Two Models Do Eat ! – Models do eat Chinese food!!! #withcaptions

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Yeah We Do.

And we don't mind at all filming it to prove it to ya.

You'll notice the pictures are blurred to protect the models identity Just Kidding (GPS Voice) Starting route to Din Tai Fung Head north on Chico Ave.

then turn left onto Garvey Ave.

So we are headed to apparently the most amazing Chinese restaurant in all of California People travel from other countries to come to this restaurant.

i was going to say Arrigato but that's Japanese and thats the wrong country.

Hai That's still the wrong country! SI.

(Maria laughing) Again! Uhhhh No I don't know 'yes' in Chinese (Maria) Ding Dong? (Gasp) I'm so excited!! OMG OMG OMG !!! Soy sauce.

And a little spoon.


Wait i'm gonna dip it in this.

Oh no , I've got the paper the paper, ok.

Bathroom Confessional This is the first time I like Chinese food.

Same Here It was so tasty!! yes I will come back.

(toilet flush) I might've eaten a little too much.

Because I am so full! But yeah its really good.

So I think our verdict on Din Tai Fung is its Two Din Tai Fungs up.

Two Thumbs up!.