 200ml of water, 1 teaspoon of salt.

I put a lid, I heat on low heat for 30 minutes.

I turn the pieces of meat from time to time.

Meanwhile, I put the pork rind in boilingwater, and I immediately remove them.

I rinse them under cold water, I cut them into pieces like this, and I let them drain.

I dip the bean sprouts in boiling water, and I immediately remove them, I rinse them under cold water and I let them drain.

The pieces of meat cooked for 30 minutes, I add 2 tbsp of oil and peeled garlic cloves.

I continue cooking another 30 minutes witha lid.

If the water has evaporated, you can add again 100ml of water.

I turn the pieces of meat and I stir the garlic cloves from time to time.

After the second cooking 30 minutes, I remove the lid so the water can evaporates and then I cut the fire.

When the pieces of meat have cooled, I remove the fat, I mince them into thin slices, then into sticks.

I put them in a large bowl.

I add the rind.

I chop the garlic like this, I put it in the bowl, I pour the juice from the cooked pork.

I mix the toasted rice in a coffee grinder until I get a powder.

I pour it in the bowl, I mix all together.

I put 2 tbsp of fish sauce, 1 tsp of salt, I mix again.

I give scissors cuts in the mixture.

I taste the mixture, you can adjust by adding salt and fish sauce.

I peel the cucumber, I cut it into 3 pieces, and then I give stabbing to cut the flesh.

Then I cut finely in the lengthwise.

I do not keep the heart of cucumber.

Now I am going to make the rolls.

I put a wet and drained towel on a board.

I dip a rice paper in hot water from the tap, I lay it on the towel.

On the wet rice paper, I put half a salad leaf.

I add: 8 mint leaves 3 coriander stems that I cut into pieces, a few leaves of Phak Pheo, the Vietnamese mint a bit of cucumber, some bean sprouts, 2 tablespoons of pork mixture I flaps both sides of the rice paper towardthe middle (inside).

I roll it up, I place the rolls in a dish, I put a wet and drained towel over them to avoid drying.

I put the sauce in a small bowl, I add a little fresh pepper and two teaspoons of crushed peanuts.

I dip the roll into the sauce and I savor.

I advise you to eat freshly prepared rolls, they don’t keep long, because the rice paper will harden.

Bon appétit !.

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