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Hello guys and welcome to my kitchen.

I am Manu and this is Italy Made Easy! For today's vlog I thought I'd cook something.

Today we prepare pomodori col riso or as we say in my house pomodori col riso.

COL means "with the", of course.

This recipe is quite simple but delicious! Let's start with the recipe.

I will before the ingredients first and then the process.

Bon appetit! Obviously we start with tomatoes that are the main ingredient of pomodori col riso.

This is rice.

I suggest you use Arborio rice, which is the Italian rice, not this one.

Then we need olive oil, of course some beautiful green and fresh basil, garlic, we'll need two or three cloves, rosemary, Oregano.

This is paprika but if you want to use the chili go ahead and use chilli.

Salt, pepper and then obviously we have the utensils.

We need a knife, an aggressive spoon.

no just a plain spoon! A bowl.

Mine is made of glass.

And a drip pan, which is a very silly name for this tray which goes into the oven.

We need the wax paper, a blender and, surprise surprise, an oven! But not a full one, an empty one.

And not broken, like mine! We turn it on and we pre-heat at a temperature of one hundred and sixty.

one hundred and seventy degrees.

More or less.

We wash the tomatoes, and once they are washed we do this procedure: with the knife we cut the top part of the tomato, of each tomato.

Try and do a better job than me! We continue cutting the tomatoes basically creating many lids and.

voila now with the knife we carefully empty every tomato.

We use a spoon to bring out all the pulp of the tomato and then if we are smart we do it directly over the blender.

Tah-dah! OK, now we have so many lids that do not work but it does not matter.

In the blender we add the basil, rosemary, oregano, a pinch of oregano, or two pinches, because oregano is good, three cloves of garlic, a little chili or paprika, or we can do a teaspoon or half a teaspoon, it depends on your taste.

I like it spicy, as you can see.

And then of course salt and pepper.

This is a grinder I'm using.

Easy on the salt, Manu! OK, we add some good olive oil, we put it in the blender ready to mix.

Done! We pour all the liquid into our beautiful bowl.

Now we count the tomatoes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and we use a fistful of rice for each tomato plus one.

Why? I do not know why but that's what we do! We mix everything pretty well.

great! Now we take some potatoes.

I've got a ton.

On the wooden cutting board and with a knife I'm cutting the potatoes in more or less uniform pieces.

Let's cut them all without cutting our fingers.

Mother, that was hard work! And now the baking tray we put our parchment paper and tomatoes in this strategic way because what are going to put what in the middle? The potatoes! Now we dress the potatoes with a lot of olive oil the usual salt and the usual pepper.

Enough with the salt, Manu! Here is the pepper.


grind, grind, grind, grind, rosemary and then with your hands you give it a good mix.

And now we take the potatoes and put them on our drip pan between the tomatoes.

Take the mixture and fill all the tomatoes one by one.

Now we take the lids and close every tomato with a lid.

OK, we have prepared everything, we have a tray full, actually, overly full, of to.

well, mostly potatoes, but also tomato with rice and now we put everything in the oven ok? Unfortunately I have an oven that does not work much, let's say half an hour, half an hour should be enough to prepare, to cook everything and then we're going to together and see if it is ready.

OK? Ciao ciao! Let's check the oven.

let's have a look.

aaah it all fogged up! There you go.

Let's wipe it Is it ready? No, the potatoes are not ready, but above all the rice is not ready.

Still too white.

So I take some water and add the water over each tomato.

Perfect guys, so as you can see the result is good but I made a mistake so I am going to tell you so you avoid making it too.

The rice, you need to use Arborio rice, I think.

I used "long grain", therefore not Italian rice and it's a bit hard, OK? You saw that during the cooking time I added water, I added the water twice because the rice wasn't cooking.

OK? So if you use Arborio it will cooked better.

still the result is good.

I've already eaten a little bit of this.

And it's yummy! The potatoes are divine! Well, I'll wait! So, if you liked this video, remember that you can use my videos in Italian also as a source for Shadowing.

That is, you can use these videos with the Italian subtitles and do Shadowing with my voice and practice your Italian in this way.

OK? Thanks so much! Please give this video the thumbs up and if you're not yet subscribed to the channel, please do subscribe! Italy Made Easy.

Ciao ciao and see you next time! I'm really messy.

look what a mess! How disgusting! How embarrassing!.

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