try thai food for the first time ‘Basil Seed Drink’ and ‘Cheese & Nori Popcorn’ (EP80)

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hi guys today we're going to be taste testing a Thai Snack and drink Hello my name is Halle and my name is Mia and welcome to Munch Monday first we're gonna be trying Basil Seed Drink with honey yay what the tiger? it smells.

i do not know what this smell reminds me of.

I know what it reminds me of, the smell what you smell outside.

ahhh Ohhh Ewww sorry guys if you don't like me fromsaying this but it's really disgusting i going to rate it a one it gave me the yuckiness okay Mia what do you rate it? even though it's healthy it's not my thing so I'm going to give it a zero our of five turns out Mum really like the drink so I give it five out of five i thought it had an earthly candy flavour then next we are going to be trying Tob Corn and white cheddar cheese and Nori flavour woohoo look it says popcorn beyond your imagination what's cool about this is you can pourthe popcorn into the box like your own little movie popcorn box this is what it looks like.

I never tried sushi popcorn before put it in the commentssection below your ever tried popcorn sushi before smells like peanut butter Mmm This is so delicious I want another one yum Mmm it tastes like cheddar cheese #seriousfacemunchmonday for this one I'm gonna give it a 5out of 5 because it's different and it's very delicious as well thumbs up guys but I didn't think Ilike sushi popcorn but I do actually what a coincidence i rate this a popcorn delicious five out of five cause I love popcorn popcorn is my favourite, I love popcorn, popcorn is my favourite.

we really enjoyed trying these Thai foods for the first time Bye Munch Crew if this is your first time you seen ourvideo would love you to subscribe to our channel click the computer screen towatch our last Munch Monday episode or click the question mark to watch amystery video explore take a bite of life thanks for watching us try thai food forthe first time bye guys.

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