Tasting Chinese Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

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What's up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory, Where safety, safety? I forgot, I don't have any safety Oh well, I'm here with Josh, and we are going to do MRE taste test Where are you from Josh? Taiwan.

So we got here, Chinese? what? Yeah.

It's Chinese, I can read this.

So he's gonna help me translate this, and were gonna both gonna taste test it And let you know what do we think Are you excited for that? Yeah.

Have you ever had military MRE ever? No.


But I'm hungry.

Okay, perfect, let's start Let's go Just open it? Yeah.

Here's how you open it, just gonna pop it open Whoa! (Josh starts gagging) (Taras laughs at him) Is that that bad? Ooh whoo whoo whoo Ewww, smells like chemicals No, smells like dog food.

(Taras laughs) Okay, now, lay out and tell me what is each one is.

Okay, I'll tell you this first, It says, military fast food Foo? is that how you translate it? Food.

Yeah, uh, Instant food, basically Oh, pretty much, Meal Ready to Eat Yeah, exactly, that's what it says.


Okay, so, whoa, look at this little packets Yo, I can read all of it, that's so funny You can? Yeah! I can read them Okay, tell me each one, what does each one means? Okay What does this say? This.

Okay, it says.

It's like *sigh* I don't know how to translate.

It's like.

*talking over each other* It says like compress uh.

Kinda like uh.

Snack Compress snack? What is it made of? Does it say? No.

it doesn't say.

Oh! Yeah it does say.

in the back olive oil sugar uh eggs milk Oh, so it's a compress with bunch of different.

Yeah bunch of different stuff Ok, what about the next one? or are they both the same ones? Oh those are the same.

Look these are the exact same Ok, what about this little package? That? Oh, that.

*talking over each other* Ok so that's in Chinese *beef in Chinese* meaning that beef Beef? Ooooh I love beef Yeah, this one's just beef too *beef in Chinese* Ok what is that saying It says.

Oooooooh Ok, you say it in your language too.

*Chinese* Means like.

Spicy vegetable or something So is it some kind of gam? It's spicy Oh spicy It's like a spicy vegetable oooh interesting And what is this? uhhhh This is uhhhh Fast liquid oh I guess you put it in the water bottle We'll do it later Oh you have to put it in the water? yeah it's a you can't just drink it? No, it's a powder You put it in the water powder and it becomes some kind of juice Yeah, I would like to see how it tastes You wanna try this first? Oh, sure, yeah What is this again? It's like it's like I think it's uh kinda like uh cracker crackers It's a compress bar with a bunch of I'll open mine It's probably super super colors Oh it's actually like smell it smell it It smells good oooh It's like super lots of colors in it but.

look at it I wonder what it tastes like You ready to try one? sure *crunching noises* *laughing* It doesn't taste like anything I like it, it tastes like milk It tastes like a cookie Cookie? But, it.

it's not too much sugar in it is it? It's just a little bit sweet a little bit sweet I actually like it me too Maybe I'm hungry wuah mmmm mmmm this is good Ok, Let's try something else I think this is the same yeah? Yeah that's the same thing Ok Let's try beef Beef? Oooh mmm alright hold on are we supposed to cook this? No, it says it's ready to eat really? yeah so it's already cooked? It's already cooked in the package Wooaaaaah look at that Ooooh I have a sausage wua HAHAHA *laughter* I mean.

I mean Woah look at mine Smell it, it actually smells good ooooh it's like a beef jerky I have sausage ha HA you got sausage Mmm, no it's actually like a spam Let me try your sausage It's like a spam I like it, mmmmm oooh so good actually mmm, it tastes like chinese food What is this what is this says right here? what is that? It's uh beef sauce Sauce, like beef made with sauce and what.

and this is.

oh ya is beef.

is beef hotdog haha.


beef sausage.


let me try this beef sauce Well, I like beef sauce way better This taste like a spam, spam is ok Hold on,.

I want US,.

I can't taste anything mmmm, oh my gosh.

It taste so good OH It tastes like smoke you know what, I bet what should you do, you put it (hahahaha) on the crackers like that.

ya I'm gonna try it too mmmmm I'm gonna try it with a hotdog I like it a lot Ya, it's actually good it taste really good.

are they all taste like this In each country taste super differently.

what the best was so far I liked German, and I liked Spanish one German one?.

, and I like you know, I like them all They all good? I really like Russian one.

Russian one? Like this, cheers because I think, I think, cheers, cheers I think it's just reminds me of childhood, that's why I like Russian one so much true Well, I ,.

do reminds you of your childhood, all that?.

mmm, this it from china so ( ohhhh) kinda off But I will like to try the Russian one, because I used to live in Russia You should do it, we should order one.

I used to live in Russia, so maybe taste it on my channel How long did you live in Russia for? about two years Wow! Ya.

* Talking in Russian*.

Hahahaha Russian.

you know what did he say Look at that, what is this again? Ohhh I want to try that, because I love spicy Is yours the same? No, Ohhhhhh,.

What's yours say? Ohhh, I want yours.

What is this?.


Ok So this one This one say spicy like vegetable and yours, this one?.


This one is says.

original like vegetable,so this one spicy, this one not spicy hahahahaha Do you like the spicy one I love spicy.

I'm hungry man Ya, it's actually taste good, it's actually taste good.

Mmmmmm mmmmm I don't even know what is this.

le, let's open it Man! my hands so wet , hahahahaha I'll use my teeth.

Ok Here you go Life hack Ugh, what is this? hahahaha.

it looks It looks weird smells really good though.

let me see, let me smell it oh, ohhhh, those are good, I love those What is this? mmmmm mmm, Is this some kind of vegetable? What kind? it's good, I don't know how to say it in English Wow! This is so good, it's like This one we usually eat it with a beef Maybe that why we have beef, here eat it with beef, it's good I should mix.

oh, I already ate all the beefhehehehe, finished I'm hungry We're gonna suppose to mix it with the beef, he finished all the vegetable too I'll mix them in my stomach oh there, next with the spicy one Wow, this is really good Ohhh, you like that one.

Mmmm and you like spicyYaLet's try this one Spicy and the same onejust give me a little bit OK, that a little bithahhahaha I can't believe, it's like in these little bags But it tastes so good Alright, take more, take moreI love Asian foodthis is good I love Asian foodTake more SpicyOhhhhhh I'm taking it all, take half, take halfalright I'll take half mmm.

Mmmmm This is like cabbage, marinated cabbageYa, Ya, Ya, Ya Exactly mmmm, it's so good It didn't come with any fork.

you know what.

or fire starter, you don't have to heat it up.

You just ready to eat at any time Which is really coolI think I'm ready to go to the military Wait till you try like different country once they are so good, I love them I was expecting like it taste.

like nothing, like nothing, like plainWhich is good Don't you agree?It is good, ya I'm surprised Do you still have a sausage for me?Ya, take my sausage hahahaha Eat my sausage Here you go, there is a sausageEat it heheheheI liked it mmmmmm So Josh are you giving this Chinese MRE a thumbs up? mm.

big two thumbs up Oh damn, we finished it We ate it all, except the crackers And this liquid juice We're gonna try this later when we get waterYa, we will So we actually didn't have the water in the office, and we had to come out here So this one, instant drink powder Whoa! what is this? OhhhEww It's smell so.

Weird Let me smell it smell it * kinda throwing up*hehehehe You don't like it, do you have a spoon It smells like dog poop No it doesn'tYa it does Where is the spoon? Ya, there You see, we gotta mixing it up, and it will turn into some kind off lemonade drink I think but you supposed to do it in the water bottle, that's easier Yuck OK, quick taste test, quick taste test OK, here you go I don't know Maybe I cooked it wrong, try it hehehehe No It taste disgusting What is it supposed to taste like? I don't know , I don't like it But what did it say on the package? Amm Juiceinstant drink?Ya I don't know, it's kinda Kool aid, it just different I just not used to that kind of drink.

Uh, I'm Asian and I don't like it Alright guys Please subscribe to Josh PalerLin vlogs, so thank you so much for translating for us it's actually helps a lot understanding what's inside of it also you gotta go and subscribe to his channel, because he will be uploading soon We microwaved like a dozen of eggs It was such a fail, You see this eye burnt right herehahahaha Ya it was a fail, wait till you see it It gone wrongYa it will be on his channel, so go, subscribe to him, links in description Thank you for watching and we'll see you next time.