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I'm Stephanie here withanother delicious recipe.

Today we are making Crispy Italian Chicken that you can make with three ingredients in about 30 minutes or less.

And normally when youhear the word "crispy" you automatically think fried and fatty but this recipe couldn'tbe further from that.

It is going to be so simple,so delicious, and it's baked.

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Let's get started.

For this recipe you are going to need, some Italian dressing,some instant potato flakes, and about three breasts of chicken.

Go ahead and cut yourchicken into cutlet sizes.

And then place them into a plastic bag.

And you're gonna pound them till they're about a quarter inch thick.

Okay, the first thing you're gonna do is take your Italian dressing and put some at the bottomof your pan just to coat it.

Then you're going to place some dressing and some potato flakes.

Dip your chicken in the dressing, then in the flakes, and put it in the pan.

You don't want too many flakes on, otherwise that is all you will taste.

But it really gives the chicken a nice crispy, delicious flavor.

You're gonna take this chickenand bake it in your oven, 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until it's cooked all the way through.

You guys, I wish youcould smell the chicken as it's coming out of the oven.

It smells amazing.

Here we have it, delicious crispy chicken that was not fried, only baked.

And it is amazing.

You're gonna love iu.

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(upbeat pop music)(kissing lips smack).

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