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I am Laura-Jane, The Rawtarian, from therawtarian.

Comand today I was just making a chocolate cream pie in my kitchen, and I suddenly thoughtthat you guys would all love to see some of my kitchen molds and pans.

I know a lot of you are very familiar with looking at my raw food photography and recipesat therawtarian.


But I thought you’d love to see the actual devices, the kitchentools, that I use to make those food photographs look or attempt to make them look quite delightful.

So what I have here is a chocolate cream pie and I really won’t go into the details ofit.

Really, the gist of what we’re doing here is it’s a nice, creamy mixture, andwe’re gonna put it into some molds or pans, and then we’re going to freeze it, and thenit’s done.

But really the gist of what I wanted to showyou was some of the molds that I use and I have—this is just a strange selection ofstuff but I thought I would show you and talk about each thing.

First of all, spring form pans.

When you’re doing food photography, everything shouldbe small.

It’s way easier to photograph little things.

You don’t have to use asmuch ingredients.

Like one batch of this can do a whole bunch of stuff.

If you have a hugespring form pan like this big, it’s not gonna work well.

So of course, the springform pan just means that it can pop out like that, and that works really well because itgives a really nice edge and you don’t have to cut it.

So this is a traditional littlemini.

I think it’s a 4 inch spring form pan.

This is awesome.

I just got it latelyand it makes look like you’ve cut a big slice of pie, but you didn’t have to cutit.

This is awesome.

I love it.

So those are spring form pans.

Then I’ll talk about this type of pan.

I actually recently bought this pan about ayear ago, and I’ve never even used it because I love using silicone.

I got so excited, Istarted throwing them.

But silicone or silicone, I don’t know what it is, molds.

I don’treally use these like traditional muffin tin pans much anymore at all.

So yeah, I boughtthat and I never really even used it.

But what I use all the time are these kindsof silicone molds because they’re so much easier.

And another tip that I like to doas well is here’s the sheath that it came in and there’s some—I’m getting distracted.


With my lack of perfectionism but nobody needs to be perfect, and that’s why I’msharing this with you.

So a good tip with the silicone mold, even like this, is youcan cut them with scissors and it makes it easier to just use one of these things.

So why don’t we go ahead right now and just show you a little bit of how it’s done.

So of course, we’re going like this because this is easy.

And I do have a big reveal atthe end so stay tuned because I’m going to show you more.

So this is going to makeyou know a nice pie in the pans, and you can go as thick or as skinny as you like.

Andactually, sometimes making them skinny like this is really nice because it’s almostlike a tart or a flan and then you can load a whole bunch of fruit on top and it stillhas a really nice—it looks like you’re giving a really big piece but it’s not ahuge piece.

So that would be—that’s easy with a springform pans.

Then I love making little—and again, it’s the same recipe and frequentlyI will take one recipe like this and put it into a bunch of different little molds sothat I have different things to photograph.

So there’s these guys.

And again, what’sso great about this silicone mold is that once it has frozen, you can easily just peelit right off.

And I don’t know if you’re allowed but I even just throw them in thedishwasher.

It’s easy.

I do it.

And this is so cute.

This actually has a reallyunique shape, and I’ll show you my final product in a minute, but these are great tomake granola bars or chocolate bars.

They have a very nice bar shape and I believe they’recalled financier.


That’s the name of the type of mold.

All of theseyou can get on Amazon very inexpensively.

So you put it like that.

What else do I have? I don’t know.

Oh, this! This.

I won’t pour it in.

see this mold?It’s so cute.


Getting distracted.

But what I want to do, as you may remember,I recently had a kale cheesecake that I had made.

This is just in my freezer and I justthought that it would be good to show it to you right now as well.

And I had a deliciousslice of it already.

But you can see, this mold.

This kind of chocolatebar shape came from these guys, and this circular one is probably my most favorite.

The moldthat I use the most and it’s that 4 inch cheesecake pan.

And I have little tiny cakeplates and from far away, it almost looks like a whole huge cake but it’s actuallyquite small.

So that is where that came from, and this base little guy was from this.

Andthat is this.

And these little kind of chocolate little bite size nuggets from this.

So I think that’s a lot of sharing my little secrets of how I make my photos and I knowwe all love to share tips.

And also, the last thing I’ll say too, you know, I’m TheRawtarian.

I make simple satisfying recipes at therawtarian.

Com but you will rememberme if you’ve been with me for a long time, where I used to say food photography.

I don’ttake food photography! I’m not a food photographer.

I hate it!Here’s my ugly picture of like my crap like this and I didn’t put any effort into stylingit at all, and that is actually something that has not come not like a pretty designerkind of person and it’s been hard work.

And I’m enjoying it more now, but I thinkthat it’s something you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on yourself to havenice things like this, and you’ll know that I always include basic examples like if you’regonna make a banana cream pie and you don’t have any of this, just use what you’ve got.

You could pour this into a big dish that just has sides like an old brownie dish and that’llwork totally fine and you just cut it out.

So make use of what you have, and I’m happyto share my tips with you.

And as always, I’m so thankful to have youhere with me.

Thank you for being here with me and for watching this video and I hopeit’s helping you with your creations in your own kitchen.

Thank you.

I’m The Rawtarianfrom therawtarian.


Visit me there.