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Hello Today, Apple will make the eggs of ancient forest here.

Start wipe before (Dry banana leaves) Wipe it clean, keep it in banana leaves.



neat! (Then.

Cut banana suit).

cut banana (Desired size, right ??).

This sharp scissors.

AIE! Oops! (move up) here (Just like me) (Gulf.

And then tore it up.


Meow! (About this, right?).

tear (and.

) (This.

The scissors).


Cut it ??).

(Cut to the desired size, right).

here Cut to the desired size.

It's long gone.


Never mind).

(Then fold the banana leaves).

(With the head.

Switch the switch end it).

(Right) Yes (Ahh.

To switch the adapter).

And never have As a child, I made a small forest turtle eggs wee one here.



This folded banana leaves).


As a child, wild apple, egg products as well.

But too small (Gulf.

I do this).

(And then did.


(Wood pointed out.

) Come (Ahh.

To lunge in before).

(And then.


A small boat made it up).


) This.

Begin with.

Begin with.


The cry.

(completed) I do not (Do) (Is it just me ??).


! It also First, do it ?? (The first to do so? Fold the banana leaves me to do it).

(This folded banana leaves) open! open! Then do yourself (Oops! Rats folded side first).


I do not.

Do yourself.


Break out).


I) like i (Ahh.

I do not see hehe).

(Fold this.



See a boat ??).


Try (Pointed out a little here).


Do yourself (.

I dip into it.

I poked my finger down to watch it).

(Dip into it right ??).

Well Where is my mother's hands ?? (Where my hands ??).


Single mother makes better).

(It peaked dangerous.

Then push it up).

I do not fear this.

I broke it.

(Do this) It's.



Well done.

) (This.




Is me (Well.

Apple's friends see it).

(The wild eggs die).

The Wild Eggs (Oh.

) here it is (Prepare eggs) Ah.

The black rat than a lot Oh!.

Look The black rat than a lot Oh.

Started the egg Oh.

Creeps mess.


Carve out yet).

(Beware shell) (I know.

!) Wow! (linger.

) (Shell egg laying.

How many eggs ??).

(I will do.


two (A.

Two bubbles did it to me.


(Pulled out.

Hood Hung Hung).


What a wild apple egg? Wild Eggs Pork chop, eh? Yes Gosh! No.

The wild pig eggs receivers.


(Eggs, wild sex.


Wild Eggs Empire it (What are you ?? This.

) Start here Pork Chops (Well) Scallion Then.

Soya sauce.

Water, water.


) Eggs.

My eggs The cells were also'm here.

Similar to duck eggs (I did.

I alloys).

The black rat than oh well! (Hmm.




(I do not put too ?? Eugenia put anything too ??).

Let's put the pork.

Pork chops.

New! Okay (Well) Invincibility yet.

Previous dunk! Left Loire.

G Loire.

G Loire.

G Loire.

(Do soon as the flash casino).


(Doing good) (completed!) (The eggs well with pork.

Then do.


(Scoop) The Wild Eggs (Put counts, right?).

(Banana leaf.

Made just now, huh).

(My mother took up) (.

Took the apple, onion and put all the money).

You need a big chunk of it right.

(Yes) Because I eat (Oh.

) (A.

Scoop the ball at all.

I spoon the apple water Fenech's children).

here it is (Well.

Waiting bay).


Not enough).

here (Well.

Despite the stacker).

(Bay lap.

To make a cup of it).

light (Well.

Provided by the fire).

Beware mother.

It's hot hand! This ideal of motherhood.

Because I can not eat spicy.


This is your mother.

I like chili with onions).

fragrant (Yes) abundantly (May be tremblingly) Hmm.

Put myself (We can take anything into it, right ??).

(According to amuse me, right ??).


My mother's.


Title) (Enough, right? This apple did the next cup).

(This one? Watch your own, right?).

GMA (GMA huh? Oh.

To cook at his grandmother).

(What vegetables can not put it any right to indulge me).


I do not put much do I put the medicine.

(have) (This.


then do it later).

just wait (Yes.

Wait for it).

mother stones (Before I die.



Well as meet new die.

Cover them up.



It will be done quickly, huh).

Yes (Ahh.

Cover them).

(A minute.





) (See intermittently open it up).

(Just in case.

The eggs are cooked, it overflows it.




Is cooked! (This is not yet ripe.


You see.

Has not done.


(Here I see.


You see here).

(This one is not yet ripe).


Great value!).

Okay (.

I was on the cover.

If it overflows eggs will be moved.

My children).




(Open it, right ?? Right?) Gosh.

Rats will fall.

I do not know.


Opened it.

Check to see if it is cooked.

Ah, me).

Ah! I want to eat.

(It's not over, eh.

It's not over, right? It ripe yet ??) to (A.

It was closed before, huh).

Yes (dress).

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