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Black Chicken – kids trying new foods in China hi guys welcome to Munch Monday my name is Mia my name is Halle well hello there I'm Grandpa Munch and today we've got Grandpa Munch in the studio with us well outside but we're lucky enough to have him inChina with us oh very hot yeah so we had to twist his arm so much to get him in this video until he finally said yes so we are happy for this so today we'regoing to be trying and black chicken silkie chicken is another name for it, so let's go and try this food.

ohhh, I'm not sure about this be sure Grandpa Munch, don't be silly I got the fright of my life when I opened it.

It's just packed in so tightly I opened it up and the leg flew out and it flicked the head at me.

I had no idea that those were inside.

we don't have an oven here in ourkitchen in China as they are uncommon so we are steaming the chicken.

Now Grandpa is going to be trying Black Chicken.

another name for it is Silkie the skin on the chicken is black and then the bones are like ordinary colour? it looks a bit creepy, a bit aww, it looks like a chicken but it looks as though it's been painted with black ink are you guys going to try it? Or are you just going to sit there starring at it? first you need to cut it before you eat it the chicken basically looks like it's been over cooked and burned and over cooked an burnt again.

and the skin is like brownish it smells like chicken it just smells like ordinary chicken yeah It's a little bit off putting like that woah, we'll give it a try, ready Mia? I'm going to get one you take that piece there eww ewww.

Mia ready steady I might get another one I'll just take a tiny piece okay it tastes just like chicken, if you close your eyes it's real chicken yeah, it basically just tastes like chicken It's very tasty no it's gray I'm going to get some water I just swallowed a little bit of.

What do you think Halle? good? what about the head? sorry guys I just swallowed a bone.

do want to try the head Mia? no thanks, you don't eat the heads oh, there's not much meat on it is there I'll have to be careful it doesn't bite me It won't bite you it's dead who would like to try the foot? not me not me It's a bit chewy there's a big bone in it but it's okay not my favourite I'll try something, I'll try it scream I'm not trying it, bye I give it five out of fi.

I I've it zero out of zero.

I'm going bye okay I'm going to give the chicken three out of five just cause it tastes, it's just.

It just tastes.

like chicken well I'll give it three out of five too.

I'm not used to eating Black Chicken It doesn't look right yeah It tastes okay perhaps if I close my eyes it would beokay Thank you so munch for choosing us as number one Awesome Toy Time Thank you for watching kids trying new foods in China, trying Black Chicken.