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When one thinks of South Africa safaris, winetours and Cape Town may initially come to mind.

Although these are some of the biggestdraws for tourists the country has so much more to offer.

Join us as we present to youour 20 day adventure going from Johannesburg all the way to Cape Town.

Some of the toptravel highlights included a Kruger National Park safari, hiking along the Wild Coast,canoeing in Wilderness and climbing mountains in Northern Drakensberg.

In terms of our tastebuds we tried Biltong for the first time and devoured South African barbecue – betterknow as Braai – on more than one occasion.

There are few countries that are as uniqueand diverse as South Africa.

Come find out what makes it shine.

This is South Africa! Our first full day in South Africa startedwith a long drive from Johannesburg towards Kruger National Park.

Even though our safariwouldn't begin until the following day we enjoyed some great views of the countrysideand even visited a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Okay, so we've been driving all morning.

We'veactually been up since five AM and we are finally stopping for lunch.

We're taking alittle break.

And yeah, we're just going to enjoy a meal before we continue on towardsthe park.

Alright, so our meal has arrived.

What arewe having? We're having a Fred Flinstone portion of ribs.

Take a look at this.

This is enormous.

Ready to dig in! And we're sharing this.

There is no way I could eat this all by myself.

Especially after being in a bus all day.

Alright, Fred Flinstone.

And the only wayto eat these properly is with your hands.

Those are pretty good ribs.

Okay, so this afternoon we are visiting theMoholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

We are going to be visiting some animals andjust learning about the rehabilitation effort that is going on here.

And yeah, let's gohave a look around.

Some of the main reasons for rescues includeanimals being affected by power-lines, snares and also poisoning.

It was awesome to see all of the animals butthe honey badger truly stole the show.

Okay, so today is the big day.

Yesterday afternoonwe reached the outskirts of Kruger National Park and today we're actually going in tospot some of the wildlife.

So we're going in for a sunrise drive.

It is really earlier.

It is about 5:15 am right now.

We're going to head into the park and – yeah – it is safaritime! Okay, so we finally reached the park and I'mgoing to give you a little tour of our cool truck for the day.

Come on over.

Come on in.

Make that big climb up there.

Yeah, I'm in.

One thing that totally surprised me was justhow close we got to the lions.

I think it was only about 10 meters away from the road.

So they were really docile and the lionesswas just sleeping and cleaning its cubs and in the back there was the big alpha male juststretching and yawning.

It was surreal.

So that's been an amazing safari so far.

Itis only 10 in the morning and we've already seen more wildlife than I ever imagined.

Wesaw lions, elephants, wildebeest.

Oh, gosh more than I can even remember.

Yeah, it wasamazing and we were able to get up close and have a good look at them.

So it has been somuch fun.

So tell us what happened to you at lunchtimetoday? So the most ridiculous thing happened to me during lunch.

A bird shit right here.

It ricochet of off my shoulder all the way down to here.

And while I was still recoveringfrom the shock from that another bird shitted on this side.

So I got hit on both shouldersbut apparently if a bird shits on you it is good luck.

So I have a double dose of goodluck.

Maybe that means I'm going to see cheetahs this afternoon.

Woo hoo! Right now we're visiting a private game reserveto see even more cool wildlife.

And what caught us for a total surprise is that we saw somany giraffes.

Apparently this is the most giraffes have ever been spotted out here.

So we saw them walk right in front of ourvehicle and we even saw a couple of them fighting.

They were swinging their heads at each other.

It was completely bonkers.

Yeah, so overall it has been an amazing day.

We saw more animals than we ever expected.

And what a beautiful way to wrap up the day.

Now we're just going to watch the sunset, drink some wine and enjoy some cheese.

Anddo it all over again tomorrow.

Okay, so it is day two on safari and we areheading back to Kruger National Park.

The focus today is going to be to find animalslike being around the water.

So we're going to be visiting a watering hole maybe seeingsome buffalo, some hippos and we'll see what else we can find.

So again, it's an earlystart.

It's around five thirty in the morning and we're going to head on out there.

So far, so good as far as the weather today.

It looks like we're going to have a lot better visibility.

We had an amazing sunrise to witnessthis morning.

But it is chilly and so we're all bundled up.

It's a lot colder than itwas yesterday but the sun is coming out.

We actually had a little bit of drizzle yesterday,so it'll be warmer.

Just waiting for it to get warmer.

And I think we're going to haveeven better visibility for photos and video in terms of taking shots of the animals.

So,exciting stuff! Okay, so a pretty cool morning so far.

Wemanaged to spot the ever elusive leopard.

So that was pretty cool.

And we also saw aheard of elephants that were just crossing the road.

There was about fifteen or twentyof them, so that was also a pretty impressive sight.

One of the coolest things that I've seen todaywas at a watering hole.

There was a crocodile and it was waiting for an impala to drink.

And it was so close to attacking it.

Like we almost saw this ridiculous crazy scene.

Anyways, the crocodile was unsuccessful andit ended up attacking another crocodile.

And we captured a bit of that footage.

One safari tip to consider is to dress withall kinds of layers.

This morning it was freezing.

I had on a fleece, I had on a windbreakerand now by the afternoon I'm peeling down to just this tiny kind of athletic shirt.

And you've got thick jogging pants on.

Yeah, so I wish I had shorts right now for that.

Alright, so we are wrapping up our secondday of safari.

We're going to be heading to the campgrounds soon and we're going to haveour first braai for dinner and apparently that is South African barbecue so it shouldbe tasty.

Alright, so this morning we are in Drakensberg.

That means the dragon's mountain.

And we're going to be doing a bit of a hike on a stretchthat is called the Amphitheatre.

And yeah, the Drakensberg are actually the border betweenSouth Africa and Lesotho.

So that is a pretty cool little fact.

We've been told to preparefor any kind of weather.

It could be sunny.

It could be rainy.

It could be snowing anyminute.

So we're ready for some adventure.

Let's go hiking! I've really been enjoying the views so far.

I would classify this as a lower-intermediate hike.

It is not for people who really havea fear of heights.

There are some vertical parts where you have to go up ladders anddown ladders.

And that part would be a deal breaker for some people.

But as far as theviews and just the actual hike itself it is really enjoyable.

So this is actually one of the ladders thatyou have to climb down on the way back.

And I believe there are two sets of ladders todeal with.

So something to consider if you are afraid of heights.

We've actually decidedto just stay back and enjoy a very relaxed lunch because neither Sam nor I enjoy heightsand this was making us a little bit nervous.

But everyone else was very adventurous, verybrave so you can give it a try if you come out here.

Okay, so now it is time for lunch.

Woo! Alright, so we are coming to the end of ourhike here in Drakensberg.

And even though we didn't reach the top it was still an incredibletrip.

Like it was so scenic, so beautiful, so I'm glad we came.

And if you find yourselftraveling through South Africa definitely consider this region.

So, good morning.

Today we are in NorthernDrakensberg.

We've been staying at a really cool hostel called Amphitheater backpackers.

And they have a little hike that you can do just outside of their property.

So we're justover at the gate right now.

We're going to head out and do a little bit of exploringon foot.

It's a beautiful morning.

We witnessed themost amazing sunrise yet again.

And now it is time for a bit of exercise.

We're at a crossroads over here.

Big treethis way.

Big Dam that way.

Oh, which way will we go? Okay, this way.

It is decided.

Big tree.

This is like falling the yellow brick road.

Come on, sing it for us.

Follow the yellow brick road.

Follow the yellow brick road.

So we are at an another crossroads.

We cango towards the airstrip or towards the river.

I think we're going to choose the river justbecause it is starting to get really hot.

I've already started taking off several layers.

And we're running out of time.

And some water would be nice.

I really enjoyed this walk.

Sometimes it isgreat to just get off of the beaten track once in a while and just relax.

And that concludes our little walk around.

I think it is time for a cold beer.

Okay, so a new country, a new taste test.

We are in South Africa right now and you can't come to this country and not try Biltong.

So that is what I have right here in this brown paper bag.

So Biltong is a dried cured meat similar tobeef jerky and this is what it looks like.

So we got ourselves some beef biltong butapparently you can get different kinds of meats.

Like game meat or ostrich.

This iscow.

And it is quite hard and chewy but it makes a really nice snack, so let's say you'reriding the bus or going on a really long trip it is kind of nice to just have a bag fulland be munching away.

That's what we have been doing for the past few days.

So for me Biltong is kind of like premiumjerky.

And there is three key differences.

First off, it is sliced a lot thicker.

Secondly,they use vinegar in the curing process along with salt and pepper.

Which is a little bitdifferent from regular jerky which doesn't have any vinegar whatsoever.

And the thirdkey difference is Biltong is not smoked whereas jerky is.

Okay, so the purchasing process? What wasawesome is that we went into a kind of like what would be considered a deli that specializedin Biltong.

And when we went in there was all of these different kinds of dried meathanging up in different sections.

There was one that was game meat, there was one thatwas regular, there was a premium kind.

I can't remember but there was a forth kind as well.

And anyways, what you would do is pick this meat off of a hook and bring it over to theseladies who would then put it through a grinder and it would go into this bag like that.

Soit was a really cool to be right there involved in the process.

And it just made it a lotmore special.

And the other thing that I really noticed that was a big difference is thatthe quality of the actual meat itself is a lot better than what comes from say packagedpre-packed stuff you would find in a store.

So the word Biltong.

What does it mean? Iactually had to look this up but now I can tell you.

So 'Bil' apparently comes from theDutch word for rump and 'Tong' means strip or tongue.

But contrary to popular beliefBiltong is not made from bull's tongue, so don't be afraid to try it because of that.

What have you got in your hand over there?Okay, and last but not least we have something called Cabanossi which kind of looks likea dried pepperoni stick.

We also picked this up at the same store we got the Biltong.

SoI'm going to try that.

Yeah, so it is kind of like a greasy salami stick.

Again, chewy,salty, flavorful.

I think it makes a great snack.

Which one do you like better? Or doyou like them both? I do like them both but this reminds me ofsalami or like a pepperoni stick so it is something I am familiar with.

So I quite enjoythe flavor.

One more bite.

So when you're visiting South Africa, unlessof course you're a vegetarian, be sure to try Biltong.

I swear it is pretty much addicting.

I can't seem to stop myself over here.

Okay, so we are continuing our trip acrossSouth Africa.

Right now we've arrived in the Wild Coast and we're staying at a cool hostelcalled The Wild Lubanzi which is just off in the distance over there.

And apparentlythere is a really cool hike we can do from here, so we're heading to a place called HoleIn The Wall.

It should take us about an hour and a half, so let's get going.

So we've climbed the top of the hill and thisis probably the best vantage point we've had all day.

So we've arrived at the Hole In The Wall andas the name suggests it is just a hole right in front of the surface.

So we've been befriended by a local who hasoffered to show us around.

So far he has taken us to the Hole In The Wall which was amazing.

And now apparently we're off to visit his house.

So we're just following him.

So our little guided tour through the villagesis now over and we're trying to find our way back.

We have a general idea of where we needto go, so let's hope we get back in time for lunch.

Sleep kitties.

Sleepy kitties.

Sleepy kitties.

Open your eyes.

Alright, so we are continuing our South Africaroad trip.

Right now we are staying in Chintsa at Buccaneers Lodge and we've got some fantasticviews of the beach happening.

So we're just going to be relaxing here for the next fewdays enjoying some downtime, some beach time and right now we're going to give you a littletour.

Today we have a horse riding adventure comingup so we're just going to meet our horses and get geared up and get ready to go.

Apparently,we're going down to the beach so it should be fun.

Alright, so this is my horse over here.

It'sname is Sisci.

You're very sweet.

It seems gentle enough.

So that has been a really fun ride so far.

We're down at the beach right now and we've been trotting with the horses.

My knees arefeeling a little bit wobbly now that I'm off the horse but it has been a really good time.

And also what's funny is getting to see the horses personalities.

I have one that lovesto eat.

And it just keeps stopping to munch on grass.

And Sam has a horse that is veryitchy and likes to scratch his butt against branches and trunks and anything it finds.

And my horse doesn't get along with three other ones.


So this morning we are in Wilderness and we'vedecided to do a bit of canoeing.

We're out on the water now and it is a beautiful day,so we're just going to be traveling upstream and maybe doing a little bit of hiking later.

So we've done a lot of kayaking before togetherbut this is our very first time to canoe.

And it is definitely a little bit more stable.

Part of that has to do with the canoe being wider than a kayak.

The other part has todo with just these waters.

They couldn't be any more calmer.

I know, it is like being on a mirror.


Look at that.

Hardly any waves or ripples.

Here comes another one.

If you see another one come by let me know.

Alright, so we're coming up on a little ropebridge.

We're just going to canoe right under it.

Okay, so that is as far as we can get on ourcanoes.

We are going to be hiking the rest of the way.

Get moving.


Alrighty, so we're off the river now and we'regoing to be doing a bit of hiking.

We've got our little maps so hopefully we won't gettoo lost.

Yeah, let's head in to the unknown.

I think a lot of people who come to SouthAfrica have this type of image of the landscape being completely barren and dry.

Kind of justsafari land.

But there is so much diversity here.

And this is a really good example.

We'renow walking through a lush rain forest.

Let's go.

I seriously have no idea what animal thatwas.

But it was very cute.

So I think we're getting closer to the waterfalls.

I can hear them off in the distance.

And this looks like a bit of a different path so let'sgo.

Well, well, I don't know if you can hear thatbut it sounds like we made it to the waterfalls.

So we're almost there just follow me a bitlonger.

We'll show you the water.

And we made it! So we're now on our way back.

We saw the waterfallsand we're heading back to find our canoes.

And we met a few travelers along the way.

A few hikers who are also making their way to the waterfall.

And they asked us, you know,how far to get there? And it made me realize that Canadians are some of the only peoplewho measure distances based on time.

How long it takes to get there.

They are asking ushow many kilometers.

How many miles? And that is such a typical question but a Canadianwill tell you like 10 or 15 minutes or so.

Yep, that's us.

Well Hello from South Africa.

We just finishedraiding a supermarket where we picked up as many South African snacks as we could.

Wegrabbed chips, chocolate bars, soda drinks and we're going to try them all for you.

Sothis is our South African taste test.

So over here I've got myself Nik Naks.

It'sa maize snack and I think the packaging looks great.

Have a look in the bag.

Those kindof look like cheesies.

They look like cheese puffs and they taste like cheese puffs.

It'svery airy and crunchy.

It's a nice light snack.

Good snack for the road.

I'm giving it thethumbs up.

Road tripping snack.

I'm trying here the Chocolate Log.

And I havea feeling, oh yeah, it is a marshmallow on a crispy wafer.

I wonder if it is going totaste a bit like a wagon wheel or a krembo.

Show us the bar.

What does it look like? Yeah,we've got the crunchy part on the bottom and we've got the marshmallow in the middle.

Thatis a really really good bar.



So this one looks interesting.

It is reallysimilar to the Mars bars that we have in North America.

Even the packaging and the coloron the packaging is quite similar.

But this is called Now.

Eat it now! Now! Chocolatenow! I wonder if it will be a similar filling.

It looks similar too.

It's got caramel andhow do you call it, nougat? Chocolate.

Yeah, you know what, this to me tastes just likea Mars Bar.

Just different name, that is all it is.

Yeah, good stuff.

Being the cat lover that I am when we weredivvying up the snacks we kind of had an almost like a draft.

Like a lottery.

I chose theBlack Cat bar.

So it is a peanut snack packed with peanut power apparently.

Let's try thatout.

It looks like it has got some kind of like a toffee or a something sticky and sweetkeeping it together.

Oh gosh, I'm going to break my tooth.

It is super crunchy.

Yeah,really really sweet.

And it is kind of like, I don't know, like a honey or a caramel thatis hardened.

Really crunchy, packed with peanuts, pretty much delicious.

Okay, I'm not sure what this one is calledbut I think Beacon is the brand and Whippy is the name.

And it says mmm Mallows.

I thinkit is supposed to be like marshmallows or something.



Soft strawberryflavored mallow smothered in chocolate and coconut.

We call it marshmallow back in Canadabut we'll go with mallows.

Let's see.


So it is like a pink and white marshmallow inside.

Nice and spongy.

It doesn't really have a strong strawberry flavor which is what I wasexpecting because of the pink packaging.

It is just like a sweet fluffy marshmallow inside.

It's good.

I like it.

Wonder Bar.

And if I remember correctly wehave something by the same name in Canada but I'm not entirely sure.

There is definitelya wonder something kind of chocolate bar.

But this appears to be totally different.

I have a feeling this is mint chocolate.

It is mint flavored apparently.

And it appearsto be really small.

Some kind of an ant on me.


So let's try that.

Can you see the green.

Yeah, kind of.

Oh, Wow.

That is a really unique mint chocolate bar.

It's like nothing I'vereally had before.

It's got a crunchiness to it.

Almost like a cookie flavor.


Themint is really hitting me strong.

The first time you have a bite you don't really tasteit that much.

But as you're chewing it, a really strong mint flavor.

It is kind of likean after eight? Stronger mint flavor than that.

I like it even more.

Next up, we have something called Diddle Daddleby Jumping Jack.

Diddle Daddles.

That sounds like something like a taddle.

Tiddle taddle.

Don't diddle daddle.

Okay, so it looks like caramelized popcorn.

So it is sweet popcorn.

I think you wouldcall this kettle corn in Canada, right? Yeah, I think.

Sweet kettle corn.

Sweet popcorn.


It doesn't have a buttery flavor.

It is just strictly caramel.

Perfect for watchinga movie, huh? Diddle Daddle.

Don't diddle daddle.

Or do diddle daddle.

So I've got a TV bar.

Shall I assume you'resupposed to eat this while watching TV.

Who knows? So, as it says here, tropical coconut,crunchy rice puffs and smooth white chocolate.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Let's see the whitechocolate coating here.

Okay, you know what? That's kind of like somethingin between a granola bar and a chocolate bar.

Would you say it is healthy? No, it's gota lot of sugar for sure.

It's good though.

You can definitely taste that coconut.

Now I'm moving on to the Niki cluster coconutclustered coated in smooth milk chocolate.


Let's see what this is all about.

Iwonder if it is going to taste like a Bounty Bar.

The one we have back home.

Okay, so itis coated in chocolate.

Oh, it is quite chocolate-y inside.

I'm goingto zoom in on that.

It does taste a bit like coconut but I was expecting like white shreddedcoconut in the middle.

And it is more like coconut that has been coated in chocolate.

It's nice.


I've been saving this one for near theend.

I love coconut chocolate bars.

They're some of my favorite.

And I really like BountyBars and I really like Ritter Sport coconut flavor from Germany, so lets see if this Nikibar lives up to that.

Oh yeah, it's amazing.

Wow! Look at all ofthat coconut goodness in the middle here.

That is amazing.

That deserves another bigbite even though I'm already full.


Delicious! Okay, so next we have mini Eet Sum Mor biscuits.

Eat some more of that! Come on, eat some more.

I'm expecting something like short bread cookies.

Oh, they're quite small.

Show us one.

I'll just pop one in my mouth.

These are what they look like.

They're tiny.

Little squares.

Woah! We have birds.

Sam, it's like a miniature short bread cookienot overly sweet.

It would go nice with a cup of tea.

Are you going to eat some more? No, I'm goingto move on to my next snack.

Are you sure? Okay, I'm having a Lion King moment over here.

These are Simba chips.

Simba! What flavor? Smoked beef flavored potato chips that roarswith flavour.



Yeah, it is like a beef flavored chip.

I don't think I've ever had anything like this before.

It tastes like meat.

In chipform.

Okay, now the funny story about this one here.

It's called Iron Brew is that they have something in Scotland that is called the same thing.

But it is spelled in Scotland Irn.

So we called it Urn Bru.

We totally messed up.

It is supposedto be called Iron Bru.

Here it is spelled with a vowel, with an O so no mistakes thistime.

Iron Brew.

This is the first time to try this.

I have no idea what it tastes like.

I don't think it is going to taste like the one from Scotland because that is an orangecolor.

It is definitely different.

Wow! I don't evenreally know how to describe it.

It has a different cola flavor than anything I've ever triedbefore.

What does it say on the bottle? What is the description? Well, it says South Africa'sfavorite.

Um, I'll have to look to the ingredients here.

Carbonated water, sugar, caramel flavor,citric acid.

Yeah, it's got, it does have a bit of a caramel flavor.

It's um, it's unique.

That's all I can say.

Another chocolate bar up ahead.

This one isBeacon.

Forest fruit and nut chocolate.

Forest fruit, wow.

It kind of reminds me of the Cadburybars you'd get back home.

The fruit and nut bars, yeah.

I wonder if it is going to besimilar.

I think so.

Dun, dah, dah, dun.

It's hard chocolate.

Yeah, nutty.

Fruity?Yeah, it's milk chocolate with fruits, nuts.

A very familiar flavor.

Nothing out of theordinary.

It's good.

Alright, we've done a whole other video dedicatedto Biltong but this here is a kind we didn't try.

Hello, Kika.

She wants some snacks.

Youcame just at the right time.

You wanted the meat snacks.

So this is Kudu.

It is a kindof game flavor.

Game meat.

So let's open that up.

A bite for me.

That's really good meat.

A bite for Kika.

She's eating it off of my leg.

Here, one more bite for Kika.

Come onKika.

Yum, yum.

That's really good.

It does have that game-y kind of flavor.

And it isreally rich.

Really high quality and you can tell there is not a lot of fat in this.

So, I know we can get Cadbury all around theworld but this flavor I have never seen before.

What is it? Show us.

We have marvelous creationsand this is cookie gummy crunch.

Very colorful packaging.

We've got a party going on overthere.

Oh, yeah.

Let's open this monster chocolate bar.

It's huge, it must be like well over100 grams.

Maybe 200.

Here, so I'm going to break a piece in half.

Oh, you can see someof the cookie pieces.

Okay, hold it still.

Oh, you can, wow.

Let's see.

Yeah, so it'sgot cookie chunks and some blue crumbly stuff.

Crunchy stuff.

I couldn't tell you what candythe blue stuff is.

It is just crunchy, hard candy.

But the chocolate is good.

The milkchocolate is good quality.

Okay, I'm really excited about this product.

I think it is like Ginger Beer flavored mints.

And that seems like a very niche king of uniqueproduct.

I can't wait to try it.

Yep, those are mints.

I don't think you'regoing to like these.

I'm still finishing my jerky.

Alright, ready to try these.

Wow! Theseare strong.

I'm loving this.

I love strong ginger beer flavor but I have a feeling thatunless you've grown up drinking ginger beer 95% of people who haven't probably wouldn'tlike this.

This is delicious to me but this is not something that I would bring home foras a gift for friends and family.

Let's say that.

Next up, we have the nut basket.

Tasty SouthAfrican snacks and this one is roasted giant peanuts Peri Peri.

And apparently peri periis just a spice.

Like a mix of different spices.

I think it is supposed to be quite spicy.


Let's see abot that.

So this is what they look like.

It's not overly spicy yet.

I'm waiting forthe burn to kick in.

Feel the burn? I mean, it's spicy.

It's got some flavor but it isnot overly spicy that you're like having to chug a glass of milk.

Yeah, Peri Peri peanuts.

So, another thing we picked up in the supermarket:Romany Creams.

Classic choc.

And it says are you South Africa's biggest bakers fan? Let'sfind out if I am.

Oh, I like that easy tear away.


Usethose big muscles of yours.


Okay, they are just loose.

They're biscuits.

So,chocolate biscuit with chocolate filing.

It's a nice crunchy cookie.

It would be reallynice for dunking in your coffee or your tea.

Yeah, chocolate.

Okay, so next I'm trying something calledSparberry soft drink.

Spar letta, I'm not sure if that is the brand.

I'm going to assumeso since the supermarket was called Spar.

So Sparberry drink here we go.

Oh, it is pink.

Splashed it on my finger.

I just poured it all over myself.

I'm going to say cherry.

I think it is cherry flavoured.

I think it is strawberry flavored.

Yeah, look.

It says.

Oh, no it doesn't.

It could be either cherry or strawberry.

I'm not sure.

My puppyfriend is here.


Kika is here.

Come Kika.

Let her say hellonow that I'm filming.


This is Kika.

Kika lives here in Wilderness.

And she isa cute puppy and she has been sleeping on my lap and being very very sweet these pastfew days.

Haven't you? Are you cute Kika? Are you cute? Kika.

Maybe she wants some snacks.


You arrivedjust at the right time.

Didn't you? Alright, I've been saving this for the endbecause I'm thirsty after trying all that chocolate and savory snacks.

This is StoneyGinger Beer.

I love ginger beer.

The best ginger beer I have ever had has been in Australia.

It's a lot stronger than the stuff you can get in Canada.

So let's so how this Stoneystuff compares.

Wow, that is pretty strong.

Yeah, that issome of the best ginger beer I've ever had.

I can't wait to finish that off.

So, ciaofrom South Africa.

This is Sam, Audrey and Kika signing off from Wilderness.

Hi, pup.

Say, bye.

So we're closing off with Biltong in my handand Kika.

Come on Kika.

Come, on, come get some.

Come on.

Come here.

Here you go.

So it is another beautiful day here in Wilderness.

And today we are hiking out to some caves.

Now these are very special caves because apparentlythey had built a restaurant into these caves and then the business failed and the placebasically shutdown but a man moved into the restaurant in this cave and apparently hehas turned it into a squatting complex where homeless people can come and stay.

And hetakes care of them.

These are all just rumors we've been hearing from locals so we thought'hey' let's go check it out ourselves.

So that is where we are going today.

And to get there we are walking along theabandoned rail tracks.

Alright, lead the way.

So it would appear that these tracks haven'tbeen in use for a really long time.

And some of the rock has just fallen over top and vegetationhas grown over it but there is a way around.

Lucky for us.

Oooh! So we've reached the entrance of thetunnel.

Apparently we need to go through here.

And it looks dark and spooky.

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.

So that was incredible.

We just got a tourfrom the man who runs this place.

And basically it is a shelter for homeless people.

He takesthem in for two weeks and tries to give them a place where they can live.

He feeds them.

And just helps them get back on their feet.

They have to go out and look for work whilethey are staying here.

And it is just beautifully decorated.

They've put a lot of detail intoeach of the rooms.

And there is just a lot of character and personality, so it is a reallyfunky place to check out.

I liked it.

You can continue hiking along the bridge tothe dolphin's nose and that will take you to Vic Bay.

But we're really hungry rightnow so we're heading back in for lunch.

Right now we're at Wild Farm in Wildernessand we're waiting for one of my favorite things.

It's called Braai.

It's South African barbecueand it is absolutely phenomenal.

So in the background we've got our lovelylittle log cabin.

I'm drying out a towel right now.

But anyways that is besides the point.

The team here at the hostel is now working on the barbecue.

They're stoking the fireso we are going to show you the whole process.

Let's go cook some Braai.

And Audrey has made a new best friend.

Whois this? It's Kika.

Is it playtime or nap time? It looks likenap time.

You want to take this one home in your backpack?Yes.

She would fit nicely.

Not a bad little view from over here huh?What are you drinking? Um, apple cider.

Alright, we've got the grill master here andhe's going to tell us what makes Braai much better than barbecue.

Well, firstly, barbecue is a sauce.


But the difference with a South African Braaiis the fact that we use real wood instead of charcoal.

And it gives a different flavorto the meat.

And that is a big thing.

Excuse me.

What have we got here? We've got some goodchicken.

Look at that.

This is sausage as well.

That looks so good.

But first.

So underneath the Braai that is where youhave the meat that is already done and the cheesy mushroom bread.

Here is the finished product.

Look at that.

Wow! So that is the bread? Yep.

It's the cheesy mushroom bread.

Show us that.


It is almost like a sandwich.

A hot sandwich.

That's for me.

Alright, we are checking out your plate.

Whatdo we got over here? So it is all dished up.

My first traditional Braai.

We've got somechicken, some sausage and some meat.

So I am ready to dig in.

What else do we have asidefrom that? Well, there is salad and potatoes on the side and some feta cheese.

But whois focusing on that.

Okay, first bite.

Who cares about that stuff.


That is wonderful.

You did a great job.

Cool, man.

Yeah, seriously.

Alright, stop filming me and enjoy your foodman.


Alright, I'm trying the sausage.

That is amazing.

South African Braai sausage is better than anything else I've ever tried.

So Hello, from Cape Town.

We have finallyarrived in the city and this is the final stop of our three week adventure here in SouthAfrica.

This is actually our first day exploring the city and thankfully we have blue skiesso we're trying to see as much as we can.

And yeah, we're just going to take you ona little tour.

So now that we're near the end of the tripI'm kind of reflecting on what I might have done differently.

And definitely somethingthat I'm a little bit disappointed is that we didn't spend more time in Cape Town.

Iknow we just got here but I'm absolutely loving it.

It is so gorgeous.

The scenery is amazing.

And I wish we had a few more days to explore.

So, good morning from rainy Cape Town.

Todaywe've signed up to do a Cape Point and Peninsula tour.

So we're going to be traveling downto Cape Point by bus.

We're also hauling some bicycles along.

So once we get there we'replanning to go biking, do a little bit of hiking and we're going to see some sightsalong the way.

It should be fun and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off.

So this morning we're taking a boat tour toSeal Island and hopefully we'll spot some seals along the way.

We're going in search of penguins.

I've seemed to spot a rather large unusualpenguin over here.

It looks rather uncoordinated.

And a little bit silly.

So we're not allowed to get too close to thepenguins.

They may be cute but they're quite vicious with their little beaks.

Alright, so this is where the fun begins.

We've arrived at the Cape of Good Hope and right now we're unloading the bikes.

We'regoing to get all suited up and get ready to go biking.

Finally! We're biking in a National Park and apparentlyit could be a bit like a mini safari.

There has been a lot of animals spotted here.


Having fun so far? I am but I look a littlebit ridiculous but I'm trying to stay warm.

It is windy out here.

Okay, so we've just finished biking five kilometers.

Now it is time for our delicious lunch.

What do we have? I'm going to enjoy this.

We'vegot a lovely sandwich and Malay macaroni salad.

I can't wait for that salad.

Yeah, so we'regoing to fuel up and then keep biking for another six point five kilometers.

So we needour energy.

Alright, so we have arrived at the Cape ofGood Hope.

This is the southwestern most point on the African continent.

So as you can seeover there lots of people snapping their photos.

The weather is still not cooperating withus.

It is cold, it is wet, it is raining but we're still going to go for a hike so let'sgo find our guide and get going.

Smart phone? Hello? Aaahahaha.

Go away! Okayguys, keep all windows locked.

They smell food.

Wow, she is screaming.

Well we didn't spot animals while we wereactually on our bikes.

But while we were in the vehicle we saw ostriches and we saw baboons.

And the baboons were being crazy.

One was right on top of a vehicle and a lady freakedout totally.

And that concludes our Cape Point tour.

Thesun is just coming out just as we're about to leave.

That is just how it is sometimes.

So we have a fun day planned today.

We'reactually doing a wine tour around Stellenbosch so we're just going to be driving throughthe countryside sipping on wine.

Let's get started.

And eating cheese.

So we're pairing some white wines with cheese.

I don't know which one I'm more excited about.

I think maybe the cheese.

And this is my favorite cheese so far.

Itis called White Rock with cranberry.

It tastes a little bit like cheesecake.

The last sweet red wine we tried tasted alittle bit like Christmas cake.

It was delicious.

Good to the last drop.

So we just finished our first wine tastinghere at Fairview.

We each tried six different wines with cheese.

I think we're feeling prettyhappy right now aren't we? It is eleven fourteen in the morning rightnow and I'm already well greased.

So we've now arrived at our second vineyardof the day.

This one is called Moroti and it has more of a rustic family feel.

So let'sgo check that one out.

So this particular vineyard has a lot of character.

It has a specially rustic feel.

And it has just been cool touring around here.

Givensome of the areas what appear to be permanent cobwebs.

It is pretty amazing.

So this is our third vineyard and this particularred wine is straight from the barrel.

Oh, take a sip.

It's good.

And for dessert we are what? Roasting marshmallows.

Over an open fire.

We're just missing the chocolate and grahamcrackers.

Roasted to perfection.

It's hot.

Is it good? Delicious? Alright, I get the next one.

And here is how I like mine.

Nice and crispyall over.

That's a mouth full.

Alright, so we just finished a delicious braailunch and we're feeling quite stuffed.

But the tour isn't over.

We still have two morevineyards to visit and apparently there is Biltong and chocolate on the menu.

So I amlooking forward to that.

They're going to be carrying us away on wheelbarrels by the time we're finished.

So we are now at our forth vineyard.

Everyoneis wearing hats.

I'm not sure why but we're going to go drink some wine in our fancy hats.

We've moved on from cheese to lunch.

And nowwe've got chocolate.

And over here I've got a chili chocolate so apparently you don'ttaste it too much when you're chewing it but when it goes down.

When you're swallowingit that is when you really feel the burn.

So let's see if that is true.

I don't taste it so much now.

Maybe take asip of wine and see what happens.

Yeah, as soon as you swallow it you feel the burn.

It is not too overpowering but it is.

It'sgot some kick to it for sure.

Time for some wine.

Do you want neck scratches? You're sweet aren'tyou? Why are you behind a gate? Huh? You're not dangerous.

Are you a guard dog? Are you a guard dog? Those are nice aren't they? Oh, you're gettinga puppy massage.

Puppy massage.

So we have now arrived at our fifth and finalwinery of the day.

To be honest they're all starting to blend together because we've beendrinking way too much wine but there is still a little room for a few more glasses so let'sgo in and sample some more.

Alright, so we've had cheese and we've hadchocolate with our wine and now it is time for Biltong.

Which is a type of South African jerky.

Thisis awesome, high quality, fresh Biltong.

Final impressions is that was a fantastictour.

It is actually our very last day in South Africa and I couldn't think of a morerelaxing way to finish things off.

The wine was fantastic.

All of the food was reallygood.

We had some excellent cheeses, chocolate and Biltong and we had a huge feast for lunch,so what a great way to wrap things up and that is it for us in South Africa.

Source: Youtube