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today we have the ultimate taste testfor flavors of takis and the dog valentina hot sauce Frenchy bajitoexplosion and nitro balance Tina hot sauce it says Mexican hot sauce extra hot sothere's two levels to this one and I picked up the hardest what I could find today I'm not going to try them alonei'm going to try it with some lips okay i'm going to start with this onebecause i think this one is not too hot I think it's a it just says Frenchy forheat us that have been how spicy to me so what I'm going to do first is I'mgoing to try them all by themselves and then at the end I'll try them all with a little bit ofthis stuff ok that smells just like these guys through those actually tasteslike fajitas they're really good they're a little bitspicy but they're not these are a little bit more spicy so I'mgoing to give these guys three Vivian head here is the second flavor explosion andI think it has cheese in it because there's pictures of cheese and pepper yeah this cheese and chili pepper theylook different that they're more of an orangey color with computed one here look these are the fajita and these arethe explosion ok I can smell the spices this is very hot ok they're hot when I first put it in mymouth I could just taste the cheese has a really nice cheddar cheese flavor onthem but after I swallowed them I can definitely feel the heat i'm goingto give these guys over indian heads by thinking of the spicy as one may beextreme these have habanero and line well cum deep riddle are this is theexplosion this is peter i do some habanero oh my god okay I'm nervous I was anervous when I first started I was very confident because it was a spicy thefirst time to do this okay so I'm gonna give you to try mmmnice line flavor their spicy but there are big too salty for me so I'm going togive these guys a greedy and it's going to try it up with this stuff I hope I don't burn my mouth off oh mygosh why do I listen to you guys everybodysaid try Valentina I'll try don t know if it oh my god I'm nervous now we'll startwith the original just a little bit oh there it is ok a little bit justright there oh that's really spicy does my spicy ok so these are these guys I'm justgoing to put up some on top right there that one had way more dripping all overmy table ready here we go now Wow besides my nose being running noneof these are like who I need water explosion i'm going to put some of thison top that's a lot ok that is actually areally nice combination you guys the Valentinus always with bees it's areally really nice combination Niekro here we go that's a lot ready nothing besides myrunny nose you go in the comment below give me somemore ideas these are not slicing these are my twofavorite right here I do want to try this alone let me see that's really good thank you toeverybody who told me about the Valentina sauce I really really like it so for theValentina sauce I'm going to give it 5 million heads all right guys that is my taste test I hope that youhave enjoyed it leave me a comment below give me some more ideas tell me aboutsome more product you guys want to try share this video with your friends andhit the like button so that i know that you enjoyed this taste test and you wantme to continue making more alright I will see you guys next weekbye that is dangerously good.

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