Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Branson Missouri

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– Everybody loves Mexicanfood, and this episode we look at five of ourfavorite Mexican restaurants here in Branson.

I'm Christopher James.

(techno music) In no particular order, we look at our fivefavorite Mexican restaurants in and around the Branson area, based upon our opinions and all of you that answered our survey.

So, if you didn't answer, don't complain.

We love Botanas.

Botanas is located down near Whitewater.

They have a wide range of food, I'm surprised at all of the unusual dishes that they have there that you just simplycan't get anywhere else, and they have a great selection for all my vegetarian friends, so be sure to check out Botanas.

Tequila's, located near theBranson Mill Craft Village right there on the sameplaza, you'll see it! They have a wide range of Mexican food, convenient parking,you can get in and out, plus you can head over to the Branson Mill and do some shopping.

When we're near the IMAX theater, we always head into Little Hacienda.

Located right behind the IMAX, it's kind of hard to findif you're just driving by, but it's always a good time.

They host a lot of events there and the people are so nice, that's where I've eatenThanksgiving the last few years when I've been by myself.

Pancho Villa's! Located over nearCakes-n-Cream right on 76, you can't miss their building, it's like super colorful there.

It's at a convenient location.

The people there are so nice,the waiters, the waitresses, family-run, and wealways have a great time.

So, check out Pancho Villa's.

And we have to includeour favorite restaurant, we're there, like, three times a week.

It's located down at the Branson Landing, it's called Cantina Laredo.

Now, I know it's a chain,but it doesn't matter to us, because the food is delicious, they have a wide range of drinks, and they have a great viewof the Branson Fountains, the fire and water show there.

So, when you're down at Branson Landing, go into Cantina Laredo's.

We joke all the time thatwe're always plugging them.

Maybe, just a discount? Dessert? We're just sayin'.

We're always putting you on our list.


So, where is your favoriteMexican restaurant in and around the Branson area? Comment down below.

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