The Rawtarian’s Favorite Raw Food Recipes

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Laura-Jane The Rawtarian here from therawtarian.

Comwhere I make simple, satisfying raw food recipes, and I wanted to tell you today what some ofmy all-time absolute favorite raw vegan recipes are.

And the easiest way to tackle this, Ithought, would be going throughout the day in my head.

My absolute favorite raw veganbreakfast would have to be The Rawtarian’s raw breakfast bowl which is essentially acereal with some nut milk that incorporates chia seeds which give it a nice, thick textureand usually a chopped apple as well and some raisins for sweetness and some cinnamon.

Sothat is my favorite breakfast recipe.

In terms of a mid-morning snack, I do love fruit, anddefinitely fresh berries would be my most expensive vice so I would love to have somethinglike this as my mid-morning snack, or I will often—well, mid-morning snack, I usuallywould have fruit.

This would be a bit of a luxury.

I would usually have a couple of choppedapples and if I was feeling very peckish, I would have a few almonds or something aswell.

Now in terms of my absolute favorite lunch,well, these days, I’ve definitely been tending to have a big salad with something excitingon top for lunch and for dinner, I’d have something more exciting.

So as far as my noontimemeal, my favorite noontime meal would probably have to be a big salad with a nice sort ofvinaigrette style dressing and definitely when I have a big salad, I love to have somegood fats on there.

That could be a sliced avocado, but that’s more rare.

Usually,it would be some sort of nut or even maybe a side of crackers that I’ve made with mydehydrator.

But yeah, usually it’s a big salad with something exciting on top and thenI usually would probably have—I like to have a little bit of dessert, but maybe evena little bit more fruit as lunchtime dessert right afterwards.

I know that’s bad foodcombining, but I’m not particularly sensitive to food combining rules.

Afternoon snack,now I normally don’t have fruit for an afternoon snack.

I would usually have probably a leftovernice little raw dessert or it’s summertime right now, so I’ve been having a lot ofreally nice kind of fudgsicle popsicles things that I made that are raw vegan for a snack.

And for dinner, things get definitely more interesting in my world.

And of course whenyou’re raw vegan and you kind of live in the middle of nowhere like I do, then goingout to a dinner is not the most exciting thing.

So for me, at home, I might use my spiralizerand make some zucchini noodles with some nice tomato sauce that I’ve made and maybe evensome meatballs.

I have a great meatball recipe that can be dehydrated or even it’s reallygood if you don’t a dehydrator as well.

So that would be an example of my eveningmeal.

With that, I might have a small salad, but I don’t tend to have a big salad forlunch and a big salad for dinner.

That just gets a bit boring for me so I definitely liketo make something a little more spectacular for dinner.

And then you all know I’m famous—Ikind of roll my eyes there—for my desserts.

So I definitely usually—not even usually—Ialways have dessert and usually have something that’s frozen in the freezer that I liketo make up like a cheesecake or some popsicles or a nice raw bar or that kind of thing.

Sothat’s a little overview of what I like to eat.

Some of my favorites things lately,and I hope you found this as fascinating, and most of those recipes are available forfree at therawterian.


As always, thank you so much for being here with me, and asalways too, if you discover a lovely raw vegan recipe that’s very simple and tastes spectacular,then let me know and I will make the recipe.

What I tend to do—this’ll be the lastthing I end on.

Sometimes people will ask me a lot of how much recipe testing I do,and one thing I like to share is usually 2 out of 3 of the recipes that I invent don’tend up being very good, and I don’t tend to share those with you.

But when I come acrosssomething that’s really superstar awesome recipe that isn’t too hard to make, thoseare the ones that I share with you.

So those are my favorites.

Thank you so much for joiningme, and I will talk to you soon.