Traditional Chinese Pumpkin Pie – Kiss your food (sub español)

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Hello! from Beijing, Emma! Today is Halloween Many families are super-busy Not only decorating the house ghost or haunted house but also preparing sweets, lamps pumpkins And ghost masks for small but, think about it Why do so many preparations alone? In return, we could get a pumpkin kid to do it all he could go to the streets to collect candy and pumpkins or even a ghost for you.

That simple But where is he? If I told you are here (in the pumpkin), would you believe me? nope? (Laugh) Halloween is full of surprises A man dressed as a woman A beauty becomes a zombie or even your uncle becomes Mario Why then this pumpkin could not be a child? Check this! 1 2 3 Magic! So cute! I think I've seen before You have a brother named Calabash? Come here and take these sweets! Go to East neighborhood and bring some candles It also brings some pumpkins If you find a lonely ghost, bring it home You understand? Oh is back, how a handsome guy does not love? (Just see) my fault? Many sweets! ok, you can go.

oh I see, a sweet for you One more ok, fine, all for you Today you can spend Halloween with me Come here, sit You can make a lamp pumpkin ghost? you can not? It's super easy! Look in the mirror and do what you see Do not be scared of yourself! Finally, it is scared of her "beauty" It is a difficult season for singles during festivals and holidays Home alone You feel sorry to go outside or even buy an ice cream at half price (because then you could buy two haha) Yes or no? So I want to take to a party tonight I hope he can find the right person In fact, it makes me think of a dessert A pumpkin pie with chocolate! that look adorable It is very easy to make a chocolate pumpkin pie All you need is rice flour glutinado if you can not find it, use plain flour but you are hit, mixing both We also need, raisins, chocolate, cocoa, obviously we can not forget the pumpkin! our star ingredient good job! It seems that is what he thinks of himself ok, let's see how we do First, we need to peel We use ghost lamp foot I do not think that will produce some strange effect on my Put the slices of pumpkin into the pot steam until they are suavecitas Prepare the pot with cold water not too much if not take sick time to boil If you do not have a pot to steam? Finds a heatproof bowl put it at the bottom of the pot, thus and voila! your own steam cooker! ok, we put it in the pot We turn on the kitchen Once it starts to boil, we expect 8 min Well, are at their best, we turned off the kitchen The steam is super hot be careful when you take it out Drain the remaining water Put the pumpkin in a large bowl And we are ready to puree Bie, we now have mashed pumpkin has a natural sweet but if you want you add more sugar !, so good Now we need the flour glutinada (As I said) if you have you can always use flour I chose to use a mixture of both but more than glutinada because it makes the dough more elastic Well, it is taking shape dough standing Now, use your hands! Knead with your hands is a very useful technique that every family in China know because we eat traditional food in new year known as dumplings One has to be good then kneading Make sure the dough is easy to cut Make balls flattens the dough on a flat surface The chocolate pumpkin pie as its name indicates It is chocolate filling we will shape the dough into the next step to make the filling we need to cut the chocolate into small pieces I squash it wrap and knead again, make a beanbag to see if your foot looks good or not It depends on your skills amassing Cool, after kneading and make balls we will shape pumpkin! add flour (so you will not stick) Make marks so Press hard (to be note) if not, it will not look good I like to put a raisin in the tip Ok, now we put into the pot to steam This time we need to wait 15 min from start to boil In my view, the food is like a piece of art Not only for the taste, if not for the presentation the presentation is very important it's like a second chance to present our art But first, I need to do something Hey you (the ghost) take a look at the pot After 15 min Super cool, he was making a mold bat Let me see, as goes our pumpkin pie and chocolate Okay, we turned off the kitchen to all! the show will take place here.

Batman flies into the pumpkin (pumpkin man?) wow, Batman is coming You need a pair of eyes Well, chocolate foot can see now Batman will fly havia feet pumpkin Pumpkin Pie Filling chocolate mmmmmhhh a bite thinking about the first love be happy, eat, eat Omg, I feel dizzy (Evil look) (It has transformed us!) How can that be may not have wine on Halloween? does not matter! I just want a type of wine.

my blood What's in? some ice feeling blue (rum) romance (cranberry juice) Sunbeams (pineapple juice) and some sweet memories (passion fruit juice) Now we mix everything! Bloody network I like to eat raw birds and animals That makes awakening from the bottom of my heart, my deepest desires and passions But, never forget Kiss your Food.