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Hi friends my name is Mai today we we are making a delicious vietnamese dessert called Banh Gai Banh Gai as you can see this is a mature La Gai plant, one of the ingredients in todays recipe you'll also need fresh and dried banana leaves.

as you can see this are mature bananatrees for the Banh Gai filling you will need sweet lotus seeds, winter melon candies, banana flavoring, sugar, dried mung bean, and sweet coconut flakes, for the Banh Gai Dough you will need glutinous rice flour, water, palm sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla extract, kosher salt la gai leaves.

for the Banh Gai wrapping you will fresh and dried banana leaves.

banana leaves.

Soak the mung bean until soft.

Fisrt make the syrup for the Banh Gai Dough in a medium sauce pan add add water, bring the water to boil and crushed palm sugar.

Completely dissolve the palm sugar.

now remove the stems from the la gai leaves.

Now clean and drain the la gai leaves, place into a medium pot with water, boil the la gai leaves until soft about two hours, while the la gai leaves are cooking drain and steam cook the mung bean.

while the mung bean is cooking slice the winter melon candy into cubes.

Now puree the cooked mung bean.

in a large bowl combine puree mung bean lean with sliced winter melon candy, sugar, sweet coconut flakes and banana flavoring.

mix together.

this is the bung gai filling.

once the la gai are soft and mushy drain the water.

it is very important to squeeze out any remaining water from the la gai leaves.

place the drained la gai leaves into the food processor and add about 2 tablespoons of palm sugar syrup.

in a medium bowl combine glutinous rice flour with kosher salt salt, mix together.

In a large mixing bowl combine la gai paste, palm sugar syrup, glutinous rice flour mixture mix on a low setting.

and vanilla extract.

now we have our Banh Gai Dough, Banh Gai Filling, and clean banana leaves now using a cookie scoop form the filling into a ball.

now place a lotus seed into the ball, place a little bit of oil on your hand also rub a little oil on on the dried banana leave so the Banh Gai won't stick to the banana leave.

Place a large scoop of dough onto your hand, place one filling ball into the dough, and fold the dough around the ball, steam cook the Banh Gai for thirty minutes.

and here you have a delicious vietnamese dessert Banh Gai which is sweet leaf cakes filled with sweet coconut flakes, palm sugar and many other ingredients we hope youenjoy watching our video if you would like this delicious recipe please visit our website.