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Hello friend's welcome to the World's 1stYoutube Cooking Show from a Village, I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am going to showyou a very simple, easy and delicious " Veg Manchurian Recipe " which is a very easy andI am also going to tell you how they make in the Restaurants because I have Visitedmany Restaurants while shooting for the " Streetfoodandtraveltvindia " so let's start making a vegetable Manchurian.

I am heating oil for frying our Manchurian balls and now I am going to make the ballsBetter, for the vegetable Manchurian you will need 150 gms of grated Cabbage around 150gms of Carrot and now in this I am going to add the Salt, some Black Peppers, Spring Onions,very little Garlic, very little Ginger give it a nice mix, we need to make sure that vegetablesshould release the Water so we can make very good dough from it.

Now in this I am going to add the Maida or Gram Flour around 2-3 tsp and around 2-3 tspCorn Flour, we don't need too much flour to bind it otherwise it will not going to tastegood, if you feel that you can't bind the ball then add the more flour.

Now from this I am going to make small balls from it like this way and directly put itinto the Oil for frying, make sure that your oil should not be too much hot, stir it welland we are not going to cook it full so just take it out because we are going to fry itagain keep it aside and make the remaining balls similarly, I recommend you to not usetoo much flour in this otherwise it will not going to taste good so just add flour as perthe requirement so you can get the very good flavor of Carrot and Cabbage in it so seemy balls are not cooked now I am just removing it and we are going to fry it second timeat a very high heat so we can make it nice fried balls.

Now our oil get heated at a very high heat now I am going to fry vegetable balls again,you have to stir it every now and then so you can cook it nicely, now our Manchurianballs are ready so I am going to take this out see the color it is very important, youhave to make it crispy from outside, when it starts the smelling of burning flour itmeans it is ready, take this out in a kitchen Napkin.

After frying the Manchurian balls now I am going to heat around 1 tbsp of oil, for theChinese Food your oil should be always very hot, see it is smoking and now I am goingto add the chopped Garlic, around 1 tbsp of chopped Garlic, around 1 tbsp of chopped Ginger,1 medium size of Red Onion, add some Spring onion greens.

Now in this I am going to add our Sauces one by one, first a fall I am going to add 1 tbspof Red Chili Sauce, 1 tbsp of Green Chili Sauce, 1 tbsp of Tomato Ketchup, Vinegar,1 tbsp of Dark Soya Sauce, now in this put our Vegetable Manchurian Balls, Taught itnicely, see it is looking really very good and beautiful so this is it our balls areready, now turn the heat off.

This is the time to serve my very special,easy and delicious Vegetable Manchurian, see it is looking very beautiful just Garnishit with some spring Onions so this is it my very simple, easy and delicious VegetableManchurian is ready to serve.

It is a testing time so let me have a firstbite of my vegetable Manchurian, absolutely perfect it is really very good in taste andyou can get the balanced taste of every sauces, it is not too much Sour, not too much spicy,not too much sweet I am really very happy with this result and I am sure you will definitelygoing to like this recipe, you can get the detailed recipe with step by step Picturesat the Foodontvnetwork.

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