VIETNAM [part1] – country, food and lifestyle

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Here is going to be a free style translation^^ That's how I have seen Vietnam for the first time, when I arrived Honestly, it was raining.

Everyone was driving a motobike There were lot's of people.

And I couldn't believe I'm in Vietnam.

Oh my God! (some technical moments) I'm busy to hold.

an umbrella a backpack a bag and a package Here I am^^ Actually, I'm hungry We came for a tour and bought tickets Now we have a breakfast after we will explore Vietnam Today I had experience.

to drive a motobike in Vietnam.


We are at the bus stop we have tickets and we are waiting for departure I woke up and had a breakfast.

We are going to the local cafe to try some new food After eating a delicious luch we are going back home to take a break, to relax Then we will visit my friend's grandperents to talk and to discover their lives.

There is a nice dog who likes to play.


That's how you can plant The house is very big and luxury^^ I wish to buy a house like this one 🙂 After dinner we went to one more place to eat.

sweet soup (!) I can't eat anymore^^ [no translation] Hey! But it's interesting to try It's an awesome feeling when you go to another country and people take you in their family I feel like I'm their daughter the same as their children So I like it They take care about me and everything is super cool! I really have an opportunity to try so many! Much more than if I'm alone at here and if I don't know what to buy, to eat and what to do in general I don't really understand where am I I was walking.

looking for something.

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