Train, Queen St, THAI food | เมื่ออยากกินส้มตำร้านฟู้ดคอร์ทในห้างที่นิวซีแลนด์

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Hi, today I'm getting a train to the city to meet James Cause he's got something to do on Queen Street (in Auckland CBD) I'm going to get a train my Baldwin Avenue station which is close to my house to Britomart Station It's 6 stations far from here This is how an AT Hop card looks like.

It's like a Rabbit card that we use in Thailand Here in NZ, they use this card to trains and buses When getting to a station, passengers have to tag on Nobody checks if you tag on already or not But sometimes when you get on a train, there's a person who checks if your card is tagged already L&P is a lemonade flavoured soda.

James really likes it Now we're at a food court in Civic centre It is very international Behind me it's a Thai one called Lime Thai.

Very good! Starting from $10 I tried it before it's delicious and tastes quite authentic (unlike those Posh pretentious fancy Thai restuarants in NZ) There are others too Malaysian food, the blue one The far orange one is Indian food Japanese food! New Zealand Natural, they sell tasty ice-cream My friend told me that their ice cream is so good! but I haven't tried yet.

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