Veg Manchow Soup | Indo Chinese Soup | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Restaurant Style At Home

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In soups, my children's favourite soup isManchow soup.

My children always demand asking me to makemanchow soup.

So today, I will show you'Veg Manchow Soup'.

2 tbsp oil.

We don't need to wait for theoil to be heated.

Now, we will take 1tbspcrushed ginger garlic.

1 chopped green chilly.

Mix this a little.

Here, we will take 2-3 spring onions.

And now, we will add some sprigs, and keepremaining for the garnish.

1 chopped capsicum.

You can also add carrots, french beans,and celery.

Let's add cabbage to this.

1 big bowl of cabbabge,sliced lenght wise.

Mix all of this well.

Keep it slightly uncooked.

While this is getting cooked,let's take water in a bowl.

We have to take 4 cups of water.

2 tbsp corn flour.

Add the corn flour to cold water,if addded to warm water it forms lumps.

Now, to this we will add 2tbsp chilly sauce.

Now, we add the sizzling cube, this is a vegsizzling cube it's avavilabe in the market.

We need to soak this in the water15-20 minutes prior.

I have used 1 cube.

Now, let's take 1 tbsp soy sauce.

And, salt to taste.

This is also done.

Let's add this mixture to the vegetables.

We need to let this boil.

Keep stirring it otherwise the corn flourwill stick to the bottom.

You will know it's done when itstarts becoming transparent.

Let's wait for 5 minutes now.

5 minutes later.

It has come to a boil, the soup is ready.

Let's switch the gas offand remove it into a bowl.

And now, on this we will use the remainingsprigs for the garnish.

And, some fried noodles.

The recipe is so simple, isn't it?My children will be happy! If you too are happy, keep watchingRuchkar Mejwani for more soup recipes.