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– Hi guys, welcome back to our channel.

Today, we're doing somethingthat I love to watch online.

And that's people eating things.

– We, ah, we thought we'd sit down andhave dinner with you guys.

– This is called Mukbang and it's wildly popular on the internet.

It's incredibly weird.

And what we do is eat arange of food for you.

– So you can watch us eat.

But actually, I think what would be nice– (slurping) – Sorry.

– What would be nice is if you guys ate your dinner with us.

And we had a little dinner party together.

(upbeat music) – What we have here is um, is a variety of foods.

This is Chinese cuisine.

– This is a salad.

– It's got avocado, tomato,soy sauce and edamame beans.

– And we have some soups.

– Shall I open this soup as well? – Trying to which one this is.

Oh my god, open, open! – Let's just enjoy the sounds of the food.

– This is um, got some mange tout, and some mushrooms thatlook a little bit like penises.

– Oh, it smells very gingery.

– What is that? – So we've got, this is Noodle Street, um.

– Not spon.

(paper crinkling) I'm a vegetarian, just to give some background information.

Um, doesn't look veryfried, looks quite soggy.

– Looks quite soggy.

– Prawn crackers.

(crunching) – Are they good? Mm.

– Stop being weird now.

– Tricky this one.

(slurping) So let's cut this in half andsee what the situation is.

– Soup's quite nice to sip.

(slurping) – I don't know if you can see inside, we have, like, a meat,I think this is chicken.

(thumping) (thumping) – I've done, not very much with my day.

Um, I didn't go to the gym.

Woke up and sent emails, so.

(slurping) – Same, actually.

I had a rather slow start to my day.

Just got some, this isjust blackcurrant juice.

What, um.

What are you enjoying so far? (slurping) – I've only had the vegetable soup.

– I don't, I'm not a fan of dumplings, I've decided.

– Well, they're probably not a fan of you, to be fair, 'cause you've just sort of sliced them up and thrown them on the plate.

(thumping) Okay, so you're getting it everywhere.

(thumping) – So I've got some satay chicken here.

(lids crackling) Just gonna pour some of that on here.

– Okay, so all of that came out as a lump.

– I want to, I need totry some of that tofu.

– Well it just, it's abit soft and squidgy.

– It's all attached.

Okay, I'm gonna, not a fan of that, woah.

– What have you done with your day? Got any plans? It's summer holidays.

Gonna see some friends? Maybe go to the park.

Play Pokemon Go? – You're not their dad.

– Well, they tweet me that I am, so.

Just taking a healthy interest.

Just a healthy interest.

(coughing) – Jenna Marbles recently did a video on her channel, where she tried food, AMS, ASMR style, and if you're not aware what ASMR is– – It's like when you make slurpy noises, oh it's when the noisesgive you a tickly feeling down the back of your neck.

– It's a pleasant sensation caused by sounds like crunching, or slurping.

(crunching) Do you want some? – It's ah, sometimes when people whisper, or make mouth noises, and it gives you thatsort of sensation that, that you've got like a tickly feeling down the back of your neck.

So, I have this theory that Charlie, he's so cool like, invented Mukbang, before, without realizing.

– Why? – 'Cause he made thatvideo eating cereal for 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, however long it took.

That was a while ago.

– I don't understand how people eat for function.

And what I mean is, eat just to exist, because if you don't eat you'll die.

I eat because I, I fucking enjoy it.

I'm not– – Tell me about, like what'syour favorite takeaway, take out, if you're American.

Um, Sammy ordered take out the other day, and I had to hit him, because I was like, that's an American thing, don't say it, you're getting, um– – Americanized.


I can't stop making dad jokes recently.

– Just recently, or? Ah, aren't mushrooms disgusting.

I used to hate them, and I like them.

– They're a fungus, so.

– Bit of carrot.

Oh my god there's noods.

– Noodles are so gross.

– I dunno.

– I'm having some of your tofu.

If you're left handed, you're supposed to havethe fork in your right hand and the knife in your left.

I'm right handed, and in my mind, because my right handis doing all the work, my right hand holds the fork.

Are you like me? Do you have the devil in you? – No, but I get it, 'cause if you're righthanded you'd use the knife in the right hand becauseyou need more control of the sharper object.

Do you know what I mean? – Sorry I was just distracted by how soggy this bean curd is, and how pale it is on the inside.

– Can you, um, warn me ifI get lost in the food? And by that I mean, is if Iget too concentrated on eating, I do forget to breath and or speak.

Bean curd, is gross.

– It is when you mash it up on your, on your plate.

– I also don't like this, this soup, this soup spaghetti situation.

Talking about, talking about Americans, when you guys say spag, I mean if you're American, not if you're British and watching this, if you're American andyou say spaghetti noodles, are you referring to spaghetti or noodles? Or, can you just let me know? Just something I've always wondered.

– Mm hmm, that's prawn,I thought it was chicken.

– What's wrong with prawn? – Let's stack our plates.

– I have to go for a run.

– I have to go and lie– (spluttering) – You're gonna watch thisvideo back and be like, I am, I am an animal.

– I don't like watching people eat, so the fact we're doing this is really making me feel a bit, a bit squiffy.

– Oh that bit of avocado hasnever seen a bit of avocado in its life.

It's hard! – Let me know in the comments.

I am a proponent that avocado should be included in every single meal.

– I don't like what I just ate.

– So I've got some soy sauce here, I'm gonna put that over it.

– Wait, they're prawn.

So, have you guys got like– – Sticky fingers.

– Have you guys got any plansfor your summer holidays? Now I'm assuming you'veall started your holidays.

This isn't, I don't want this.

This is gross.

– I've got, um, an idea ofwhat I want to do this summer.

– Well I mean, if this video's a suc (stuttering) success.

Then I am more than happyto do more of these.

– Well, I ordered chickensomewhere and that's gone.

– Well, they've given you prawn.

(exhaling) – What does it mean if you're uncouth? – Uncouth? – Yeah.

– Not couthed.

– No, that's not going to work.

– Apparently tofu's badfor men, because it's like, it gives you too muchestrogen in your system.

– And you can develop, um, too much estrogen, like collects, fat.

– Okay, so anyway.

(crunching) (slurping) (crunching) – This is a nice double date, triple date, or maybe you third wheeled.

It's fine, it's Niki's existence.

(crunching) – What? – Third wheeling.

(crunching) Right, these probably aren't good for you, so I'm gonna have one more.

(crunching) – Yeah, you're right, you are disgusting to watch to eat.

It's like a snake tryingto swallow a whole gazelle.

– I'd dislocate my jaw.

(crunching) – Can you just, like clear it up? It's just all over you.

Now give it a rub down, just like, here as well, just give it a good rub.

– Let me know in the comments if you are a liberal,applicator of sauces, if you eat a lot.

– Also guys, we want to know, we want to know, like they can't hear meif you're just eating, we want to know, whatdo you want us to film, what videos have we not done? Did you like our Mukbang? I don't know if I enjoyed this.

I think I might just doit with pizza next time.

– Isn't it a horrible name, it's like really fricativein, like the Muk.

– Also, I feel like we'reculturally appropriating.

But Jenna Marbles did it so we're fine.

– The barrel, the barrel'spretty barren right now, so we're scraping.

– Bye.

– Bye.

– Bye.

– So, we've got red,white, black and yellow.

We're going to record everythingin 50 frames a second, so we can slow it down andmake it look really arty.

– I'm really sweaty.