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Herw I have grated Cabbage and Carrot andin this I am going to add salt according to taste, blended Black Pepper, Green Chilies,some garlic and some ginger, now I am going to mix all the things very well, again addsome black pepper.

When your vegetables release water then addFlour, First a fall add Plain flour or Maida and rice flour, you have to remember one thingthat don't add more flour in it otherwise it will not going to taste good, again mixit very well, again add little bit of both the flours so mixture can be combined nicelyand we can make perfect balls from it and fry it nicely, see it should be like this,now it is almost ready so now we are going to fry this.

Now our oil is ready to make small balls from mixture and fry it, you can make the ballsas you wish, size doesn't matters small or big but make it medium size so it tastes goodand directly put it into the oil, make all the balls this way.

Now our balls are half cooked so I am going to take this out, we'll cook it second timefull so it can be more crispy and more tasty, now we are going to fry our Manchurian ballsfor the second time after fry it once, stir it every now and then so it can be cookednicely and perfectly.

After 1 minute see it is almost ready so Iam going to take it out and fry the remaining balls similarly, again stir it every now andthen, now our all the vegetable balls are ready so I am going to take it out, you haveto cook it until it becomes golden brown so it can be nice crispy from every side andvegetables can also be cooked.

Heat around 1 tbsp of oil in pan, rememberone thing that for any Chinese food your oil should be very hot, first a fall add somegarlic, some ginger and stir it well, now in this add some Onions taut it nicely, nowadd some cabbage mix it very well.

Now in this add sauces one by one, first afall add green chili sauce around 1 tbsp, red chili sauce around 1 tbsp, 1 tbsp tomatoketchup, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp Vinegar and some spring onion greens and mix all thethings very well.

Now in this add our vegetable Manchurian ballsand taut it nicely, now sprinkle some spring onions greens in it and turn the heat off,now our vegetable Manchurian is ready.