Til ladoo recipe / Til gud ke ladoo recipe / Til ladu/ Tal na ladwa. With English Subtitles.

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Hi Friends.

I am Bhavana Gohel.

Welcome to my channel FooDIY.

This is my first video on Youtube I am really excited and a bit nervous too.


🙂 Today i will be preparing something sweet and its called Sesame Ladoo/balls.

Also called as Til gud ke laddoo/ til laddoo.

So lets begin.

🙂 All that we need is 1) 1 small bowl Sesame Seeds / Til (2) 1 ssmall bowl Jaggery / Gud (3) 2 tbl spoon Clarified butter / Ghee.

Roast sesame seeds (til) untill they turn light brown and start popping.

They have begun popping and have turned light brown.

Heat the Clarified butter /ghee for a while.

Add Jaggery / gud to it.

Saute it till the Jaggery melts.

The jaggery has melted.

Time to add Roasted sesame seeds to it.

Turn the Flame OFF.

Stir it well.

Looks Good now.

Time to take it out on a plate.

Let it come to room temperature.

Time to make them into balls.

Remember roll them while they are a little warm.

Yippee!!!! Ready to Eat.

You can Dip them into Chocolate sauce / Stuff some choco chips into them.

Kids will love it.

Its said.

Til gud ghya aani god god bola.

Eat Sweet Speak Sweet.

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