Tummy Yummy : One of the good place for hangout & get some food in Kuta, Bali

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Hello all, the weather was very hot now.

Delish hot like this do not you? wah, there is the lady tuh, Host: ehh.

Unfortunately be asked for a second? Miss: he'eh Host: Delish do what ya when you're hot like this.

? Miss: if heat like this, delish dwells in a cool place.

Host: You mean how? Miss: Here there happens to be my favorite place to take shelter.

Host: Oh yes.

Host: Can be shown where his place? May be, can be Curious as to what place? I am also curious anyway Now you do not need to wonder anymore when visiting Bali and want to have a good meal // there is a restaurant with a warm concept with a variety of menus that are so yummy course // yap / this is Kitchenette // a restaurant located in the Beachwalk there are wooden elements in it But what is different is the atmosphere of Kuta when you eat a meal there // The kitchenette has a classic interior fabric lengthwise nan // some wooden tables outside and inside adorn this room / especially with an open kitchen which makes the atmosphere more comfortable // This restaurant concept presents the atmosphere in your own home / so you must be comfortable being here // besides there are excellent cooks kece nan who will present a dish to suit your wishes // If you peek through shelves belong to this kitchenette / surely you will find the temptation in the form of delicious desserts and sweet besides you can also enjoy a wide selection of refreshing beverages // For those of you who are confused to find a place to eat, this restaurant is the right choice for lunch, dinner, or just hang out with friends.

while enjoying a wide selection of sweet foods filled with every delicious idea unimaginable / to satisfy your sweet tooth // Host: Thank you so dear for the information, Later continued chatting ya.



Ok, that was the right place to eat together as a couple, as my last.

So there is no harm in occasionally we indulge the people we love by eating good food in a nice place Remember to subscribe, like and share ya.

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