TACO BELL GAUNTLET CHALLENGE… Taco Bell Tacos/Quesadilla/Burrito/Churros Challenge!

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yo it's your boy Kill'em FTWI always kill them for the win and you're watching me, Kill'em FTWtoday I went to Taco Bell I thought you know whatI've not done a Taco Bell challenge so I ordered 10 things from the menuthe Taco Bell gauntlet challenge here it isPhil actually recommended doing this challenge this weekfor reasons that I cannot mention so I bought this stuff earlier todayit takes half an hour to get to Taco Bell Half an hour to get backso I've warmed this up so I'm not quite surehow hard the hard shell tacos are anymore here we go it's all in orderstarting with the taco so I've got.

What the hell? what? a soft shell chicken tacoa soft shell beef taco a hard shell beef tacoa hard shell chicken taco a chicken burritoa beef burrito chicken quesadillaa pulled pork quesadilla and 2 of these dessert things there's a lot here to take inbut I think I can get it all in me I did not mean to say it like that 10 items in totalI'm just going to blast this as fast as I canlet's de-bag all of this Taco Bell gauntlet challenge begins in3, 2, 1, go! taco gone hard shell taco it's falling to bits come on baby 4 tacos, 2 minutescome on it's stuck I didn't bring a drink.

oh noburritos burrito stuck stuck here burrito 2 chew.


slowing down! last one last one, come on! come on, come on jawtime! 11:51 my jaw is in so much pain I've never chewed so fast in my lifeI would like to have broken the 10 minute markbut that time was pretty good for me I'm no speed eaterI'm just a normal guy so I'm happy with thathead on over to the second channel and while you're theremake sure you subscribe to it I do a video every day on therejust random stuff and that was theTaco Bell gauntlet challenge thank you for watchingplease comment, thumbs up, subscribe tell your friendstell your family let everyone know about me, Kill'em FTWstay awesome I have used over 1 gallonof ingredients right here to make the gallon of goo challenge it's a bit sticky the challenge is to eat all of this3, 2, 1, goo!.

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