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Vietnamese Foreign towers like 10 10 – bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancakes) Bansse comes flour, water, turmeric powder, pork, shrimp, chopped green onions filled with green sprouts.

Bánh xèo the southern region, always adding coconut milk to the flour.

Bánh xèo characteristics of the southern region is thin, fresh and straight from the pan.

Similar north and south coming bansse but is filled into special like a piece of taro and cassava in India.

The Central Region is bansse Keo smaller dishes.

9 jjajyo (Vietnamese spring rolls) Vietnamese spring roll contains or is chopped meat and seafood to go.

Taro or cassava, face, and neck also get into the oyster mushrooms or mushrooms and chopped carrots.

In Vietnam, rice paper will always be used as a food wrap applications.

Net spring roll spring rolls are very rare.

It uses rice paper instead of salty thin vermicelli.

8 semi-paved lend (crab noodle) If half of the laid lend it is thicker than cotton common in Vietnam.

This soup is made with fresh crab, pork, garlic, dried shrimp and squid.

Geondeogi is a fresh herbs, green onions, thinly sliced ​​pork, shrimp, quail egg with crab meat in addition.


bun cha (thin rice noodles side) Start weaving minutes to roast marinated pork patty.

The small chunks of grilled meat is served in restaurants along Eating (date buien) Or grilled meat is served (date mieng) Minutes to weave fresh lettuce, herbs and provides a thin white noodles side.

President Obama is traveling knitter minutes to come eat famous food.

The 6-cafe sseueo (Vietnam condensed naengkeopi) Create extract a dark-roasted coffee grown in Vietnam that sseueo cafe.

Use the pin (brewing organizations) to create a coffee individually.

Place the condensed milk at about 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup.

After stirring, pour the ice.

Vietnamese people drink in the cafe on the street with a small plastic Morning coffee, afternoon, evening coffee.

5 anti-American (Vietnamese sandwich) French anti-Americanism is a baguette, pate, halrapinyo (hot pepper) and mayonnaise Coriander, cucumber, and a combination of Vietnamese materials such as carrots and radish pickles.

The various versions of classic Vietnamese cold cuts, thin pork or pork flank years old, enters the sausage and head cheese.

How the US built a half (fried fish paste anti-American) The anti-American (chicken anti-American) My anti-American ssiwoo (meatballs anti-American) Anti-American ttitneung (roast pork anti-American) 4-gum sweat (rice meal (?)) Broken Rice is a mixture of roast pork, pork rind.

This combination is called a non-woven kkeomttam wins.

The most important part of the food is just fish sauce sprayed on the food.

3 bánh cuốn (Vietnam mulmandu) This dish is filled with a variety of materials to create a thin, delicate rice made blood.

Bánh cuốn are made in different shapes and sizes.

North Vietnam offers a mix of fish sauce in Vietnam and then made into ham, fried shallot (small onions) on rice blood.

In central Vietnam as you jjip wrapped in ssalpi and dried shrimp.

In South Vietnam, the rice made it jjip avoid filling the pig rings steam.

Then Vietnamese ham, bean sprouts, basil, cucumber, roasted shallot (small onion) and mixed with fish sauce are served together.

Some restaurants in the gyeotdeul crispy potato pancakes mung beans and fried shrimp twigwa bánh cuốn.

2 minutes ttitneung (Vietnamese noodle Mixing) Ttitneung minutes eon was the roast pork, fresh herbs, fresh salad and sprouts.

And dealing with mixed fish sauce, it was an eon roasted peanuts, pickled carrots, pork sausage and jjajo (Vietnamese spring rolls).

1-flops (Vietnamese noodle soup) The first was made in Hanoi, Vietnam flops in the early 20th century, the first Vietnamese pepper beef restaurant was first opened in the 1920s.

When you order a fur Bo (beef noodle soup) restaurant halgeot offers many more options.

Vietnamese pepper is usually provided by the basil, rice paddy herb, coriander, onion, lime and host.

There are many kinds of following the same recipe flops.

The spread (chicken noodle soup) Jjayi flops (flops vegetarian) If you do not have time to visit the restaurant flops, flops can also be a good choice instant.

(Needless to compare the taste of fresh beef broth) You can buy in supermarkets in Vietnam (where of course there are rarely sold in Korea).

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