Vegan Pho [Phở Chay] – Vietnamese Noodle Soup | Collab with The Kale Sandwich Show

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Hi guys.

We have something a little different today.

Look who is here today, it’s Kevin.

Alo! Most of the time, you see his hands makingnice dishes.

It is very exciting for us as wewill be doing our first collab and I thought that it would be great if you could see usboth together side by side.


for a few months now we've been following The Kale Sandwich Show which is a channel run by Dee and Rawch, who are youtubers just like us and also a vegan couple.


we've been checking out their videos for a very long time and we thought that they are doing something very interesting.

There are a lot of nice recipes on their channel.

They are very funny as well.

And we thought that it would be great if we could do a collab together with them.

After watching a few of their recipes, wehave been really hooked to their channel.

We both love Asian food.

Whenever we are eating out, we go look foran Asian place first.

There are not many channels out there thatare doing vegan Asian recipes.

They also do.


vlogs about what they eat in a day and the places that they’ve visited and also some product reviews etc.

Definitely go and check them out.

So, we will be doing a recipe swap andwe'll be trying their vegan Vietnamese pho recipe which sounded like the perfect recipe for a first collab.

When we first saw this recipe we instantlywanted to make it.

We never had Pho before so this will be our first time preparing and tasting it.

What really got our attention, when we first saw this video was all the combination of vegetables just for the broth and the amazing mix of fragrant spices.

Since Kevin has been pretty excited aboutthis recipe, I think he has literally been drooling on his keyboard even since he sawthe video, we’ve decided that he is going to be making it.

And I’ll get to taste it at the end.

So, we will be demonstrating how we make thedish but for the full recipe, be sure to check the video on the Kale Sandwich Show.

I’ll leave the links in the description boxbelow.

Now let’s make some vegan Vietnamese Pho! Like Kevin mentioned what really lured usinto this recipe was the abundance of vegetables and combination of aromatic spices that gointo the broth.

We kept the recipe as close as possible tothe original.

The bean curd sticks take quite sometime to rehydrate, so we started by leaving them to soak in some hot water first.

We have talked about bean curd skin beforeand we have a recipe on the channel using it.

I will leave a link in the description ifyou want to check it out.

While the bean curd was soaking, Kevin movedon to chopping the vegetables for the broth.

We kept the selection of vegetables as suggestedby Dee and Rawch.

We used a daikon radish instead of turnips.

Chayote is a common vegetable used in Mauritiancuisine.

We have a couple of recipes using this vegetableon the channel.

One is a typical Mauritian dumpling that wecall Niouk Yen and we also have a curry recipe.

Check the description for these links.

We decided to roast the onion and ginger ona griddle.

Dee and Rawch also suggest either roastingthem in the oven or using a Panini press like they did.

Once charred, the onion and ginger went intothe pot with all the chopped vegetables.

We filled the pot with hot water and addedin the spices.

We used a reusable fabric tea bag and placedin the star anise and the cloves.

Then we dropped in the cinnamon sticks.

We allowed the broth to simmer for about anhour.

During this time, we continued with the restof the preparation.

Kevin chopped the rehydrated bean curd skininto small pieces and sliced the tofu.

Dee and Rawch used different types of tofu,puffed tofu and some fried ones.

We couldn’t find the puffed tofu at ourlocal Asian store this week, so we used soft tofu instead.

Chinese Five Spice really added a lot of depthto the bean curd skin and tofu.

The fragrance of this spice is simply wonderful.

As per the recipe, we sautéed the tofu andbean curd skin with the chopped leek, added a little of the broth and salt to taste.

For our mushroom selection, we used king oysterand fresh shitake.

Similarly, for the mushrooms, Kevin sautéedthem with the leeks and a little of the broth.

We also salted them to taste.

Now everything was almost ready.

And we only needed the noodles which we pre-soakedfor about 30 minutes.

They only needed to be cooked for a coupleof minutes in some boiling water and they were ready to be served.

We arranged everything into our bowls andladle in the broth with a squeeze of lime juice.

We only used the broth.

You may eat the vegetables if you wish but all their goodness has seeped into the broth.

And at this stage they are practically overcooked, so we discarded them.

This was one of the best noodle soup dishesthat we’ve ever had.

It was like a bowl of love.

The broth is pretty amazing.

We had enough broth to have this soup threedays in a row.

It was our first time tasting vegan pho andwe can say that it’s worth every effort.

If you make the broth in advance and freezeit, it’s actually pretty quick to put this soup together.

I can see this becoming something pretty regularat our place.

Sriracha and hoisin sauce, as are typically served with pho, complemented the dish perfectly.

Thank you to Dee and Rawch for giving us theopportunity to try this recipe out for this collab.

It has been a very fun experience for us.

Be sure to check their channel for the fullrecipe for this vegan Vietnamese pho and also to find out what recipe they tried from ours.

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