Tập 3 – Quá phấn khích với thịt bò khô – Try vietnamese food!

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We imagine probably Artem this Tikhon is Artem And so today we try to – is Vietnamese beef dry! dried beef with spices, it is possible to eat in the 2 species in this 1st the first is in the usual dry, and the second season with lemon Vietnam most importantly Vietnam, otherwise the taste is not the same therefore we begin, a brief tasting yes to the usual taste, to the normal food intake so to say, try it without lemon in appearance like that? Now you know dried squid Only dark.

it smells nice spice, yes Yes smell spice you know the taste of a little sharp, but also gives a little bit.

so sharp and.

meat Well Well it's meat! taste in the mouth is changed several times and can not be determined simply a particular vkus.

Da? first acute, then as now and salty, then the taste of the meat then again sharply Well, I liked it, in principle, it is Yes, strange, which I have not yet eaten and you know why not eat? because we do not have such and expensive to travel to Vietnam and we live here tak.

Tak Well, so let's try the second as it is – feeding on the table so to speak so to speak meal number 2, with the same meat dressed with turns completely Well? This option actually tastier than dry in 1-x explain he had a mild form that is wetted with water – lemon juice in this case, it is easier to chew and taste simply awesome with a very tasty lemon flavors mixed hot oh Nuu, sharpness and acid lemon it is really nice Here I am Russian, and try for the first time such food I really, really liked it at what scale do you rate it? Well, if on a 5-point scale in the previous 5 points I was just gorgeous, just shine wah wah wah But "Thit bo ho" – this is the best meal I have just tried to brought from Vietnam as? type bouhu? Thit bo ho !! bouhu type onn bouhu! bouhu type very tasty, very ***!.

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