Thai Street Food: Rolled and Flash Frozen Ice Cream in Bangkok

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Today we’re talking flash frozen and rolledice cream which are all the rage in videos about Thai street food on youtube.

Although they may be getting lots of viewsonline, the funky ice cream neither originates, nor is it common in Thailand.

But if your sweet tooth is craving this uniquetake on ice cream, then you’re in luck because I’m going to lead you to a stall in theever-popular Rot Fai Night Market.

Here for 69 baht or $2 you can choose between3-4 flavors of ice cream, 2 main ingredients like brownie, nuts, or fake oreos….

andtoppings like whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Your main ingredients are smashed down insidethe flavored milk solution, and flattened on the freezing cold plate.

When it’s cold enough the vendor will scrapethe flash frozen ice cream into rolls, placing them neatly in a cup and adding your toppings.

This is a fun, tasty dessert especially forice cream lovers.

If you think you’d like to try this go aheadand like this video and use the description box below to get a google map right to theBangkok train market.

Happy Eating and see you for more tasty tipsin the next Bangkok Bites episode.

Source: Youtube