Thai Food: A Beginner’s Guide

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Thai food is like a kaleidoscope of flavors:full of bold colors and characteristics that dance across the palette, yet always stayin balance.

A single dish can set tastebuds aflame.

Extinguish that fire with sweet coconut milkand citrus.

And sprinkle in low-simmering notes of sour,salty, and bitter.

Its broad range of flavors comes from exoticingredients.

So, going in, it helps to be up for tryingthings that look—or even smell—unfamiliar Where should you start? For an appetizer order up the Som Tam, a citrusy,surprisingly spicy salad of sliced papaya.

Sharing it is easy.

Wanting to is hard.

Panang Curry is a popular entree: this addictiveand fragrant red curry is thickened with coconut milk, and sprinkled with tangy,kaffir-lime leaves.

But if you’re feeling really adventurous… Ask for the Larb Sien: a savory, hand-tossedsalad of raw minced beef, tripe, lime, and fish sauce.

It’s a little like Thai steak tartare, anda lot like something you’ve never had before.

No matter what you order, remember this: Thai food can rank among the spiciest on theplanet So start with mild instead of trying to looktough and singeing off your tongue’s eyebrows.

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