The Mediterranean Diet: Food Shopping with Beverly Feldman.

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I'm Beverly Feldman and I'm here totalk about beauty after-16 and I've just come back from shopping with all myshopping bags and I'm going to talk about Mediterranean diet today in theMediterranean because that's where I live and it's really incredible becauseI just lost 16 pounds in two months now I've been dieting my whole entire life that's 50 years I started when I wasabout I'm not even going to go into that but I've been on every single diet inthe last fifty years that have been created and last year turning 68 Idecided well 68 I think I can give up dieting and I did I gave up dieting and mylast diet was the dukan diet and I had those pancakes every morning and I thinkI had so many pancakes that they totally destroyed my stomach and I wasleft on my own no diet and I thought life was fine butyou know it really wasn't because if I wasn't on a diet I was kind of lost andI stopped eating at night I stopped shopping food and I stopped cooking andI didn't have the regiment of the diet but I like not dieting you can hear my birds and thenyou can read the whole story on my diary blog because it's a very long story butI met somebody who told me about somebody and you know urban legend and Isaid why not so I went and I made an appointment withJose Francisco Amoros I love that name Amoros because in Spanish that means loveand he couldn't be nicer and he put me oIn the Mediterranean dietwhich I'm going to explain to you today ok and I 'm also here to show you my newfall handbags this is the Laura Tote that I've nowre-done in new colors because it completely sold out and it's fantastic the most simple bagI have made so the great thing about this new way of eating let's not call it adiet is there's so much food so let me begin and I lived in Spain to so manyyears and I never liked olive oil but guess what now I'm using olive oil and this is theland of olive oil and also olives gigantic ones and the whole point ofthis is that if you want to come visit me, Finca Belon is on Airbnb and you cancome stay with me for one or two weeks and I will take you to José and we will set you up and teach youhow to use the Mediterranean diet and I will actually cook for you and I'mtaking you to some of the best restaurants in Alicante which will be in the nextseries of videos because I'm going to show you how great it is to eat out onthis new way of eating so we have olives and olive oil and a wonderful thingabout this is you can have pasta we all love pasta and I got the big curly kindbecause big dinner and also tuna fish in oil this is a very special tuna fish it is like the filet mignon of tunafish also from Spain and it's called bonito del norte en aceite de oliva this is cream of vinegar which I decorate all my vegetables withand I love it I bought a new brand today because of the packaging and most of thethings that I buy are made Spain and if not are made in Italy soit's pure Mediterranean what else do we have in here up this is my favorite cantuna fish here it is my friends from England Florence comes here and buys 20cans because this is the Rolls Royce Packaged tuna fish also made in Spain I'msure you all know about sea salt and again right from Spain and I can takeyou to the sea salt mines which are 20 minutes from here and it's amazing andsea salt is it's just delicious I use it on a lot of things and this is actuallywhat it looks like it's flaky but it looks like snowflakes and it just bringsout the taste and everything you don't need a lot but it it's so so delicious andwe're talking about sea salt from the Mediterranean sea in the Mediterranean so the last thing in my goody bag is.

Look at how fabulous bag is every bag comes with a inside wallet made out of Italian furwe are supposed to say hair calfed stamped leopard and it's soft and the bag is great fortraveling has my signature hot light light light and chic grocery shopping bag new color camel great blonde and last thing out of that bag theselittle crackers cookies cookie crackers and this is instead of eating bars I mean I'mgoing to a lifetime of healthy bars from every single company and for the reason thatthey say they are health bars you think they are healthy and you also think they are low-calorie but guesswhat neither one so these come in a packages of four.

José said I only eat toobut it is so delicious I always eat four And they're lemon and yogurt and it's absolutelydelicious it actually fills you up which is great and extremely low calorie let metell you my diet which was custom made based on 1500 calories which may soundlike a lot but it worked ok so this is the Laura tote in a newcolor soft like a baby and in here we have avery interesting vegetables ok Let me explain all of this to you.

Just beautiful.

ok I live in a little town called Muchamiel in Alicante and in Spanish that meansmuch honey but actually it should be mucho tomate because what they growhere is tomatoes and we have a special tomato that comes for my little town.

And I'm gonna show to you right now.

That's actually green,turns red and it's a crispy tomato and I think it's unique to my town andall the gourmet restaurants use it and we can buy it here and we can make our own homemadesalad I love this with this and a little chopped onion which I have someplace but thesetomatoes are absolutely sensational but there are about 10different classes of tomatoes made from Spain made in Spain that are allwonderful this happens to be my favourite ok this issomething else that I love whether dieting or not dieting: fresh figues and these are big fat moments look at that local and delicious and I can have these for lunch and I have themwith a little Spanish prosciuyto now this is my BeLeave bag you've alreadyseen many times on my website, my instagram, and my makeup video, my bad boy videobut I use it quite a bit and talking about the prosciutto ham this how it comes this is absolutely deliciousand it's something I never ate before and you can also get cooked ham I particularlylike this makes me feel a little like Italy and I have this every morning witha special bread that I have found.

Allthe bakeries here make their own bread this is just amazing all the supermarkets make their own breadbut this bread is just my favorite and I have this with let me find it This is so classic.

The classic Spanish breakfast.

I haveevery morning most classic Spanish breakfast: pan tostado with tomate rallado two slices of jamón serrano some beautiful baby leaves lettuce also from the market.


And then I top it off with thebalsamic vinegar cream it's so fulling and it gets me through the whole morning so we put this here.

So how are we doing?Lots of food, right? But there's still more to come now vegetables freshchampignons mushrooms I get the sliced ones because I am alittle bit lazy but you can get gigantic white mushrooms and then if you come here I will take you to theAlicante mercado which was built in 1902 and we go to each individual food,vegetables and fish market.

I grill these and I have them aside vegetables when Ihave my lunch.

Zucchini and eggplant.

Because it's so delicious I ate some on the way home.

Here little toast with oregano and tomato on them They're great for snacking.

Very healthy, very Mediterranean, low-calorie.

Oh this is something I never ate in my life until I started this.

These in Spanishare called berberechos and they are little baby baby clams God knows who takes themout of the shelves.

Cockles, is says here in here in English.

Anyway, I makethe pasta, I put the cockles in and I mix in a little just a little bit ofchicken soup from the package and it's absolutely light and delicious just one of my new Mediterranean menus.

New way of eating.


The secret too many of my dishes is Basilictomato sauce This is the BeLeave in New caramel colorI only have one left and you can go to beverlyfeldmanshoes.


It's beautiful,neutral, good all year round and in this goody bag we have walnuts are allowed not a lotbut a few and I have Activia, which I never knew about but after I didprobably 2,000 dukan pancakes I needed Activia on and I love this and Iuse lime lemon and I actually freeze it in a nice little cup and I get frozenyogurt.

Now also you've heard about Valencia oranges well Valencia is an hour away fromAlicante and we have beautiful oranges and we have orange juice every morning.

Massive amounts of food! One of best things about being on the Mediterranean and being on the Mediterranean diet is These are fresh shrimps.

The Seafood here is incredible and the market to get the seafood is so great because you can go and there are these endless little stalls of fishermen and we canactually go down to the harbor and get fresh fish direct from the fishermen whocome in every morning these are squid rings and these are great fried up the point is that this new way of eatingfor me and anybody else that starts it there's a massive amount of food and all delicious! I want to mention aboutSpanish melons hello right from Spain, I could grow themin my backyard and the combination of things that you come up with are incredible.

Also very important is I'm sure anybody that's been on a diet has had chickenbreasts and I've had more chicken breasts so many chicken breasts and it is so boringand I discovered something here which is called chicken contra muslo pollo de Corral sin pieland this is actually the chicken leg opened up with no skin and de Corralcampero means is it's wild and it is so delicious and adios chicken breastsand I make this with a little olive oil believe it or not and my basilic tomatosauce and it's absolutely delicious I don't want you to tell my friendBrunhilde you'll meet at the end of the at the end of the video but I lovechicken legs opened up and then I use fresh mint and I usefresh basil in all of my cooking well you all know that in all diets you haveto drink 8 glasses of water this is so delicious this is water with lemon and it makesdrinking those eight glasses of water a lot easier you all know that I'm a shoe and handbagdesigner not a dietitian but I'm a professional dieter and I wanted to bringall this knowledge to you through my little videos on being beautiful after 60 Because now I'm very close to 70 yes no one wants me totell my age but you know what I'm really proud of it I made something very special for today andit's a fruit salad and it is green apples grapes, pineapple, nuts, mint andcantaloupe and it's absolutely delicious and it's absolutely delicious and veryvery refreshing it's just important to eat well we alllike to lose weight at the same time and I've never eaten this well and lost weightat the same time so I just wanted to share all this good information with youI have a little surprise you as I usually do it all my endings so justhold on one second so I want to introduce you to my pet chicken Brunhilde and don't tellher about the chicken legs Because we have a very special relationship and she also eats Mediterranean and I justwant to say goodbye.

I hope you've enjoyed the video and my pet chicken Bye.

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