Symbolic of Malaysian Traditional Food for Chinese New Year

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Hello, hi Assalamualaikum w.



My name is Maisarah Bt Mohd Saadum.

I am from Diploma In Banking in Faculty of Economy and Science Management.

For this video, I would like to talk about Malaysian Traditional Food of Symbolic Dishes for Chinese New Year in Malaysia.

So now, I want to ask some people for this short documentary.

In Chinese, got Nian Gao which means Year Cake.

This glutinous-based cake can be found a lot in Chinese New Year.

This cake traditionally consumed during Chinese New Year for good luck.

Nian Gao is a homonym for higher year which mean literally raising yourself in status in the upcoming year.

It's a popular gift during Chinese New Year, especially when shaped in a pair of cups to symbolise surplus, or ingots to represent wealth.

Man Fu Yuan Thephoenix and dragon with whole chicken and lobster.

Bring hope to your table with a whole chicken.

The chicken or phonix represents a good marriage and the coming together of families.

The Cantonese will opt for fried chicken, as the dish name in Cantonese, Kum Gai Bo Hay, means "golden rooster reporting good news".

According to Martin Yan, the "phoenix and dragon" dish is a must for Chinese New Year.

Using chicken to represent the phoenix and lobster for dragon.

Chang Shou Mian "Longevity noodles" The longer the noodles, the longer the wish for a long (and healthy) life.

Chang Shou mien or longevity noodles, are eaten all year round, but bring extra meaning to birthday and new year celebrations.

To boost the longevity wishes, cook your noodles with mustard greens, which symbolise long life for parents.

As a conclusion, there are a lot of symbolic dishes for Chinese New Year in Malaysia.

So, thats all from me.

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