Taste of Korea EP11 Korean Chinese Restaurant

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YouTube & Facebook viewers Hello? KP, Welcome to Korea project.

We are with producers Andrew HJ Yoon.

I'm Scott (Scott), and before Charles (Charles).

This piece is a 11th Tuesday taste of Korea (Taste of Korea).

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Com/ProjectKorea We have been in Korea Town (Korea Town).

It took only about two hours, I finally had to arrive.

Jaengwon (spots Manor) is a Korean Chinese restaurant.

Charles 曰: will be very sour.

When you enter the restaurant atmosphere is also good, I haejusyeot welcome.

I do not know how to talk to Andrew anglaise, it says.

Scott 曰: the magazine did not sense at all.

In front of us are pure Korea traditional cuisine.

Charles 曰: I do not know what it is.

What are these things? Charles 曰: What's this? Andrew 曰: I called radish.

In short, it's free.

Dices, it's kimchi.

Charles 曰: kimchi.

Are there any other names on Kimchi: Scott 曰? Andrew 曰: There are many types of kimchi in.

It says it dices.

Charles Scott & 曰: Right.

Charles 曰: I'm just familiar naohneunge the plate.

Scott 曰: What's this? Andrew 曰: It's gonna same source, I do not know.

Scott 曰: favorite smell? / Charles 曰: no.

Andrew 曰: I write when I eat something like onion dip.

Something like a deep ditch (Dip) sources.

/ Scott 曰: Nice! What's up, the food is out and will very sour! Charles 曰: smells fantastic and looks good.

Scott 曰: Charles It looks really good.

Charles 曰: still.


Scott 曰: still sizzling sound can be heard.

The eyes of the friend shrimp are still dependent.

Jjamjjamyeon Hot stone bulgogi bibimbap Only eat: Andrew 曰? / Scott 曰: super delicious.

Andrew 曰: new jaw? / Scott 曰: That's right.

The restaurant's a kill.

Charles 曰: You'll never know how hard this is.

This is really very choosy about me a real taste.

Scott 曰: I do not.

I eat anything good.

Scott 曰: Is the noodles in the soup? Charles 曰: Yeah it on the floor.

Scott 曰: Really? Oh ~~ Oh ~~~ Great! It is too hot.

(Eat well!) Andrew 曰: Just thought you were in a spicy broth? (Nod nod) I think I can eat every day.

I never ever eat shellfish born.

It looks like this is a little phlegm.

I do not know if you can eat.

Show him the camera.

Scott is eating shellfish.

Scott 曰: dont shellfish people eat, I'll be fine.

(Gusireong gusireong) Super delicious! Do mediocre meal: Employees 曰? Scott 曰: fantastic.

thank you.

Scott 曰: What I'm saying thank you in Korean? (Sarai sensation) Scott 曰: No, it's okay.

/ Charles 曰: Do not die! Andrew 曰: Thank you.

Heuah damn hat (All three fires bread) Charles 曰: Oh My God, hear eaten! cool! Scott 曰: My stomach're exactly wanted.

I'm so glad.

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Com/ProjectKorea KP, Project Korea Thank you for watching.

Before Charles, and I'm Scott.

See you next time.