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[candice] today on The EdgyVeg, i'm going to show you how to make an island favourite- [candice] JAMAICAN BEEF PATTIES.

but vegan! [candice] everything's gonna be irie! [candice] you cannot have a jamaican patty without the perfect fluffy crust, right? [candice] so that's what we're going to make first.

[candice] it's kind of like making a pie crust, the same type of idea.

[candice] but we're shoving things into it to make a jamaican patty! [candice] so we're going to add some flour, [candice] then we're adding quite a bit of salt, [candice] and for colour, that very iconic orange traditional jamaican patty colour, [candice] we're using turmeric.

[candice] mix that to get rid of any lumps also known as sifting.

[candice] and then i'm going to cut in my vegan vegetable shortening, my vegan butter.

[candice] until i get crumbs.

[candice] now that we have crumbs, i am going to add some ice ice cold water, [candice] till it becomes a dough.

[candice] now really quickly, we have to make this into a ball, wrap it up in saran wrap [candice] and toss it in the fridge for an hour and a half minimum.

[candice] so roll it into a ball, then cover it in saran wrap, nice and tight.

[candice] now let's toss this guy into the fridge and get started on the meat! [candice] now i decided to make a traditional 'beef-style' patty instead of vegetable patties.

[candice] it's really really hard to get it beef style jamaican patty that's vegan.

[candice] plus, let's just face it.

it is the better tasting patty.

[candice] the first thing we're going to do is heat up our vegan butter in our pan.

[candice] we're going to add in our onions and our garlic and our ginger.

[candice] and cook that for another 4 minutes until it's translucent.

[candice] so to get this super authentic jamaican flavour, we're using [candice] cardamom, lots of cumin, allspice- why is it allspice when it's not all the spices? [candice] it's only some of the spices.

[candice] mix that up until it's fragrant.

[candice] now we're going to add turmeric, thyme, [candice] now we're going to add our scotch bonnet pepper, [candice] this is totally optional, if you don't like spice, you could totally just leave this out.

[candice] but we love the spice! [candice] once your spices are super super fragrant, you can add in your fake beef.

[candice] so just add that to your pan.

[candice] you can totally throw some all over the stove if you wanna feel like you're having a celebration.

[candice] add some vegetable broth- if you have access to a beef-like broth, this is really good with a beef-like broth.

[candice] and add some vegan worcestershire.

[candice] make sure that when you use it, it's vegan worcestershire.

[candice] they have some with anchovies and some without, [candice] and then i have pureed tomatoes.

[candice] then we have some fresh parsley.

[candice] we're gonna mix that until it's combined, so we're going to let that simmer for 30 minutes.

[candice] when all your liquid's reduced, we're going to add our salt, [candice] add pepper to taste, and then we're going to add 2 to 3 tablespoons of jamaican rum.

[candice] because you're stuffing the pastries with your hands, just set it aside until it cools, [candice] so another 30 minutes or so until it's easy for you to handle.

[candice] then we're gonna stuff em in our pastries! [candice] we are slowly but surely going to quickly roll this out.

[candice] i'm using a bowl cos it's the perfect width actually.

[candice] i'm just going to cut out circles.

[candice] so i'm gonna give this a little roll out just to make it a little bit bigger, [candice] and now i'm going to use some almond milk and paint it on the outside of half of this thing.

[candice] and that's going to act like the glue that holds the two sides together.

[candice] and then i'm going to take the cooled meat that we have, [candice] i would say about a quarter cup, then we're gonna put it like this and press down the sides.

[candice] then to make it look like a traditional jamaican patty, gonna use the fork.

[candice] and normally they would do an egg wash here, but i'm just going to do a little bit of almond milk.

[candice] we're going to keep doing this until we have a couple pans full of jamaican patties.

[candice] now we're going to put these guys into the oven at 400F for about 30 minutes.

[candice] and there you have it, vegan jamaican beef patties.

[candice] i haven't had jamaican beef patties since i was a kid.

[candice] this is amazing! it's so good, i know james is really gonna like these, i know you guys are really going to like them.

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