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Hello everyone! Joyce here.

Earlier this week finished harvesting Joyce walked.

New Joyce was discharged a few days ago So the health situation is also very unstable to go long.

But because of your beloved Joyce and Joyce likes to do video on Youtube Joyce will be to try using video today! Wish people sympathetic if Joyce tired voice Joyce still painful incision site Yes, Joyce still sore but also to shoot video too! Joyce does not take a painkiller So do not blame the voice of Joyce offline! In today's video Joyce will share with you A dessert is Causing the current storm with young people Especially in big cities like Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang, etc.

Exactly, Joyce is talking about Salted egg cake Oi, Asians like to eat salted egg, right BLTM story very interesting cake Cake derives from Vung Tau Is a city in the province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Joyce believes that the first place to sell bread BLTM As a small restaurant named Cake Clamp Electrical Column In ancient times it was an extremely simple cake The categories are small sponge cakes Lap top with salted egg It's like this mooncakes But in this case would be Cake "moon" Over the years, the cake BLTM Start 'fever' with the online community And it becomes a super-hot snack Vietnamese youth.

As a result there are many different new formula Have more new material and different forms.

Vietnam huh spreads his creativity.

Now Joyce has received a player to do Joyce never tried at all times bread BLTM But you Joyce Joyce reminded many times before * Sorry preparations * Joyce always skeptical of reviews Joyce may be outdated, but that So far, Joyce never impressed With young people tend to feed at all Anyway, Joyce will work with you to taste the cake And Joyce will share personal opinion then.

Joyce video today for purchase on loaf current most popular.

It has salted egg, shrimp paste, Laughing cow cheese and butter sauce.

Chẹp chẹp, this cake will cause diabetes only.

The decoration slightly disorder But it looks that cravings Ok, Joyce will cut out a piece And for the disc Alright, this cake Do not know if you do not see clearly We try always offline Joyce pretty nervous Joyce always feel so to try out new recipes Because Joyce did not want to be disappointed Let's eat! Joyce was eating like this because Joyce does not want lipstick on lips lem Honestly speaking Joyce did not see this special cake out Not bad but cake Nor super delicious Sorry for you to eat and said Joyce because Joyce was trying to find something to Joyce recognize tasty cake But so far, the Joyce felt it's just a normal cake A formula for new and exotic cake In terms of taste it Fresh baked goods are just salt The sweetness from the layer cake And from those seeds salty salted egg, shrimp paste Joyce thought two salty sweetness aims to balance each other And so they both express But in a different way with Joyce's initial thoughts Cakes can also taste, fat As you can see here There are cheese and butter sauce The only thing Joyce BLTM favorite armchair Cake "light as a cloud" Textured layer cake like bread gato Means cakes are soft and smooth But there BLTM bread butter, cream and cheese Cake is not too Joyce can imagine yourself eating 3 pieces and still not feel full * Detection glutton * So Joyce would not recommend you Try to avoid eating cakes BLTM This one depends on personal preference Joyce know many of you would love cake BLTM Try new things going According to Joyce, I do not lose nothing to try something new * Musical High School Musical =)) * Cake is not BLTM Joyce will eat regular cake Unless Joyce longed to map salinity Or salted egg Maybe a few times a year depending on severance For those of you have tried the cake BLTM then Have you any other comments? Delicious cake or not? Please comment below offline.

So that's all for today Joyce hope you liked this video Joyce thought this video would be shorter The videos last week Sorry, now Joyce is much pain Actually, not eat much bread Joyce Joyce is following a diet After surgery Joyce would not eaten loaf Health until fully recovered If you like this then please give Joyce A thumbs up Subscribe Hello Saigon channel And see you all next week.

Hi all!.

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